The Seller Internship


I bought a sold- out event ticket at double its retail price on Carousell, and was trying (hard) to sell it at what I buy at. It was tough. It's still on sale. After being a corporate warrior for nine years, there is a skill that is totally lacking in me --- selling. You see, my corporate job mainly requires me to share technical know-how. My selling point is my technical know- how, which my … [Read more...]

Nine years as a corporate warrior


I have been a corporate warrior for nine years, and in these nine years, I have worked for three different companies, in three very different roles. These nine years also shaped what I want from a job.   Just recently, I received my five year award from my current company. This is my first long service award.    Just after graduation, I started my first job. Back then, my aim was to earn … [Read more...]

Trading Experience


I spent the past few months doing stock trading. To be exact from November till today, I have only done 3 trades. The trading technique I used is actually no technique honestly. I totally ignored the typical technical indicators such as moving average convergence divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI) or stochastic oscillator which you would see in any technical analysis … [Read more...]

What’s your thoughts on this bond’s yield?


I used to own 34,000 units of CMA3.8% bonds, until they were redeemed it in January this year. This bond has a coupon of 3.8% for the first 5 years, and 4.5% after that. They have an option to redeem the bonds from Jan 2017 onwards, and they did. It seems reasonable since if they weren't redeemed, the interest to be paid out would be 4.5%, which is not justifiable since they are able to get loans … [Read more...]

Busy is Good?

  We Asians love to associate your success with work.   Recently, I met up with my friends to celebrate the Chinese New Year before it starts. Due to the extremely hectic schedule of many of them, we finally managed to squeeze a day out to meet. This makes me feel so lazy, as I seem to be the one who is able to make it most of the time! Many of my friends are so busy that they clocked numerous … [Read more...]

Too Expensive?

It's the new year, and my company has a number of new hires. I notice a trend in the recent new hires. Locals generally make up the fresh graduate hires. For experienced executives hires, they are generally headhunted from overseas (and they get relocated to Singapore under local terms). On the bright side, it's great that the company is willing to hire and train locals. But for the … [Read more...]

Richer with Less


I have this hobby of googling random words or names that come to my mind. Sometimes, there's nothing much from the search results. Sometimes, otherwise. Today, I googled minimialist: Since the search, I have been reading on this topic for the past few hours. Minimalism The main idea revolving around the concept of minimalism, is basically having less possessions so that one can focus … [Read more...]

Why my partner and I manage our finances separately


My partner and I have almost separate finances. The only item that is many under both our names, is the present home that we are living in. Our mortgage repayment is done 50- 50 and deducted directly from CPF. We have no joint bank accounts (except the one that the bank made us open for the mortgage for cash top- ups, if required. The value in it is $0 for now), no credit cards under both's … [Read more...]

How $60,000 is gone before 2017…

I was evaluating my expenses to be for 2017. Unlike previous years, where I have no mortgage to pay for, there is mortgage for 2017, and other additional. Hence, 2017 seems likely to be a year of high expenses. Except for the home that we bought, my partner and I have totally separate finances, so his expenses are not included here. It's astonishing that even before 2017 starts, almost … [Read more...]

What two emails taught me

I received two thought- provoking emails almost at the same time recently. Task one comes from email one which requires that I change a few words and the title of my report. Bang, I finished task one almost as soon as I saw the mail. Task two comes from another email which requires me consider A to Z, ground to sky, hair to heel, calculate godzillion of the godzillion, and include them in a … [Read more...]

The Real Cost to be married in Singapore


December is the month where I would attend many weddings. I recently attended my sister's wedding, which is extremely atypical of a Singaporean Chinese wedding. I had to take leave to attend it, since it is on a weekday day time. The wedding started off with solemnization at ROM. After that, the groom chartered us on taxis (ok, he booked the cabs) to their place for a lunch reception at … [Read more...]

Ditch the New Year Resolution


Having reviewed and reflected on 2016, I decided that I need goals for 2017. Many of us have set new year resolutions, and how many of us actually achieve what we have set? For me, new year resolution is crap. They are never effective for me. One week before the "deadline", I will be cramping stuff to complete, so that I do a bit, and the year doesn't look so bad. 零时抱佛脚。。。However, the amount … [Read more...]

Review and Reflection of 2016

2016 is coming to an end soon in just slightly more than two weeks' time! How has the year been for you? I have started this blog back in September last year, with the intention of leading my CEO life, where I take charge of my business (my life), by focusing for six key departments: - health - personal finance - family - current business - new businesses - personal developmentAs I have not … [Read more...]

Do Parents really love their kids?


What is love? To me, to love someone means to think about their welfare, not only for the immediate future, but for the long term. Recently, I have been talking to many people, and hearing their stories regarding housing. As someone who has recently bought a home, I find that Singapore is still a very Asian society, where parents do impose their thinking on their children (even if they are not … [Read more...]

Making a four- room HDB functional for less than $8,000


I just moved into our 4- room resale HDB flat, and we made it functional in less than $8,000! Notice, I didn't use the word renovate as we didn't hire people for renovation works. As such, let's use the term functional here. Initial Condition of the Home Before we moved in, the home came with the following: In- tact flooring tiles Adequate power points Available fibre optic point … [Read more...]

Renovating, Furnishing and Equipping your BTO HDB Flat for S$20,000

If you are on a tight budget, is it possible to only spend S$20,000 in Singapore, to move into a functional 4- room HDB flat? I use BTO as an example, as you start almost from scratch. I did an analysis, and this is what I found: 1. You have to opt for all the optional components offered by HDB, as this will be the cheapest option. It cost about $10,000 for flooring, internal doors and … [Read more...]

Capitamall Asia Bonds 3.8% – Does the current price make sense?

I received a letter from Capitamall Asia indicating that they will be redeeming the bonds. More information on the redemption can be found here. LP's blog, which I usually visit with regards to bonds also talked about it. I am currently vested in this bond. This is the first bond that I ever bought, and also the first bond that I have held till maturity. And well, the feeling is rather mixed. … [Read more...]

Are you making full use of your company benefits?


It's coming to the end of the year, and the first thing on many of my colleagues' mind is ensuring all their benefits are claimed. In addition to medical benefits, my company provides dental benefit, optics benefit and ... health benefits. I have always claimed my entitlement each year for dental and optics, but since I joined my company, I have never claimed the health benefits. You see, the … [Read more...]

Inspired by B.

I was reading through thefinance, when I chanced upon this blog post by B, author of A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs). He started his blog 5 years ago, to document his path towards financial freedom, and even drew up a chart to project how he could achieve it. You can read more about it here. I too, wanted to achieve financial freedom at 45 (13 more years to go), and I wrote about it … [Read more...]