Do I have Enough Work For 2017? Fret Or Fret Not?


I am just out of a mini-funk. Not the downright depression kind but the kind where you feel you are viewing the world through grey-tinted lenses. When you go from this: To this: Yeah, for those full-time employees out there who think my life should be all rainbows and unicorns now that I am self-employed, let me tell you that I have my fair share of unhappiness and worries about work … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: November 2016

A small pat on the back to myself for “not doing anything” last week. I did not try to predict the outcome of the US election having been “burnt” by Brexit and at the same time, I did not react to the outcome of Trump becoming POTUS. Basically, just sitting still and observing what’s happening. Surprises are everywhere and it’s also interesting to note that I fell sick for the first time this … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: October 2016

The lull period is here and to be honest, I am happy to have a clean break. Like having a day like today when I just wake up with no plans for the entire morning and afternoon. Enjoying some surfing, some mobile gaming like Clash Royale and then slowly writing this post. Over the next couple of weeks, besides devoting some time to gear up for next year (student enrolment and curriculum … [Read more...]

Our Net Worth – 2016 Edition

Time really flies and it’s been another year since I last updated our net worth on this blog. Work is finally winding down with just one more student yet to finish her final year examinations. (Probably explains why I am blogging a little more frequently lately.) A year ago, our financial path appeared a little challenging after I left my job as a teacher and pursued self-employment. Things … [Read more...]

My Mistake On POSB Cashback Bonus

I rarely make posts back to back on two consecutive days but a mistake absolutely calls for it. After yesterday’s post on the POSB Cashback Bonus scheme, a reader emailed me and told me that he was in the same boat as me (i.e. on the POSB HDB Loan and using his POSB everyday card). And apparently, he made an enquiry online and he would qualify if he signed up for POSB … [Read more...]

POSB CashBack Bonus: Not Falling For It


Ever since OCBC first introduced the OCBC 360 Account, where one is required to jump through several hoops to qualify for a higher interest rate on his/her saving account, every bank has since been offering one. I guess all the banks are hoping a consumer would do all his transactions within the same bank, and hopefully at their bank. I like higher interest rates and have benefited from them … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: October 2016

A big announcement here as I have outsourced part of my portfolio to BigFatPurse by being a member of their CNAV program. This is part of an overall inclination to spend less time monitoring the market, achieve respectable returns and diversify across various strategies. I will probably allocate a post to talk about this again nearer the end of the year and revamp the updating of this monthly … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: September 2016

I am finally back writing after a two week hiatus. This year, somehow I have quite a few Primary 6 students and as the PSLE was coming up, I was bogged with requests to add lessons to prepare them for their first National Exams. And with PSLE ending today, I can finally free up some time for the blog again. In fact, most of my days will be free after another three weeks when all the school … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: September 2016

There were few actions on the investment front this month, making it two quiet months in a row. The same can be said about the market. The STI Index continued to yo-yo between 2800-3000. Since we are at the lower end of that range now, I am poised to turn some cash into equities. In fact, with the subscription of the MCT rights I was entitled to and the excess rights, my cash position … [Read more...]

Job Analysis In Singapore: Security Officer

Why Am I Analysing Jobs? Two reasons. Firstly, as a budding self-employed, there’s always a nagging fear (albeit small) that one day, my customers and work might dry up. Dwindling tuition or writing assignments until the day I become obsolete in my current industry. And what if this happens before the day I have socked away enough to declare myself financially independent?! Therefore, … [Read more...]



There are some things in life that you only miss when they are no longer around. Health is one of the first things that comes to my mind. And the next is “nagging” loved ones who are no longer around. (A big shout out to my deceased mother.) And of course, there is the case of my “missing” Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions. From Employee To Freelancer It’s been exactly a year since I have … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: August 2016

It’s three straight months that expenses have fallen below $3,500! Therefore, the average expenses for the year is coming down nicely to around $4,300. Annualised, it will probably amount to $50,000 for the year. However, that’s unlikely to materialise since these three months were relative anomalies with few big item purchases. I am still pondering how much money and effort I should pour into … [Read more...]

All The Basics About Gold And Silver

Ever since I shared how I bought some physical gold last year, I have been getting quite a lot of queries about bullion. (Just check out the amount of comments for that post!) Honestly speaking, I am no expert on gold and not too long ago, I was actually quite against having any gold or silver in my investment portfolio. However, seeing that it could actually be an alternative currency and a … [Read more...]

Why I Am Only Purchasing Term For Our Insurance Needs


It’s been some time (close to 3 years) since I last reviewed our insurance policies. Truth be told, I was going to review it only when there’s a change to our family nucleus. #keepingfingerscrossed Let’s hope there will be some update on this before the end of 2017. (And yes, I don’t think I am being really greedy with this timeline. ) But even then, I doubt there will be a big change to my … [Read more...]

How To Take A Career Break Without Worrying About Money

What do people remember Mr 15HWW for? This question got me thinking and other than being the only weirdo on the blogosphere to track and publish monthly expenses for the best part of 3 years, I was surprised to find out that taking a 6-month sabbatical left a deep impression on many.  So deeeeep that Lionel from Cheerful Egg actually approached me to find out more about it and he even … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: August 2016

After a hectic July monitoring the markets closely, I sort of went into refuge for August. I barely kept myself updated, checking on my shortlist and portfolio like once a week? A part of it was self-imposed but as national exams draw closer (PSLE, O Levels & A Levels), I am spending much more time on work. The 25 hour work week has vanished and I am clocking closer to 40 hours … [Read more...]

Is Buying A More Expensive Home Always A Bad Financial Decision?

Nah, I am not on the lookout for a 2nd property or upgrading my current 5-room Punggol BTO flat. First, I can’t afford it and secondly, the law doesn’t allow that. Well, there’s still more than a year to go before my Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) is up. Furthermore, “conventional” personal financial advice dictates that we shouldn’t over-consume on our house. But wait, is that really … [Read more...]

Affordable Hawker Fare At Bukit Panjang!


Just a few days ago, NTUC Social Enterprises announced the official opening of NTUC Foodfare’s Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market. Photo Credits: Tan Suee Chieh Bukit Panjang is a place that is really really close to my heart. I might even consider myself the “Son of Bukit Panjang.” I attended Zhenghua Primary School and stayed there for the best part of 2 decades. Although the town is just … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: July 2016

With a new set of fixed expenses, the monthly expenses will be coming down and July’s the lowest for this year. For the month of July, we spent less than $3,300 and our average for the year reduced to $4,470 for each month. Next month’s expenses are likely to be rather low too as my peak season draws. I no longer have a 25 hour work week and even my recent mornings are being taken up by an … [Read more...]

Getting Rich: From Zero To Hero In One Blog Post

Hi there. If we haven’t met, my name is Mr 15HWW. I am the oddball that has spent three years writing about personal finance and most recently unabashedly declared myself quarter-retired at the age of 30. By striving to be above average in most aspects of our lives, my wife and I managed to sock away $250,000 at age 28. This amount allowed us to buy some of our freedom back when we left … [Read more...]