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Best Value Telco Plan for 300mins Talktime and 5GB Data

Halp! I have stopped blogging altogether but recently there’s this tiny-weeny issue bugging me so I’ve decided to pen my thoughts down to have some clarity. Soooooo my phone (iPhone 7) is dying and being the hippie that I am, I have decided to contribute to Apple revenue this year with the purchase of an iPhone XR. So there I was in a dilemma; as I wasn’t really sure if I should continue with a plan bundled with the iPhone XR, or move on with the current trend of getting a SIM-only plan and get the iPhone XR off...

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A Peon Analysis – Starhill Global REIT

Hi peeps! I’m back after close to a year hiatus in blogging. I’ve actually been away trying to create another stream of income which has failed rather miserably. Oh well, that’s a storey for another day. All I can say is that entrepreneurship is not an easy path to tread.. And so here I am! Back to blogging and being a corporate drone just like how you are :) Today’s blogpost is all about Starhill Global REIT, a holding I have held since… okay I’ve forgotten. Anyway, I am looking into it again because it’s current market price of...

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A Peon Analysis – Soilbuild Business Space REIT

I have never thought much of Soilbuild Business Space REIT (SB REIT) before. However, I was chatting with another REIT investor a couple of days back and he mentioned that he saw potential in Soilbuild Business Space REIT (SB REIT). Let me quote his exact words as to why SB REIT attracted his attention: 1) Founder of SB REIT’s parent, Soilbuild Construction Group, has a pretty big stake in the REIT itself. Thus, his name is intricately tied to the Soilbuild name and substantially all his net worth. If Soilbuild fails, his entire empire he spent his whole life building comes...

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A Peon Analysis – AIMS AMP Capital REIT

AIMS AMP Capital REIT (AA REIT) is one counter which I have been eyeing for a seriously long time but have not undertake any concrete steps to study it. And here’s the “whys” in case you are wondering why did it fall into my radar in the first place: 1) NAV of $1.477 is some 9.41% higher than current market price of  $1.35. 2) Yield of 8.31% 3) Relatively low gearing at 34.6% 4) A portfolio of well designed, well located and sector-specific (logistic, industrial) properties; with higher than average occupancy. With the above factors establish, I shall delve into the nitty-gritty and boring...

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Portfolio Updates: Jul – Dec’16

*I drafted this post back in August and meant to post it out then. However, the ramping up of my wedding preparation took my mind off this obscure blog for a reallyyyyyyyyyyy long period of time (good luck to those getting married ah) until now. And so here I am, back again, updating this blog after almost 6 months of absence. My apologies if this post appears to be incoherent as parts of it was actually drafted in August but I didn’t want to remove them as they are an apt description of my thoughts then.* First up on...

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A Peon Analysis – Far East Hospitality Reit

Hokay! My template to analyse REITs counters is finally completed! Gawd..This post took a really really long time for me to come out with (psst.. Pokemon..psst..Girlfriend). ???? Basically, I have came up with a template containing all the factors that I will usually consider when analysing REITs, and allocating a value to those factors. However, I will not be making my final decision solely based on these values though. This is because I know that this template will not be comprehensive enough and I am bound to miss out on some other variables which will impact the investment. What...

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Portfolio Updates: June’16

June’16 has been a really interesting month for me personally although I made no moves in the market. #BREXIT anyone? Hahaa. Okay. So despite the big claims made in my May’16 updates where I said I will assess a couple of stocks, I ended up not being committed to my words again. Apparently, I got busy and lazy during June’16 with my work and courses, and the market volatility made me hesitate to pour more money into the market (I know I know, the market is always volatile and there is never a good time to buy). In fact,...

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