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Personal tax planning 1: Tax reliefs

Welcome to my basic personal income tax planning series! In this series of posts I hope to cover the following topics: Tax reliefs CPF Cash Top Up considerations Supplementary Retirement Scheme considerations Bringing it all together – How to best utilise these reliefs to your advantage This series of posts assumes that you understand the basic concepts of income tax and personal reliefs as well as the filing requirements. If you are new to income tax, I recommend that you go through the information on the IRAS website which provides a basic overview of things. Know your personal reliefs...

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It’s tax season!

Not rabbit or duck season It’s March, so it’s that time of the year again to file your taxes. If you are currently employed, your income tax information is likely to have already been filed for you by your employer. All you need to do is check through the form B1 on IRAS myTax Portal and make any adjustments necessary (personal tax reliefs, non-employee income, etc). If you are in a tax paying position, thank you for your contribution to nation building! This year is my first time paying a nominal amount of taxes as I didn’t actively perform tax...

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Lessons from Berkshire’s Annual Letter 2017

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, released his annual letter to shareholders yesterday evening. People in the investment world know that this annual letter summarises Berkshire’s financial performance for 2017 and seeks to educate investors on investing. The letter was so influential that before the advent of the Internet, professional investors owned 1 share of Berkshire just to receive a copy of the annual letter. Now, we have the benefit of reading about Buffett’s thoughts without having to own a single share. The annual letter is highly readable for amateur investors and I would strongly encourage you...

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Budget 2018 – 10 Key Points

The much anticipated annual Budget speech was delivered yesterday by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat (HSK) in parliament. It was titled “Together, a Better Future” reflecting a need for a united stand to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. The full speech and associated annexes can be found here. I’ve looked forward to annual Budget speech every year since taking the Income tax module in business school as I loved tearing apart all the schemes, incentives and changes… Yes, I’m a nerd, thank...

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So proud of Singapore

I thought I’ll have a change of pace today and do a post on life instead of my usual post on investing. WHUUUUT?? KK ISN’T TALKING ABOUT INVESTING? UNFOLLOW KTHXBYE Come on guys, not everything is about money. And stocks. And work. Damn what am I doing with my life. Host for a day Anyway, a Spanish colleague from my department in the UK flew down to Singapore over the CNY weekend for a quick stopover in Singapore during her vacation. I played host to her and her 2 friends on Sunday and brought her for a mini-tour of Singapore....

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Peace of mind matters

Last week’s bloodbath in the markets brought back a familiar sense of fear and panic in the market. It is because of times like this that it is paramount that you are comfortable with your holdings. You don’t want to be forced to sell at bad prices due to short term price movements. So here are some small things I do to maintain my sanity during times of volatility. 1) Invest with money that you know you will not need in the near future Any potential pressure to sell only makes you more trigger happy. Investing for the long...

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