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Renovating, Furnishing and Equipping your BTO HDB Flat for S$20,000

If you are on a tight budget, is it possible to only spend S$20,000 in Singapore, to move into a functional 4- room HDB flat? I use BTO as an example, as you start almost from scratch. I did an analysis, and this is what I found: 1. You have to opt for all the optional components offered by HDB, as this will be the cheapest option. It cost about $10,000 for flooring, internal doors and sanitary fittings, as well as the kitchen wall partition. So with that, it will drop our budget, leaving only $10,000. So is it...

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Capitamall Asia Bonds 3.8% – Does the current price make sense?

I received a letter from Capitamall Asia indicating that they will be redeeming the bonds. More information on the redemption can be found here. LP’s blog, which I usually visit with regards to bonds also talked about it. I am currently vested in this bond. This is the first bond that I ever bought, and also the first bond that I have held till maturity. And well, the feeling is rather mixed. With its redemption, I will need to work harder to get my interest income. On the other hand, its redemption also means freeing up cash for other...

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Are you making full use of your company benefits?

It’s coming to the end of the year, and the first thing on many of my colleagues’ mind is ensuring all their benefits are claimed. In addition to medical benefits, my company provides dental benefit, optics benefit and … health benefits. I have always claimed my entitlement each year for dental and optics, but since I joined my company, I have never claimed the health benefits. You see, the health benefit involves signing up for fitness lessons, or gym membership. LESSONS. Not equipment (i.e. shopping). It means commitment after work hours. Exercising But it’s silly not to use the...

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Inspired by B.

I was reading through thefinance, when I chanced upon this blog post by B, author of A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs). He started his blog 5 years ago, to document his path towards financial freedom, and even drew up a chart to project how he could achieve it. You can read more about it here. I too, wanted to achieve financial freedom at 45 (13 more years to go), and I wrote about it here. Unlike his detailed projection, I only wrote about how much would be required, but I didn’t talk about how to meet that...

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