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Focus on the right Personal Finance areas

There are certain personal finance areas that is extremely popular among Singaporeans. This can be seen from the popularity and prevalence of websites dedicated to finding and shilling the best ‘insert financial product here’. We Singaporeans lap all these information up as we love a bargain. 5% off my credit card spend? Awesome! Sign me up! 2% interest if I jump through a whole bunch of hoops? Sweet! While these websites provide good information about products that is of interest to everyone, I feel that it causes us to fixate on these things. It also distracts us from what...

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Start building your own Dividend Machines in 2020

Just a quick update – Dividend Machines by The Fifth Person is open for registration once again. Dividend Machines is an investment course that focuses on dividend and income investing. It is the course that I’ve personally attended to kick start my journey in understanding dividend stocks and REITs. Here’s a quick overview. Course Details If you sign up here for a low low price of SGD488 (after SGD100 discount), you get lifetime access to the following: Online platform for the Dividend Machines training – review the method on your own timeMembers-only Q&A forum – clarify your doubts with...

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CapitaLand Retail China Trust (CRCT) FY2019 Results Highlights

CapitaLand Retail China Trust (CRCT), another position of mine, reported their latest FY2019 financial results this week. Given that this REIT is operating in the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak, there was an added push for me to dive into the results announcement and analyst briefing recording. As usual, here are some highlights. Q4 DPU flat y-o-y, FY2019 DPU grew 2.1% While DPU was flat in Q4 and only up 2.1% year on year (excluding capital distribution), if study the financials closely, you can see that the REIT has opted to retain $5.25m or about 5% of income available...

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Manulife US REIT FY2019 Results Highlights

One of my core positions in my portfolio – Manulife US REIT (MUST) – reported its latest FY2019 results yesterday morning. Having gone through the announcement materials and attended a media briefing for the REIT, I thought I’ll share a TLDR summary on its latest quarter and management commentary on certain aspects of the REIT. Adjusted DPU fell 1.3% y-o-ySource: MUST Q4 Results Announcement While the headline DPU states that increased by 7% YoY, the adjusted DPU tells a different story. Adjusted DPU fell 4.6% in 4Q 2019 and 1.3% YoY. Net Property Income up 22.2% y-o-ySource: MUST Q4...

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Portfolio @ Jan 2020

Cash / SRS PortfolioPerformance Indicators / DividendsYTD Time weighted return: 0%XIRR since portfolio inception in 2013: 15.52%Dividends collected: SGD 255.53Cum-Dividend:Ascendas REIT – SGD 59.62Ascendas India Trust – SGD 19.20Hang Lung Properties – HKD 1,180 Commentary My portfolio performance in January surprised me. Overall portfolio value increased 2.8% to $194,360 mainly due to $4.7k of capital injections. Capital losses amounted to only $100+, which was surprising considering all the negativity surrounding the Wuhan Coronavirus. This once again brings my portfolio value to a new all-time high, putting me in sight of $200,000. This positive news may be short-lived as the...

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Stock Analysis: Zoetis

The ‘Humanisation of Pets’ is a macro trend that I’ve been observing that I’ve not put any of funds towards in the past. Early this year, I decided to do a deep dive into the largest cap proxy for this trend – Zoetis. Today, I’ll share my stock analysis and why I invested in the company early this month. The Humanisation of Pets The Humanisation of Pets refers to the trend where pet lovers want more human-like products and services for their pets. It is the trend that drives the “premiumisation” of various traditional pet products and the emergence...

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Endowus CNY Referral Special

Happy Year of the Rat! As we start a new year, I thought I’ll share what my Feng Shui master says how your zodiac sign will affect your 2020 investing performance. So good right. If you’re fired up by your investment predictions, Endowus is currently running a referral promotion for CNY to help you huat gao gao for the Year of the Rat. CNY Referral Promotion As you may know, I recently reviewed Endowus, a digital financial advisory firm that provides access to unit trusts at some of the lowest cost in the market. Here’s a quick recap: Endowus...

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Earn interest on crypto with BlockFi

Cryptocurrencies burst into our collective consciousness with its meteoric rise in value in 2017, as well as its subsequent catastrophic collapse. As a millennial, I’m always interested in new technology and unbeknownst to readers, I do check in on the crypto-sphere from time to time to understand any new major developments in the space. While I’ve always had a slight interest in investing in crypto, my main objection was similar to that of Warren Buffett’s. [embedded content] Cryptocurrencies simply do not produce anything to allow me to value it objectively. Investing in crypto was essentially believing in the Greater...

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Portfolio @ November 2018

Performance Indicators / Dividends YTD Time weighted return: -0.16% Dividends collected: $3,145.21 Ex-Dividend: AIMSAMP Capital Industrial REIT: SGD 150 Capitaland Mall Trust: SGD 165.30 Frasers L&I Trust: SGD 503.72 Starhill Global REIT: SGD 172.50 Visa Inc: USD 14 Cum-Dividend: SingTel: SGD 489.60 Frasers Property: SGD...

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