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Property V.S. Stocks – Which has better returns?

As a millennial living with almost every one that I know trying to keep up with the Joneses, it’s not surprising to see some of my friends spending a hell lot to get their first home. The concept is drilled into their heads that property is 99.9999% of the time the best investment that they can make in their entire lives. In fact, the price that they are willing to pay is sometimes something that my alter ego of Miss Niao will never approve of. With the hefty loan that they have to take, after wiping off all their...

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Comprehensive Breakdown to Insurance Plans – FREE spreadsheet!

READ THIS BEFORE INVESTING WITH INSURANCE PLANS! I am not sure if it’s coincidental or not, but recently I have been receiving quite a few requests from my readers and friends for evaluation of their insurance plans. Some of them were directed from the story of my ILP which was posted on HWZ, while others chanced upon my blog. Perhaps it was because of the spreadsheets that I have uploaded. I have reviewed the spreadsheets but there isn’t one that can help to calculated exactly how much your returns would be with insurance plans. To my surprise, there are...

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October 2017 – Portfolio Updates

This post is way overdue, but still needed nonetheless. October was a decent month for both BF and my portfolio performances, and I am quite pleased with it, although not complacent. At the end of October, my time-weighted returns have reached 11.33% with an XIRR of 18.09%. Although the STI’s performance to date has been +17.12%, I only got vested in May. Therefore, it would be more accurate to compare my results with the STI as to how much it has increased since then, instead of January. Using the STI ETF as my yardstick, I have managed to gain...

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How To Be Lucky In Life (and Create Your Own Luck)

I don’t meet new people everyday, but when I do, this is what happens. Conversation between me and new dude: Me: Okay, nice meeting you! Hope to see you soon. New Dude: Same to you! *wide smile* After 10 minutes, I get a Whatsapp message from you-know-who… New Dude: Hey, I can’t help put my finger on it but you remind me of an article that I’ve read recently. Me: Ah, really? What is it? New Dude: New Dude: You are exactly the lucky type of person that this article is talking about. (Y) Me: *reads article* Haha,...

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Women Are Better Prepared for Retirement

Image Source: I was randomly scrolling through the CPF website yesterday and found something very interesting. They have recently performed a Trend Analysis of CPF members’ Balances based on Gender, and they did a comparison between the CPF balances of males and females and how the workforce has changed since 2006 till 2016. If you look at modern society right now, it is not uncommon to find a dual-income household. Gone were the days of stereotypes when the man is assumed to be the sole breadwinner of the family and the woman has to cook and clean. While this kind...

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Why Setting a Budget is Silly – Here’s a Better Way to Save Money

If you were to ask anyone what’s the best way to save money, it is quite inevitable that the conversation will somehow lead to the word “budget”. What does budgeting really mean anyway? In my definition, it is to place certain boundaries around different portions of your paycheck to know where the money is all going to. And if you cross those boundaries, it means that you haven’t been disciplined enough to have done what should be best for you. Imagine yourself going on a diet. A typical diet plan would go like this: You try to restrict yourself...

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Financial Literacy Starts From Home

My parents aren’t exactly the brightest bunch when it comes to their finances. I certainly was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and they did the best that they could to bring me and my brother up with whatever that they could afford while surviving from paycheck to paycheck. This includes being able to provide for my education up till my degree. I can’t express how much gratitude I have to them for allowing me to graduate debt-free. With just a few more years left until the end of their housing loan of 30 years, both...

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The Power of The No Spend Day

After a long hiatus of 7 years, I have decided to devote myself to tracking my expenses again for September with the newly updated application, Expense Manager. It is now made more robust with added features. It even included visually appealing graphs to show the allocation of my expenses to different categories and their percentages! There is also this feature on Expenses Manager which I love the most – setting a monthly budget. You could even go one step further to set different budgets for different categories. It would also tell you how much money you are left with...

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Stocking up on Tat Seng Packaging and its inventory

I am now a tiny “business owner” of carton boxes. My new love! I did not find much information about Tat Seng Packaging on the WWW, except for its most recent annual report released for FY2016. Even its Investor Relations website has only been last updated in 2015. But I wasn’t worried, because their business model is very straight forward and simple to understand – they produce all types of cardboard/corrugated boxes. I mentioned the three reasons why I bought the company’s shares and I quote it here again. Strong balance sheets, very little debt and decent dividend yield I wouldn’t...

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September 2017 – Portfolio Updates

September was an interesting month for my portfolio. I experienced a few firsts, and I have got to say that being new in investing helps with being more cautious and less complacent about my decisions. For the first time, I have experienced a 2-digit percentage point drop in my position with ComfortDelgro stock and learned how to deal with seeing red in my portfolio. I’ve learned how the public is efficient to news and how they react to it, and how news is also insanely efficient in delivering it to the public. I’ve also started to see CDG’s stock...

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Being A Millionaire Is Just 11 Steps Away – The Doubling Game

If you were to work for 50 years of your life and then consolidate all your earnings in your entire life just to see if you’ll be able to earn a million dollars, you would be able to achieve it with an average income of $20,000 per year, even without investing. As you can see, that is an easy sum to achieve with an annual income of $40,000 if you save 50% of your pay. In fact, you might already know a millionaire in your social circle. Man, I wouldn’t even be surprised if you are already one yourself....

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The red in my portfolio – Comfortdelgro down 15.45%

I have blogged quite a few posts about my buy in to ComfortDelgro (CDG) and why I thought it was a good buy. albeit being overvalued when I calculated the company’s actual intrinsic value. Today, I would have to eat my words. And it is indeed because I chose to pay a premium for the stock in the beginning at $2.33. As of the closing price since Friday, the price dropped further by 15.45% from my buying price to $1.975, and thus has significantly affected my portfolio returns, although overall returns still remain green. This is also the first time...

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The problem with reading investment books – 401(k) plan

I have a big problem when it comes to reading investment books. More often than not, the books are written by authors from the USA and many of them include the option of using the 401(k) as a tool to improve their finances, as like what a typical Singaporean would do with her CPF system. It is such a pain because I don’t know what are the actual benefits of the 401(k) and the limitations of it. I also can’t relate to the tips that the books are trying to convey no matter how many times I read it,...

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Investing your CPF money, really?

There was a period of time earlier this year that I contemplated on using my CPF money to invest. I sought some advice from my financial adviser back then on how the process is like and what options were available. The idea of using money that has to be locked away for a long, long time and not having to consider much “risk” with using cash on hand was a tantalizing thought indeed. But the idea didn’t last long with me. If you’re not that familiar with how you can use your CPF money to invest, here’s a quick...

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Miss Niao is an “Investment Blogger”

So that’s what I’m supposed to call myself. :p I’ve been receiving tons of traffic these couple of days. Mainly because Miss Niao is finally, finally indexed on (Thanks Derek!). Seedly has also published their featured post on Miss Niao two days ago. If you happened to originate from any of those sites, thank you very much for dropping by! I try to be as interesting as I can for all of you and I hope that whatever I am doing is working. Anyway, if you did read the featured post, it is actually quite amusing to me. Firstly,...

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