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Optimise living expenses Part 1

I am a true-blue minimalist in that I only buy things that are necessary. Let me share with you how I optimise my expenses in various areas without sacrificing much qualify of life.Entertainment: For movies, you can try to watch on weekdays to save cost. A typical 2D movie costs $6.50-$7.50 at Golden Village per pax on weekdays. On weekends it can go up to $13! To take it further, a Netflix subscription costs only $10+/month for the cheapest plan but the latest movies wouldn’t be available. Phone plans: You can subscribe to SIM-only plans which are $20/month only....

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Reflection on owning a car in the most expensive city

Mr 15 HWW has kindly referenced my previous articles on car ownership at Previous articles: I have shared some tips both car and non-car related on my blog: Minimising car expenses My Expenses I also shared my rationale for buying a car: Saving money on car ownership in Singapore I am quite frugal excluding the owning of a car. Having a car is great. It gives you freedom and a sense of control if you like driving. It also allows you to explore remote and unique/interesting places. This is the proof that I have explored many places with...

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SRS account 34% return in 6 months

Previously I have explained why I contributed to my SRS account here. I have been wanting to do this update but couldn’t find the time to do it. Since then I have done trading with my SRS fund and obtained superior returns thus far. As SRS account earns peanut interest, I am compelled to invest/trade. From the period of Jan to Jun 2018, I have grown my SRS from 15.3k to 20.5k. A whopping 34% return in 6 months! Below screenshots show my transaction history. Thus far, I must say I have been very lucky and have picked the...

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Net Worth Update

I recently received my bonus. I thought I’d do an update of my net worth as I am quite obsessed with wealth tracking.   Cash (CPF & SRS) $170,000 Cash & Equivalent $453,000 Investment $189,000 Car $70,000 Insurance $42,000 Total: $924,000 I am very glad that I am one step closer to financial independence. The market this year has been lacklustre thus far. Otherwise we could see more upside...

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Use Chope and Quandoo for FREE food and CASH

This is more of a lifestyle article. I frequently use Chope and Quandoo which are the 2 biggest restaurant reservation apps here. Recently I have redeemed 1000 chope-dollars (points) for a $30 dining voucher sent via email. The process was instant and fuss-free. Details masked out My partner and I used it to order a delicious platter at some restaurant by the sea on a romantic night. Huge Meat Platter: Juicy ribs, Spicy curry, Toasty bread, Crispy chicken wings, and tender sausages I have also often redeemed 1000 Quandoo points for $15 and have gotten more than $100 in...

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A travel service that I enjoyed using the most

In this post I am going to talk about some non-investment topic, more of lifestyle.  Many of us Singaporeans have enjoyed travelling, taking it as a form of escaping from the fast-paced and stressful lifestyle here. Source: Today While overseas, especially in less-developed countries in South-east Asia, many of us encountered this problem of transportation — how do we get around comfortably and conveniently?  Well I personally prefer to book a private transport in cities such as Cambodia, Phuket and Bali, as they do not offer good public transport.  The benefits of having a chaffuered private transport: Very affordable...

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2018 Trading Good Start

Below shows the trades I entered this year which are only a subset of my portfolio. Counter  Entry Price  Units  Market Price   Capital invested excl fees    P/L   ROI Sembcorp Ind  $       3.170 1700  $         3.060  $        5,389.000  $       (187.00) -3.47% Singtel  $       3.370 2300  $         3.350  $        7,751.000  $         (46.00) -0.59% Venture [sold]  $     23.050 600  $       28.020  $      13,830.000  $      2,982.00 21.56% A Reit  $       2.590 2800  $         2.610  $        7,252.000  $           56.00 0.77% UOL  $       8.400 1100  $         8.700  $        9,240.000  $         330.00 3.57% ST Eng  $       3.300 3300  $         3.390  $      10,890.000  $         297.00 2.73% HMI  $       0.635 8800  $         0.635  $        5,588.000  $                – 0.00% Thai Bev  $       0.910 11000  $         0.815  $      10,010.000  $    (1,045.00) -10.44% Capitaland  $       3.590 1900  $         3.600  $        6,821.000  $           19.00 0.28% Total capital invested...

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