My First buy in 2017


These 2 stocks have been on my radar for some time, and I was waiting for market to present an opportunity for me to buy them. Last week, there were some heartbeat from these 2 stocks and I made my first buy for 2017. The first counter which I bought was Mapletree GCC trust. I am wary of the interest rate increase this year which many people spoke about, and that this will affect stocks like … [Read more...]

I have been retrenched …

In the recent months, there have been more news about corporate laying off staffs due to the worsening of the global economy. Most of us won't feel it unless it happens to you or someone you know. Few weeks ago, I received a phone call from 2 ex-colleagues, and both of them had been retrenched as the unit closed it's Singapore operation. However, they should be able to tide over this difficult … [Read more...]

Recent buy for these blue chips

In the last 2 months, the global stock market suddenly became lively. Last week, even the STI was closing in towards the 3000 mark. Many of the experts have predicted a market correction if Mr Trump won the election, and of course, we know by now that it didnt happen. In fact, Dow Jones has been hitting new high. Market always has it's surprises, thus time in the market is important. Over the 2 … [Read more...]

We have forgotten – Asian Financial Crisis


I guess most of us only remembered the last Great Financial Crisis, starting with the housing toxic securities which the bubble finally burst in 2008/2009. How many of us still remembered the Asian Financial Crisis and how it started. This site here has documented the entire timeline and events if you are interested. Why am I writing this out of the blue. In the past weeks, after Trump won the … [Read more...]

These high yield blue chips performed well during the US Presidential Election week


It has been an interesting week, but for some, it has been a roller-coaster feeling, the market was behaving erratically during the Presidential Election day and the day after. I was hopping that the market will react drastically downwards so that I can capitalised on it, similar to my purchase of HSBC during the week of BRexit. But as we all know by now, the market crawled back and cover what was … [Read more...]

My friends bought iphone7 but I bought stocks this week


Apple has just recently launched iphone7, and few of my colleagues were very excited about it. They started monitoring the launched date from their respective Telcos, and finally they managed to book their gadget, and collected yesterday. On the other hand, I was not as excited as them, not sure if I am the only one. However, the past weeks, the market has been volatile due to the next Fed … [Read more...]

How did my HSBC performed after BRExit


Weeks before the BRExit polling day, there were many news on the probability of Britain leaving EU, and how this will have impact on it's economy if it happens(now we already know the polling results). There were many gloomy news, and sentiments were not good. After seeing how the large US banks are still around today and survived the Great Financial Crisis, I kind of like bank, and they are top … [Read more...]

What did we learnt from the last Fed Interest rate increase


On 16 Dec last year, Fed raised the interest rate, and lately, many of the financial news are also talking and speculating about when the next increase will be. Let's look at what happened to some of the counters when the interest rate was increase last year, hopefully, this can help us to navigate for the next one. The first column is the counter price after the announcement of the hike, and … [Read more...]

What to do with the conditional cash offer for my Sim Lian?

Sim Lian has offered at $1.08 to exit and will be delist from the exchange, and I have accepted the offer. What am I suppose to do, as a minority minority shareholder, it seems that we do not have much a choice. This is a stock with good dividend and discount to it's NAV, for most of the investors, it would be nice to keep it as a long term investment, enjoying it's dividend and as well as it's … [Read more...]

STI – Are we near bottom


STI did not manage to stay above the Jan high of 2897 despite the small rally, and in fact it has been trending below the 10 year moving average since Aug last year. As I do not have enough data points before 2006, the 10 year moving average starts from 2006 in the graph above. The last time the STI index went below the 10yr MA was during the GFC in 2008. Apart from 2008 crisis, most of the … [Read more...]

My strategy and lesson learnt

The past few months have been a roller coaster to many investors and traders, the market corrected like no tomorrow and there were many gloom and doom news from the media. At one point, STI went to below 2600. However, the last few weeks, most of the index and counters have recovered with a vengeance.  Looking back, what have I learn from this episode so that I can be a better investor and prepare … [Read more...]

A quick look at CapitaCommercial Trust Reits


STI has corrected by more than 20% and most stocks are also beaten down. Although there were many not so positive news about over supply of office space in the CBD area, this stock has been pretty resilient. Pulling the data from the stockfact from, the PB and div looks pretty decent. Using the same portal, if you sort the Reits by div yield, you get the below. In a rising interest … [Read more...]

Retail reits – Are they still worth looking?

It's a festive month and many people are in the mood of spending for their love ones or themselves. There are many reits listed on SGX, who owns large shopping malls, is it worth looking at them now. Before you look at these reits, do take some time to read these articles below first, and it might change your thinking. Alibaba Singles Day sales; 1. Alibaba busts Singles Day sales record 2. … [Read more...]

My first online shopping experience


Well, actually it's not really my first time buying stuff from the internet. Its just that the last time I bought stuff from a online merchant was more than 5 years ago. Recently, during the black friday and cyber monday, I bought some stuff from Amazon, and here are my thoughts after buying them.CurrencyWith the USD getting stronger, it is no longer that appealing to buy stuff from the US. It … [Read more...]

What does George Soros, David Tepper and Robert Shiller think in common?

In the recent few months, these big boys have been feeling negative about the US stock market, or at least their action says so. It might be worth taking a serious look as all the US indices are all time high. George Soros has been increasing his shorts in the S&P in a big way for many months now. He has also been slashing and reducing his exposure to the US equities in the recent months. … [Read more...]

Best 2015 Performer


Russia stock market was one of the worst performer last year, and remember in one of my previous post, I mentioned that my initial investment was down by more than 30%. This year, despite all the bad news, Russia market is one of the best performer, apart from China. Just last week, I have added on to my initial investment, as the chart below shows that the price has broken the 200D resistance. … [Read more...]

Profit taking April2015


Most of the markets have risen by more than 20%, and this has also result in most of the stock counters rised by as much, if not much more. At this point of time, it is definitely tempting to take some money of the table. Thus I have taken profit from 2 counters and the reasons for doing so below. Suntec Reit Most of the readers know that this is one of my favourite stock, and thus it took a … [Read more...]

Will AC effect result in a market correction?


Since last year, the Chinese stock market has been rising and this uptrend was also followed by Hang Seng Index in the recent months. Just few days ago, TVB decided to telecast an old film starting next Monday. For those of us who are old enough, you will remember this film 《大時代》, it's about the stock trading and speculation. The focus here is on the actor, Adam Cheng. After this show was first … [Read more...]

What happened to STI when Fed raised rates?

The market was extremely volatile on past few occasions whenever the Fed meets to discuss when they should raise the interest rates. This is often followed by experts giving their opinions and some even identify the period this year when Fed will announce the rates increase. I find this amazing cause the only person who knows is none other than Yellen herself. As there is no question about the … [Read more...]