My Personal Analysis of SPH REIT


Portfolio SPH REIT must be one of the fewer REITs with not much properties in its portfolio. In fact, there is only two which is Paragon and The Clementi Mall. There are news SPH REIT will add Seletar Mall to its portfolio. Occupancy Both Paragon and The Clementi Mall are at 100% occupancy. I have noticed there are no vacant shop spaces in Paragon and The Clementi Mall. If you have been to The … [Read more...]

Get Up to S$210 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers with POSB or DBS Credit Cards


I received the following mailer from DBS. It says that from now till 31st May 2017, you can receive up to S$210 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers with a minimum spend of S$2,800 each calendar month on your DBS or POSB credit card. I am not sure if the promotion is exclusive only to me or everyone. However, I doubt I will be eligible for the promotion as unlikely I will spend S$2,800 a month. Thus, I … [Read more...]

Nikko AM-Straits Trading Asia ex Japan REIT ETF


Nikko AM-Straits Trading Asia ex Japan REIT ETF is the second ETF made up of REITs to be launched. The first ETF REIT to be launched is SGX APAC ex Japan Dividend Leaders REIT Index. The constituents of these two REIT ETF are very different. There are no Australia REITs in Nikko AM-Straits Trading Asia ex Japan REIT ETF. On the other hand, SGX APAC ex Japan Dividend Leaders REIT Index has no … [Read more...]

April 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds is 2.27%


The effective interest rate for April 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds is 2.27%. Seems that interest rate is declining but it still beats the traditional fixed deposits. Banks are also slashing its interest rates. A good example will be OCBC 360. (Read more here: OCBC 360 Account Makes Earning Additional Interest More and So Complicated) While browsing the Singapore Savings Bond website, I came … [Read more...]

OCBC 360 Account Makes Earning Additional Interest More and So Complicated


Today, I received an sms from OCBC regarding its changes to the OCBC 360 account. The website says “upgrading the way you grow your wealth” but I think its downgrading the way I grow my wealth because I shall be earning less interests due to the changes. OCBC are making five changes to the OCBC 360 Account with effect from 1st April 2017. With this update, you will earn up to 3.05% per year on … [Read more...]

My Personal Analysis of ISOTeam


ISOTeam offers services related to building maintenance and estate upgrading industry. ISOTeam’s major customers include town councils, government bodies as well as private sector building owners. The range of services ISOTeam offers are Upgrade and Retrofit Works Repairs and Decoration Works Reroofing and Waterproofing Works Facade Restoration and Cleaning Works Home Painting … [Read more...]

Summary of February 2017 Transactions


In the month of February 2017, I made two sell transactions. I have divested Far East Hospitality Trust and NeraTel. You can read more on Far East Hospitality Trust at Far East Hospitality Trust Undervalued or Value Trap?  and NeraTel at NeraTel – An Abandoned Child. There are a few stocks in my watch list such as Acromec, ISOTeam, Hock Lian Seng, Tai Sin Electric and many more but I shall not … [Read more...]

NeraTel – An Abandoned Child


Prior to writing this post, I have divested all my NeraTel shares at a loss of 14.2%. This is including of the dividends I have collected. I shall share the reasons why I made the decision to do so. NeraTel announced its 4Q2016 financial results on 22nd February 2017. After the sale of its payment solution business to Ingenico, NeraTel business is left with the Telecommunication business … [Read more...]

Frasers Commercial Trust Long Term Play in Office Rental


While most REITs are announcing their 4Q2016 or FY2016 financial results, Frasers Commercial Trust is actually announcing their 1Q2017 financial results. Net Property Income fell by estimated 1% due to lower occupancy for China Square Central and Central Park. We understand that China Square Central has started the development of a 16 storey hotel and the construction works will definitely … [Read more...]

Far East Hospitality Trust Undervalued or Value Trap?


Far East Hospitality Trust makes up a minor 2% in my stock portfolio. Finally, I have decided to cut loss and sold off Far East Hospitality Trust in my stock portfolio. Despite collecting the dividends over the years, I still made a loss of 20%. I bought Far East Hospitality Trust in my early investment days where I knew nothing about analyzing a good stock. It was purely bought on speculation … [Read more...]

OCBC Bank Makes It Easier to Buy Singapore Savings Bonds


The effective interest rate for March 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds is 2.38%. It seems that it is now easier to buy Singapore Savings Bonds. When I logged in to OCBC Personal Internet Banking, I noticed a new menu option called Singapore Government Securities in the menu. Upon launching the page, I realized that it is now easier to buy government securities such as Singapore Savings Bonds, … [Read more...]

OUE Hospitality Trust Yet to Shine with Its Gem Crowne Plaza Changi Airport


The results from OUE Hospitality Trust kind of surprised me. The income for OUE Hospitality Trust comes from two main segment which is the Hospitality segment and Retail segment. I am expecting lower revenue from the Hospitality segment due to current economic headwinds in the tourism sector and stronger revenue from its Retail segment due to opening of Michael Kor and Victoria Secrets but it … [Read more...]

Keppel REIT DPU Decreased but Manager Management Fees Increase


I held 7% of office REITs in my stock portfolio, mainly made up of Keppel REIT and Frasers Commercial Trust at 5% and 2% respectively. Keppel REIT has announced its 4Q2016 financial results on 24th January 2017. A set of pretty disappointing results which reflects the weakness and headwinds in office REITs in current economy. I expect headwinds but didn’t expect results to be so bad. This is in … [Read more...]

SoilBuild REIT High Yield Provided Investors Can Stomach the Risks


2016 was an exciting year for SoilBuild REIT. I have been following SoilBuild REIT closely since I held 5% of Soilbuild REIT in my stock portfolio. Activities in 2016 includes the Default of Technics Offshore Marine, Acquisition of Bukit Batok Connection and Preferential Shares Offering. On 23rd January 2017, Soilbuild REIT has announced its 4Q2016 financial results. Gross Revenue, Net Property … [Read more...]

My Sweet Retirement Wishes You a Happy Chinese New Year!


Dear readers and fellow financial bloggers, The festive season is here again. The year 2017 is the year of the Golden Rooster. Towards the end of January 2017, several REITs have concluded their FY2016 financial results. Most of them have barely achieve an increase in annual distribution per unit (“DPU”). Capitamall Trust, Soilbuild, Keppel REIT all have reported a fall in DPU. From these … [Read more...]

CapitaMall Trust 4Q2016 Financial Results Resilient Under Current Economic Headwinds


I have previously added more of CapitaMall Trust to my stock portfolio in November 2016 which I have blogged about (My Personal Analysis of Capitaland Mall Trust). CapitaMall Trust announces its 4Q 2016 or full year 2016 results on Friday, 20th January 2017.  The financial results are within my expectation. When I mean within my expectation, I do not expect CapitaMall Trust to outperform but to be … [Read more...]

Structured Deposit vs Fixed Deposit


While searching for Chinese New Year fixed deposit promotions, I came across the above promotion advertised. The bank is offering structured deposit that offers up to 12.1% returns over 6 years. It sounds very attractive to me given the high interest rate. As I am not familiar with structured deposit, I decided to do some further research on it. What is a structured deposit? A structured … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year 2017 Fixed Deposit Promotion


Banks usually offer higher promotional interest rates during Chinese New Year. Standard Chartered Bank seems to be the first mover that launch its Chinese New Year 2017 Time Fixed Deposit promotion. CIMB did not offer special interest rates for fixed deposits this year. Instead, they are giving away gift sets such as abalone and it is limited to a number of placements. I shall update the … [Read more...]

Do You Think We Will Experience Capricorn Effect in Jan 2017?

What is the Capricorn effect? Capricorn astrology is from 22nd December to 19th January. According to Wikipedia, the Capricorn effect refers to the month of January where stock prices tend to increase more than other months of the year. It is only a hypothesis. The effect was observed by Sidney B. Wachtel who was an investment banker. Rationale behind the hypothesis Individual … [Read more...]

My Sweet Retirement Annual Review of 2016


The year is ending and it is time to self reflect on the goals that I have set for myself last year. (My Sweet Retirement Annual Review of 2015) 1. Achieve 10K of Passive Income (Met) Using SGX Cafe application to track my dividends, I have received a total dividends of S$10,132.04 for the year of 2016. I am glad I achieved this goal, thanks to the hefty and unexpected special dividend payout … [Read more...]