Weekend Sharing – Keep Going Amidst Gloomier Environment


Recently, local and international environment/market are surrounding by the gloomier sentiments. Retrenchment (especially in the O&G sector), poorer company results, potential recession etc.. What should we do during this cyclical gloomy environment? Some retail investors/friends of mine are busy accumulating the equities (as they deemed this is the right time), some are accumulating … [Read more...]

Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF – My Sharing


Mid last week, the folks from Phillip Capital management organized a sharing session with the peer financial bloggers on their upcoming, home-grown and first ever REIT ETF - Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leader REIT ETF. Personally, I do invest in a couple of local REITs for dividend yield purpose and here come another option for consideration. Following are some key summary of the REIT … [Read more...]

How to Improve Finances for Students (Guest Post)


College can be a very expensive experience for so many, but it doesn’t have to be. With a proper plan and good financial habits, you can minimize the amount of debt you acquire while attending post-secondary education. Here are some actionable tips to help students improve their finances.Mapping out a budgetA budget is a vitally important tool for college freshmen, although not nearly enough of … [Read more...]

My Scoot Experience – No Frills ; No Problem


I am just back from my one-week short trip to Melbourne, Australia and this will be my first post after touching down. Usually, I will be taking full-fledged airlines like SQ, Emirates or Qantas for my regular trip to Melbourne. However, after receiving some good review from a couple of my friends, I decided to give it a try by taking the Scoot this time round. On one hand, I can save some … [Read more...]

9 Global Black Swan Events Since 1997 (Infographic)


I believed most of you have heard of the term, Black Swan, popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a finance professor, writer and former Wall Street trader. If you are still clueless about the term, following is the proper definition by Investopedia: "A black swan is an event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and is extremely difficult to … [Read more...]

New Way To Look At Money (TED Video)


As the saying goes, MONEY is the root of all evil, but there is also another Chinese version of saying to counter it : 钱不是万能,没钱万万不能 (loosely translated into : Money isn't everything, but everything need money)! So, let's talk about MONEY today. Recently, I watched an interesting TED Talk pertaining to the future of money (i.e. the programmable money or the cryptocurrency aka those Bitcoins … [Read more...]

3 Non-Wealth Things That I Treasured Dearly!


I AM BACK! Yes, I am back to Singapore after a short getaway with family at Southern Thailand (Dannok and Hatyai). As this is the first time that I went Thailand by car, it's quite an experience which I will trasure. Some highlights of the trip: First hand experience of the laxness of Thailand custom, it is truly eye-opening. We literally drove through the border (and stop our car … [Read more...]

Best Quotes On Wealth


  For the next few days, I will be away from Singapore and spend some time with my families back at my home town and road trip to Southern Thailand. It also means that I will be away from this blog for a few days ;-P   In any case, thought of sharing one of the best quotes on WEALTH that I've read a couple of days ago. the reason why I like this quotes is because it is on WEALTH … [Read more...]

Summer Is Over And Global Market Are Heading North! What’s Next?


Today (5th Sep 2016), STI "chiong" (rise) 47.82 points (or 1.71%) to close at 2,851.74. Effectively, all the regional market are in the green green land today. What is the cause(s)? Is it because summer is just over?  Is it because of the weak US jabs data? (I know, this is kind of contradicting) Is it because summer blockbuster movies are over? (just joking...) I guess no one can say … [Read more...]

What Is Your Inclination In Making This Investment Decision?


As retail investors, we are making decision all the time, decision slike : What stock(s) to pick for review/analysis? What stock(s) to buy? What stock(s) to sell? How much cash to hold as war chest? How to diversify your portfolio to minimize the risks? When to do NOTHING? (yes, doing nothing is also a decision) etc.. Today, just like to throw out an hypothetical question … [Read more...]

When Breath Becomes Air – A Memoir And Also A Beautiful Gift From The Author


I first chanced upon the book, When Breath Becomes Air (by Paul Kalanithi) was a couple of months ago at the Kinokuniya Orchard. After browsing through a couple of pages, I've made up my mind that I will get hold of this book (or memoir) one day. Recently, I've gotten hold the book and finished reading it within 1.5 weeks. I must give myself a round of applause for this "mini achievement", you … [Read more...]

Wongamania Banana Economy – Financial Board Game Reloaded


Courtesy of the private invitation by the owner of Wongamania Board Game, managed to play the revamped Wongamania - Banana Economy game with a bunch of financial bloggers (you know who you are) 2 days ago at the Big Fat Purse office. This is not the first time I have played the Wongamania game but this "evolved" version (if you are a Pokémon Go players, you will know what I meant when I said … [Read more...]

Top Of The Singaporean’s Major Concerns Is NOT About Money!


Yes! This is true! At least according to the recent survey by HSBC Bank (Singapore), as published in today's The Sunday Times. If not money, what else? I believed some of you might have guess it right, it is about our HEALTH! As the saying goes, Health is Wealth, without good health, you can't really do much with the money. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying money is not important, like the … [Read more...]

Weekend Sharing – Anything But Investing!


This week alone, there are a couple of major events that has happened and will (or has) affect me directly or indirectly. No, none of them are related to investing, so, let me list them down below.... First and foremost, it is the recent announcement by CPF Board in introducing more option to their already quite complicated product, CPF Life, it's called CPF Lifetime Retirement Investment … [Read more...]

What NEL (North-East-Line) Breakdown This Morning Taught Me About Investing And Life?


This morning, during the peak hours of the train service, the jinx event happens again! Yes, NEL (North-East-Line) breakdowns once again, from around 7.30 am, for about 30 minutes. After alighting from the LRT and witnessing the packed station with multiple snake line queues, I need to make a decision and make it fast! So, what options do I have now....? Proceed to join in the already … [Read more...]

Pokemon Go – What Investors Can Learn From This Phenomenal Game


Are you a Pokemon fan? It doesn't really matter, but I am sure you've seen or heard about the latest mobile game craze, Pokemon Go! Currently available only in US, Australia and New Zealand. Fans from Asia got to wait a bit as the game was delayed its launch in the Asia. Pokemon Go has broken all sort of records in the US game app markets. It is free to download in iOS and Android phones and … [Read more...]

My Missing Week – In Memento Style


Sorry folks, I have been missing in action (blogging) for exactly one whole week. I am back now and hope that I don't need to wait for another 7 days for the next post ;-) I like to treat this as a recap on what I have intended to blog for the past one week but didn't got the time to until now. To make it slightly more interesting and different from my usual style, I am writing this post in … [Read more...]

Advancer Global – Trying my luck on the second IPO


For the past few weeks/days, one of the hottest topic in the local market I believed is about the upcoming IPO - Advancer Global Ltd. Offering at SGD0.22 a piece and tt will start trading on 11th Jul 2016, Monday (9 AM). After successfully gotten my minion maiden IPO shares of Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust (FLT) a couple of weeks ago and further inspired by the blog posts by my … [Read more...]

What Are The Correct Habits Of Retail Investors?


Recently, I am reading a book called "The Coaching Habit - Say Less, Ask More & Change The Way You Lead Forever", by Michael Bungay Stanier. It's quite a good read and giving me a different angle of coaching. I am almost done with the book and learnt a couple of critical questions to ask when we are performing the role of coaching (whether in work or personal life). This also set me … [Read more...]

BREXIT – The Aftermath AND Potential Regrets By The Britons


The historical outcome of BREXIT referendum yesterday (24th June 2016) shocked the world and created bloodbath across the global stock market as well as political unrest (start with the resignation of the UK PM, David Cameron, to be effected in Oct 2016). Personally, I am not that into politic and trying to refrain myself from writing post with political theme, but this historical event just … [Read more...]