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Suntec REIT DPU Rises for 3QFY15

Suntec REIT announces its results for 3QFY15 on 22nd October 2015. DPU rises 8.3% to 2.522 cents as compared to the same period last year. Suntec REIT portfolio includes Suntec City Park mall (in the midst of divesting, to be completed by end FY2015) One Raffles Quay (one-third) MBFC Properties (one-third) 177 Pacific Highway, an iconic landmark office development in North Sydney (100% by early 2016) Key Financial Indicators Office revenue contributed approximately 40.0% of the Total Gross Revenue for 3Q FY15. Retail revenue contributed approximately 41.0% of the Total Gross Revenue for 3Q FY15. Convention revenue contributed approximately 19% of...

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Cambridge Industrial Trust DPU Fall for 3QFY15

Cambridge Industrial Trust announces its results for 3QFY15 on 22nd October 2015. DPU fell 3.7% to 1.204 cents as compared to the same period last year. Key Financial Indicators The gearing ratio is at 37.2%. 79.9% of the properties owned by Cambridge Industrial Trust are unencumbered. Debt Maturity Profile According to the released presentation slides by Cambridge Industrial Trust, Cambridge Industrial Trust has a well-staggered debt maturity profile, with no major refinancing due till FY2017. Cambridge Industrial Trust has 96.5% of interest rate exposure fixed for next 3.2 years. Borrowing costs significantly insulated against interest rate increases. This is important as...

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Mapletree Commercial Trust DPU Rises 2.5% to 2.02 cents 2QFY15

Mapletree Commercial Trust announces its results for 2QFY15 on 21st October 2015. The Distribution per Unit (“DPU”) for 2Q FY15/16 went up 2.5% to 2.02 cents and Net Property Income (“NPI”) for 2Q FY15/16 grew 5.1%. VivoCity tenant sales for 2Q FY15/16 went up 5.5% to more than S$225 million for the quarter. If you did not know, VivoCity has launched new retail space at basement one from 15 April 2015 which has probably has contributed to the increase in tenant sales. Nine retailers occupy the new retail space at Basement 1. Two of which are new-to-market retailers: American Eagle Outfitters, a...

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My Personal Analysis of Challenger Technologies

Challenger Technologies is an IT lifestyle retailer and has 40 stores island-wide. In my teenage days, I have enjoyed shopping at Challenger store at Funan centre for computer games, software and computer accessories. I have been holding this stock since the year 2011 which has rewarded me with dividends over the years. Challenger Technologies currently make up only 1% of my portfolio. Financials Over Last 5 Years Revenue decreased Revenue decrease mainly due to lower contribution from corporate sales in Singapore and closure of retail operations in Malaysia. Lower Profit after Tax Profit after Tax was lower for FY 2014 as compared...

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Summary of September 2015 Transactions

I have shared the percentage allocation of each stock in my portfolio. As you can see, SMRT, ST Engineering and ComfortDelgro are the 3 top holdings in my portfolio. My portfolio is still in the transition phase to an income investor portfolio. If you follow my blog, in August 2015, I have offloaded many stocks from my portfolio. I made a nifty profit and reinvested them into stable dividend yielding stocks like ST Engineering and ParkwayLife Reit. If you wonder why SMRT is the largest holding in my portfolio, I have to admit it was a serious mistake I made...

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My Personal Analysis of The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass is in the simple business of selling luxury watches. They carry luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier etc. They have 41 boutiques in nine key cities throughout Asia. The Hour Glass has been accorded the ‘Best Watch Retail’ honours by Singapore Tatler in 2014. Similar companies in the luxury watches business are Sincere Watch (Hong Kong) Ltd and Cortina Holdings Limited. Market Capitalization The Hour Glass has a large market capitalization of estimated 500 million. Financials Over Last 5 Years At a glance into The Hour Glass FY15 Annual report, the company has a financially...

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Book Review: Financial Freedom A Guide to Achieving Lifelong Wealth and Security

The book “Financial Freedom A Guide to Achieving Lifelong Wealth and Security” is written by Mr Reuben Advani. The book is easy to read and has a total of not more than 150 pages. Personally, I felt that the book title is over exaggerated. At a glance, the book seems to suggest tips to achieve wealth and financial freedom. However, it is actually a personal finance book whereby the author explains in high level some financial jargon (E.g. Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Debt etc). The author shares in this book how to plan a personal monthly budget, things to consider...

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Challenger Technologies new subsidiary Challenge Ventures Pte Ltd

SGX Mainboard-listed Challenger Technologies Limited (“Challenger” or the “Group”), today announced it has set up a wholly owned subsidiary Challenge Ventures Pte Ltd (“CVPL”) to focus on investing in companies and businesses to complement Challenger’s existing business. Over the past 2 years, Challenger Technologies Limited has been aggressively investing in its in-house brand “Valore”, which turns out to be a failure. All Valore concept stores have been converted into Challenger stores. Challenge Ventures Pte Ltd I am surprised by how fast Challenger is to come up with new business ideas by starting up Challenge Ventures Pte Ltd.  The announcement...

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