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Three important words

I remembered my previous manager telling us, never to say “yes” to a client who wants us to meet/ finish something the next moment. His reason — you won’t be appreciated, and they will just take you for granted. He was right. Firstly, psychologically, clients appreciate slightly delayed response better because if you take more time, it means it is better thought out. And you are busy. Of course they appreciate you putting in time and effort for it. On contrast, if you give an immediate response, anything wrong it’s because you do it too quickly with little effort....

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New Year Resolutions – UnSMARTing 2018

I was thinking about the new year resolutions for this year, and looking at the past years. Apparently, I only blog once about goals. Last year, I was thinking of setting monthly goals instead of new year resolution, by breaking down items into smaller bites. Well, it didn’t go well. I stopped the monthly goals even before the first quarter of the year. So this year, I’ll try to be different (yet again) by unSMARTing myself. S-M-A-R-T as in the acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, results, and time. This year’s goals will be qualitative. There are things that I...

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This is better than many Fixed Deposit for this month

I used to be a fixed deposit person, putting my money in fixed deposit to earn the interests. So when I found out that this low risk instrument earns better than fixed deposit (or at least for this month), I am totally surprised! Based on risk and liquidity, should fixed deposit will yield better interest than them for the same tenure. Let me give you some examples: –  UOB gives a 1.2% per annum interest (with minimum deposit of $20,000) for a 10 month fixed deposit – OCBC gives a 1.18% per annum interest (with minimum deposit of $20,000)...

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What do Mr. Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme have in common?

These two are very popular people who have achieved financial independence at an age where most of us are still working, not by building a multi dollar business, but through their executive jobs, frugality and smart investment. But apart from this, they also have supportive spouse who believe in their notion, and are working on their side to achieve this goal. If aiming for financial independence early is your goal, it’s important to get your spouse on your side (or at least someone who will be consequence natural to your goal). And in Asian context, your parents and the...

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2017 in review – Current Business

It’s just a week before we usher into 2018. Having done a year of review for the finance sector, it’s time for me to review about my accomplishments in the current business (essentially my day job) and to plan for 2018. 2017 hasn’t been so so for me. Career wise, this is the year where I feel that I have been left to “rot”, and it’s a year where I see the future of my career stagnating. There is no signs of promotion for me, in the near future, nor is there any signs of a change in the...

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2017 in review – Finance

We are now in December of 2017. How time flies. With all the dividends and coupons in at this time of the year, it would be nice to make a wrap- up of my finances for the year. Stock Investing This is the year where I started to be more active in stocks, and be more vested in them. Some sales and purchases were made, and Genting which I have been holding and staying in the red for a period of time, was sold once it was profitable. These transaction exercises simply highlighted my “kiasuism”, being so afriad to...

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The Hard Truth about Employees and Companies

Have you heard or yourself made such comments before: “How could the company be retrenching people when they are making profits?” “Why can’t the company provide us with more benefits, they are so rich, it’s just peanuts to them.” “Why does the company only ask me to work, but never send me for any training?” “I sacrificed so much family time for the company, why am I not promoted?” Whenever I read or hear such comments, it just make me wonder why do people not realize the truth about the relationship between employees and companies? As a corporate warrior...

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Beyond Formal Education

I was recently awarded an Advanced Diploma after working on it for two years. I was looking through the past certificates that I have. Guess what! I have also an Advanced Diploma in Mass Media. I did it when I was back in University (more than 10 years ago), thinking of exposure and diversification (just in case). Similarly, I have a Certificate in General Insurance. If it were ten years back, I would be so proud of all these academic achievements.  Not today. In fact, I just wonder why on earth did I spend the money on these stuff....

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The Seller Internship

I bought a sold- out event ticket at double its retail price on Carousell, and was trying (hard) to sell it at what I buy at. It was tough. It’s still on sale. After being a corporate warrior for nine years, there is a skill that is totally lacking in me — selling. You see, my corporate job mainly requires me to share technical know-how. My selling point is my technical know- how, which my clients have already purchased from my company. I do not sell anything that requires people to fork out their money. My company has a...

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Nine years as a corporate warrior

I have been a corporate warrior for nine years, and in these nine years, I have worked for three different companies, in three very different roles. These nine years also shaped what I want from a job.   Just recently, I received my five year award from my current company. This is my first long service award.    Just after graduation, I started my first job. Back then, my aim was to earn as much as possible. Thus, I took the job that offer the largest pay package. My first job was a great company, but the role I...

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Trading Experience

I spent the past few months doing stock trading. To be exact from November till today, I have only done 3 trades. The trading technique I used is actually no technique honestly. I totally ignored the typical technical indicators such as moving average convergence divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI) or stochastic oscillator which you would see in any technical analysis guidebook. The trading technique I used was instead simply observation within my knowledge limited scope of course. Nonetheless, before I apply this technique, I did a general check on the balance sheet of the stock. This counter has more...

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What’s your thoughts on this bond’s yield?

I used to own 34,000 units of CMA3.8% bonds, until they were redeemed it in January this year. This bond has a coupon of 3.8% for the first 5 years, and 4.5% after that. They have an option to redeem the bonds from Jan 2017 onwards, and they did. It seems reasonable since if they weren’t redeemed, the interest to be paid out would be 4.5%, which is not justifiable since they are able to get loans with lower interest rate. With this redemption, I am looking at other avenues to maintain or even better my interest income. One...

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Busy is Good?

  We Asians love to associate your success with work.   Recently, I met up with my friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year before it starts. Due to the extremely hectic schedule of many of them, we finally managed to squeeze a day out to meet. This makes me feel so lazy, as I seem to be the one who is able to make it most of the time! Many of my friends are so busy that they clocked numerous hours on weekday evenings, and even on weekends for their company. For me, I have been arriving at...

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Too Expensive?

It’s the new year, and my company has a number of new hires. I notice a trend in the recent new hires. Locals generally make up the fresh graduate hires. For experienced executives hires, they are generally headhunted from overseas (and they get relocated to Singapore under local terms). On the bright side, it’s great that the company is willing to hire and train locals. But for the experienced mid level hires, is it that locals are do not make the cut, or could it be that experienced locals are too expensive? I have a feeling that it could...

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Richer with Less

I have this hobby of googling random words or names that come to my mind. Sometimes, there’s nothing much from the search results. Sometimes, otherwise. Today, I googled minimialist: Since the search, I have been reading on this topic for the past few hours. Minimalism The main idea revolving around the concept of minimalism, is basically having less possessions so that one can focus on more important things in your life and lead richer lives, or in short less for more. Joshua Millburn describes it best with this Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less; rather, we focus...

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