Portfolio Update: July 2016

The longer I am in this investing business, the more difficult I find to comprehend it. Markets are up, despite Brexit. And the US markets are chionging to new all-time highs, with REITs leading the charge. My next prediction? Interest rates to go up despite Brexit and REITs falling back down. It has to obey the law of gravity but well, why listen to me? I have almost always gotten these … [Read more...]

Fixed Expenses Update: 2016

As most followers of this blog knows, we record our monthly expenses almost religiously. I have little doubt that this is the best way for us to find out how much we are spending every month. Otherwise, without doing this, when would we realise we have squirrelled away enough for our semi-retirement or even quarter-retirement? 🙂 To keep the monthly updates uncluttered, I have actually divided … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: June 2016

6 months of expenses are in. And luckily, this month’s expenditure was rather reasonable at $3,350 and it has definitely helped to lower our average for the first half of the year. The average so far stands at $4,670 and if we extrapolate it for the rest of the year, it would be around $56,000. One could argue that the expenses were bumped up because we paid for an overseas trip for 4 earlier … [Read more...]

The Rationale Behind Mrs 15HWW’s New Career Path


Over the last 2 years, Mr 15HWW has, from time to time, teased me on being a one-hit wonder. I guess he was probably trying to get me motivated in order to relieve himself of his weekly writing duties. Yea, Daniel Powter didn’t manage to produce any better work after having a Bad Day.  Sorry for the bad pun. Since I had the rare chance to take a breather from work, I decided to pen down some … [Read more...]

Learning Points From Brexit

Yeah, so I got my predictions from here way wrong. Yes, Britain has spoken. And they want to leave the European Union. I was tuned in to CNN and Bloomberg all the way this morning and here’s some learning points I made as a reminder to myself. 1. Overconfidence I was so confident of Bremain that if Betfair was available in Singapore, I was likely to have dumped $5k or even $10k at … [Read more...]

Know The Difference Between Financial Survival, Financial Security and Financial Independence


All this talk about financial security has recently caught some fire, with bloggers like Kyith from Investment Moats (here) and LP from Bully The Bear (here) talking about it. But when they get comments like “where’s the entertainment expenses?” or “what about parents’ allowances?”, I start to wince. Entertainment? Nah, not when I am just trying to just survive… It’s apparent that the message did … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: June 2016

A little commentary on the market and of course, Bremain or Brexit that is looming over the horizon. People are saying the polls are split and Brexit might even have the edge. But I seriously think that’s bollocks, after the Scottish referendum experience. I really doubt people who prefer the status quo bother with polls. Furthermore, the baby boomers and elderly are one large voting bloc which … [Read more...]

7 Money Lessons From Tony Robbins

It’s been more than a year since I last reviewed a book. It’s not that I haven’t been reading. Just that these reviews (examples here and here) generally take quite a lot of effort and I have realised that few books are actually worth that effort. However, recently, I finally managed to pick up Tony Robbins’ Money: Master The Game at the library and after reading the entirety of the book, I … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: May 2016

These days, there is no respite with regards to our spending. From letting loose on Friday nights (alternating between crabs and Peking duck @Tunglok restaurants) to buying a new iPhone 6s Plus to upgrading my mobile plan, the money is really rolling…… but just not in. But well, we are enjoying ourselves, especially with regards to the food. If not for the expanding waistline, we would … [Read more...]

About Me – Update


The About Me page has followed me for 3 years. Well, I know the period is shorter than one US presidential term, the Japanese Occupation of Singapore and yes, even the existence of my home (It’s 3 years and 5 months by the way, yes I am counting down the MOP!) But hey, there’s been SIGNIFICANT changes in my life in these few years: Quit a good-paying job Quit a better but lousy-paying … [Read more...]

Make Financial Security Your First Long-Term Financial Goal


I have not really been reading much finance/investing books recently. But Anthony Robbins’ Money: Master The Game caught my eye from a year back and I finally got my hands on this book from the library recently. I am one-third through and I really enjoyed it (a review is on the cards). There was one concept which I felt was truly useful. Instead of treating financial freedom as ONE BIG GOAL (with … [Read more...]

What’s Best For Me? Employee, Self-Employed, Entrepreneur or Retirement?

I read this post about two weeks ago and I was rather captivated by the way B actually ranked the various roles that he considered. Be it an employee, entrepreneur, or achieving early retirement. I was especially enamoured by the table matrix that he came up with. Even though I must have probably done the same weighing and comparing at least subconsciously, I guess nothing beats putting … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: May 2016

1. Core Portfolio No action on this front. The market is slowly sliding downwards and with a large Singapore portfolio again, I am especially looking forward to adding more of Berkshire B. As a proportion of our entire assets, it’s still currently less than 10%. Honestly, I doubt any rebalancing would occur for this portfolio in 2016. I don’t want to rush in to accumulate a “desired” … [Read more...]

Is Crowdfunding Worth A Closer Look?

I first got to know about the idea of crowdfunding a few years ago after stumbling on this article at Mr Money Mustache (MMM). Looking at the ~10% annualised returns MMM received from participating in lending campaigns with The Lending Club, it did get me interested to find out more. Especially about how they work and their value proposition. My Understanding Of Debt-Based Crowdfunding Basically, … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: April 2016

April’s expenses are inevitably bumped up by the trip to Taiwan. Since the tickets had already been accounted for in February, the number that came in was a much more manageable $6,800. Even though the average expenses for the first four months is quite high at $5,200, I am confident it would dip below $5,000 by June and I am still optimistic we can keep within an average of $4,500 by the end of … [Read more...]

5 Revelations From A Vacation

My 15 Hour Work Week - relativity_twins

Two weeks ago, I actually spent about a week in Taipei and Taichung with my wife and my in-laws. This was my first overseas trip beyond Johor Bahru in close to two years (akin to an eternity for a 30 year old Singaporean?) and there were some interesting revelations, which I have penned down below. Time Slows Down During A Vacation It has been almost one week since I came back and to be … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: April 2016

1. Core Portfolio I bought 3,000 shares of STI ETF @$2.85 and 40 more of Berkshire B @$140.50 to increase my equity exposure in this core portfolio. Both assets are getting closer to my “desired” proportion and I would continue to add if the opportunity arises. I am still waiting for the SSBs to go above 2.5% and if it doesn’t happen, I would be open to looking at longer-term SGS bonds or … [Read more...]

4 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom Before 45


Although money is definitely not the be-all and end-all, it’s certainly important enough in our modern capitalistic world. From reporting to a cubicle at 9am from 25 years old to the decision of the number of kids, it’s all largely influenced by money. Not surprisingly, financial freedom is the holy grail for most of us. If only money comes raining down on us, huh? In fact, achieving the … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: March 2016


I am experiencing some form of lifestyle inflation with the recent opening of Waterway Point. Instead of settling for a simple and cheap cai peng at the food centre nearby, I have been frequenting the restaurants at the mall. For example, with some time to burn before my next lesson today, I am seriously tempted to visit Bali Thai and enjoy their weekday promotional meal. The total bill … [Read more...]

The Mortgage Conundrum

A 110 square metre 5-room flat in (so called ulu) Punggol is a place I call home. Time really flies and in the blink of an eye, I realised that I have slept in this North-East corner of Singapore for the best part of the past 1,000 days. I still recall the days when I yearned for my own humble abode and yes, 3 years down the road, I am still immensely grateful of this opportunity. The … [Read more...]