My Stock Portfolio @ end Apr 2017

Top 30 in my portfolio: No. STOCK NAME No.of SHARES PORTFOLIO% MARKET $ 1SGX4,00011.027.402SPH6,0007.753.473Starhub7,0007.272.794SATS3,0005.685.095OCBC Bank1,4385.259.806UOB6134.9721.807CapitaLand Mall Tr6,7004.911.978AIMS AMPI Reit7,7004.001.3959Keppel Corp1,6003.886.5110Suntec Reit5,8003.821.7711SingTel2,6903.743.7412FCT4,7003.692.1113ParkwayLife Reit3,6003.432.5614Keppel DC … [Read more...]

Starhub – 20% Dividend Cut

Finally it happens. I bought Starhub after it lost the English Premier League broadcast rights to SingTel.  The steady flow of 20 cents dividends a year or 5 cents a quarter finally comes to an end. Starhub announced after Friday market close that the company will be paying 4 cents a quarter or 16 cents for financial year 2017. Starhub was a good dividend master all these year.  It is one … [Read more...]

Reit History: Sabana Reit

There is now an on-going movement by a group of minority unitholders for a proposal to remove the Manager of the Sabana Reit.  This is unprecedented in Singapore Reits.  As a Reit investor, I do hope for their success as this would be a wakeup call for all the other Reit managers. Sabana Reit is the first and only Shari'ah Compliant Reit in Singapore.  Shari'ah Compliant Reits must have taken a … [Read more...]

Credit Card annual fee waiver rejected

Everything has a first. After using credit cards for many years, first time has my credit card annual fee waiver request rejected.  The issuing bank is OCBC, so good riddance OCBC credit card. As a OCBC Bank shareholder, I am happy that the bank try their best to increase their revenue streams.  But as a credit card user, I will not pay the pricy annual fee. No trouble on my part in … [Read more...]

IPO – Daisin Retail Trust

Daisin Retail Trust is the first IPO listing in 2017. This listing looks very rushing in its timing.  Just read about the news in the newspaper this Saturday morning.  Subscription already opened Friday 9 pm and will close on Wednesday noon. I have doubts in this new Daisin Retail Trust.  The reasons: 1. China. Hmm..... All the initial three properties in one single city, Zhongshan, … [Read more...]

STI 3,000 and 250K milestone

STI finally broke through 3,000 points today.  Very contrasting start of the year 2017 than 2016.  While last year we saw the bear raging in the beginning of the year, this year look like it is the bull's turn. The good news for me is that my reit trees planting in the last two months is already bearing early fruits.  While doing nothing yet in 2017, my total portfolio value crosses 250K for … [Read more...]

REIT History: Frasers Commercial Trust

Fraser Commercial Trust is one of my smaller REIT counters.  Like AIMSAMPI Capital Industrial Reit, it is another reit that rises from the ashes.  I dug out history of the Reit from the Internet and I am particularly interested on its placements and rights issues in the past. Mar 2006: - IPO at $1.00 as Allco Reit. First commercial reit with properties in Singapore (China Square Central) and … [Read more...]

Looking Ahead to 2017: Dividends (明天会更好)

2016 was a not a good year for investment.  Hopefully 2017 is a better year. My projected dividends for 2017 (based on current portfolio): 1. Starhub: $1,400? 2. SGX: $1,120 3. SPH: $1,080 4. AIMSAMPI Reit: $870 5. CMT: $645 6. Suntec Reit: $589 7. FCT: $552 8. OCBC: $517 9. SATS: $480 10. Keppel Corp: $480? 11. Starhill Global: $460 12. PLife Reit: $447 13. Keppel DC Reit: … [Read more...]

2016 Portfolio Review (Part 2): Foundation Stocks

2016 is another challenging year for investment.  Many "marketquakes" starting with China market's failed circuit breaker implementation, the ever present oil price worry, the continuing terrorist threat, the surprising Brexit and Donald Trump victory, the rate hike in December and perhaps further hikes in 2017.   Sometimes when you think you are moving a step forward, but actually you are forced … [Read more...]

Planting more REIT trees for dividend fruits (II)

REITs counters are battered again in December after the news of the rate hike.I have taken the opportunity to load more REITs into my portfolio.  I have added FCT, FCOT, ParkwayLife Reit, MCT and SPH Reit.  Looking to add A Reit and CCT too, if they could come down lower for me.  Spoilt for choice as many REIT counters are looking real juicy.I do not know whether this is a good time … [Read more...]

2016 Portfolio Review (Part 1): Winners and Losers

Time flies and 2016 is ending soon.  All my tradings are done and all dividends are collected.  It is time to review my portfolio's winners and losers in 2016. Top Dividend Contributors:  Saizen Reit (16.15%): - The special dividend made Saizen Reit the first counter to attain freehold status in my portfolio. Starhub (10.49%): - Starhub would still be the top dividend contributor if … [Read more...]

REIT History: AIMSAMP Capital Industrial Reit

AIMSAMP Capital Industrial Reit is the 2nd largest of my REIT counters.  I dug out history of the Reit from the Internet and I am particularly interested on its placements and rights issues in the past. Apr 2007: - IPO at $1.20 as Macarthurcook Industrial Reit, with 12 properties in the initial portfolio - End 2007: 15 properties. Unit price: $0.97 (20% decline from IPO price) 2008: - … [Read more...]

Planting more REIT trees for dividend fruits

REITs counters have been battered recently due to the anticipation of imminent rate hike in December. I have taken the opportunity to load more REITs into my portfolio.  I have added CMT, Keppel DC Reit (rights), AA Reit, MCT, CDLHT, ParkwayLife Reit and FLT.  Did not see such volatility in CMT prices in recent times.  Unfortunately, FCT and A Reit did not come down low enough for me. Except … [Read more...]

Boring Weekend Musing: Rights and Wrongs

Keppel DC Reit is on a buying spree this year.  The Milan DC, the Cardiff DC and now a Singapore DC (Keppel Datahub 2). A rights issue for Keppel DC Reit is coming in November.  It is a preferential offering of 274 new units for every 1,000 units held for an issue price of $1.155. Initially there was not much "meat" in the offer as it is just about 5% discount to its current price then.  But … [Read more...]