April’s Portfolio update

Finally we are at the last day of April 2017. As most of the companies had their Annual report out and AGM done, it is time for 穷小子, to update his portfolio. Don't have any much significant changes to his portfolio to date, except for the small purchase of Singtel and Starhub. Main reason to scoop this small portion is due to the recent sell down after the TPG's Australia news and average down, on … [Read more...]

OCBC 80th Annual General Meeting

穷小子 not intending to blog about this initially, but there is something he must share. Attended the AGM yesterday, and OCBC's CEO shook hands with 穷小子. Wahaha!! Not that 穷小子 is some kind of VIP, but the shaking of hands is because Mr Tsien is courtesy and polite, and greeted us with a Good Afternoon. Is a simple gesture, but is the effort which he had made counts. Feels so appreciated when he says … [Read more...]

Happy First Birthday, Poorlearnrich

Happy First Birthday, 穷小子!! There is no birth date for 穷小子 literally of course, but it will be his first anniversary since his first post. Times flies, while still remembering from how much he had learned along the way for the past year. It has been a while since the last post, and just saw that Poorlearnrich is moving towards 50k views. Thanks for all the supports.. ^^ Pardon for no much … [Read more...]

February’s Portfolio update

We had ended the first two months of 2017, let's see how 穷小子's portfolio performed. 穷小子 has not done anything to his portfolio in 2017 yet. - Prices are not high enough to sell - Prices are not low enough to buy - More importantly is, 穷小子's pocket is still empty. Still building his warchest. 穷小子's portfolio update: For the period of these first two months, 穷小子 will be receiving a total … [Read more...]

First big spending in 2017

If you had read about 穷小子's style, you would have known that he does not like to have huge spending. Furthermore, he paid them on the spot this time without any much delay. So what did he had bought exactly? A trip to Turkey, with Air Tickets, Hotels and taxes all in, excluding the tipping and optional. That's right. 穷小子 loves to travel. When was the last time when he spent thousands? Hmm. … [Read more...]

Starhub FY 2016 Financial Results

Starhub FY 2016 results was released last evening. Disappointed results indeed, and seems worse than M1. This shall be a short post with no fancy charts or iconic pictures. 穷小子 had no mood to elaborate further but will not sugar-coat the results. If you had followed 穷小子 throughout, you must have known that 穷小子 had bought the telcos at early 2015, which is around the all time high and is one of … [Read more...]

CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) FY 2016 Financial Results


CCT released their FY 2016 Financial Results this morning. Seems a strong results for 2016 overall per se. 穷小子 shall touch on some of the key factors. CapitaGreen's contributions is 100% with effect from 01 Sep 2016 Starting off with the much anticipated on CapitaGreen contributions injections to the portfolio. Note that its contributions is 100% only from 01 Sep 2016 onwards, … [Read more...]

What a good start for 2017!!

What a good start for 2017!! STI from 2880.76 on the last day of 2016 to 2962.63 on the end of first week, that's almost a 100 points, roughly 2.84% increased, for a short 4 days. Can we see a STI 3000 by month end? 穷小子 shared about his Christmas Shopping previously, so how have they performed? Capital Gains Those REITs which bought on the last month of 2016, grew from a low of negative 2.54% … [Read more...]

穷小子 Year 2016 accomplishments

2016 is coming to the end with few days remaining. What an eventful year with the continuation of Oil Crisis, Brexit, Trump's presidency, Italy referendum and Interest rate hikes. What 穷小子 had accomplished? Financial's achievement Savings Manged to save about 44% of his salary after all the insurances and household allowance deductions. Target to save 50% for 2017. Not sure if this can be … [Read more...]

Christmas Shopping

穷小子 is having his festive seasons shopping for the past few weeks. Shopping for gifts for friends, families, and self. Mainly being to Raffles City, Bugis, Vivocity, Waterway Point, Suntec. Managed to get a perfect gift for everyone, and with much shopping malls rewards points accumulations as well as credit cards rebates. Most importantly, 穷小子 had bought most of the REITS from his watchlists too. … [Read more...]

Combo Banks Sold!!

穷小子 had sold some of his banks shares last week after combo Reits purchased earlier. Not all, but sold about 1/3 of DBS and 1/3 of OCBC from the overall portfolio. This move is to re-balance his portfolio, 穷小子 still have confident in our local banks for long term. Moreover, last week is also seems to be a good opportunity to cash out to build up the warchest, after some good run on these 2 … [Read more...]

Combo Reits Purchased!!

Been looking for a chance to get some REIT into 穷小子's portfolio, and patience has been rewarded finally. The current price may not be the lowest yet, but is a good opportunity to have a small position first. If rates hike, second purchase opportunity shall come into play. Suntec Reit Manage to get a comfortable 6.43% yield from yesterday. Furthermore the price dropped from 1 month high at … [Read more...]

Trump Presidency.. What next?

穷小子 must admit this, was expecting a close fight, but didn't expect and don't wish Trump to win the campaign. After today, guess that everyone should have know by now that any thing can happened in this world. First half of the year is Brexit, and second half is Trump. On a side note, 穷小子 vote goes to Brexit. What next? 穷小子's guess would be America will grow stronger as promised. Mr Trump has … [Read more...]

Small buy position for M1

Despite M1 having a bad Third Quarter results, 穷小子 bought M1 with a small position. Yes, 穷小子 did mentioned that he will not touch unless M1 hits $2 or after fourth telco announcements. But.. But.. It is too irresistible for not having a small bite to average down the overall price. Based on few points below. Based on today closing price, it gives a return yield of 7.42%. Assuming if the … [Read more...]

M1 Third Quarter 2016 Results


M1 share price plunged 5.15% today, a $0.12 drop, to $2.21 today. This is much expected from the poor 3Q16 results released yesterday. 穷小子 mentioned in the previous post that M1 is having a juicy dividend yield of 6.38%, but because of fourth telco is approaching, patience prevails, and still waiting at the sidelines. Take a quick look on the 3Q2016 results. Key Financial … [Read more...]

M1’s 3Q16 results


M1 share price plunged 5.15% today, a $0.12 drop, to $2.21 today. This is much expected from the poor 3Q16 results released yesterday. 穷小子 mentioned in the previous post that M1 is having a juicy dividend yield of 6.38%, but because of fourth telco is approaching, patience prevails, and still waiting at the sidelines. Take a quick look on the results. Key Financial … [Read more...]

What to do during this period?

What to do during this period? Ever since the epic Brexit event, STI finally surged above 2,900 points to 2,945 unexpectedly, before coming down to 2,803 in the following month. Subsequently, it has been ranged bound between 2,800 and 2,900. Those banks, telcos and REITs stocks in 穷小子's watchlists did not have much movements during this period as well. The announcement of delaying the rates … [Read more...]

穷小子 Style

What is 穷小子 style? Is very simple. Living with a frugal lifestyle in a materialistic society and aiming to achieve financial freedom for the future. There is a thin line between 穷小子 Style and being stingy style by his definitions. 穷小子 would spend and pay only for what he think is worth, but a stingy guy doesn't even have this traits at the minimum. Try to maintain a $4 per meal for weekdays … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT)

Have just reduced about 40% of CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) holdings from the portfolio last week. Is not that 穷小子 had lost his confidence in the company, but is more due to re-balance the portfolio. CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) had a good run for the past 3 months, from $1.385 to $1.64, which gives about 18.4% return. A 18.4% profits is roughly about 3-years worth of dividends. By … [Read more...]

Poorlearnrich’s portfolio update

The month of July and August, the second half of dividend collection! Let's have a portfolio update. 穷小子's portfolio update: For the period of these two months, 穷小子 will be receiving a total of S$1,755.55 in dividends. Dividends received this round: S$1,755.55 Year 2016 Total dividends: S$3,552.70 Average dividends per month: S$444.09 Average dividends per day: S$14.56 穷小子 still … [Read more...]