Three important traits that most retail stock investors need to have for good success

1st trait  I remember in the last few years when I was really fervent into investment. No matter how busy I was with my family or work, I almost always will spend equal or more time and effort into learning to perfect my investment skills, even at expense of my sleep hours. This trait I call it "PERSEVERANCE" which is defined as "keep doing something steadfastly and does not give … [Read more...]

How Real is the Trump-driven Stock Market Bull’s Run lately?

I had been away from the stock market for several months now and then I realized that there had been a bull run lately. Dow crossing 20k and STI crossing 3k. Wow... Great according to what Trump tweeted and many reckon he is going to transform the US economy for the better. You really think so? I remember in several months ago when Trump was the candidate, he mentioned we are in a day … [Read more...]

My Rewards from Learning Investment

Last June, I wrote about “my greatest reward of learning investment” in one of my article titled “The Fallacy of "How to be Rich" from Investing in Shares (Part 2)”. I mentioned back then, that my stock investment did not increase my material wealth significantly since I started in 2010. Even if it did, it was a humble one, unlike the extravagant rewards you often hear on the advertised … [Read more...]

Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017!

This is the first week of 2017. Happy New Year everyone! 2016 ended remarkably well for me and my family as far as intangible non-material aspects of life is concern. My family is healthier both physically and spiritually. Relationships in my house improved tremendously too. Above all, we were blessed with a godsend baby boy due in few months time. Financially, while income and investment … [Read more...]

Differences between Happiness and Joy – Do you know?

Consider below statement: “As long as I am happy, I do no evil or nothing against law, I am clear conscience to my soul, I will live without regrets each day!” In contemporary society, many will think that the above statement is so true. Is it really true? Happiness Everyone wants to be happy. We make chasing this elusive ideal of happiness a lifelong pursuit. We work hard to earn, … [Read more...]

Latest Updates – Portfolio, Market and Life (The Good and Bad News)

It's been more than three weeks since my last post. This is probably one of the longest breaks between posts for me since I started blogging in Mar 2014. Perhaps, it will be the case going forward at least for a while. To start, let us recapitulate the last update on my portfolio, market and life, here. Portfolio Brief  Very similar to last update except I further disposed more stocks to … [Read more...]

Good Fruits in Life – The Righteous Way (Part 2)

Earlier in Part 1, I talk about embracing the truth as one aspect of Good Fruits in Life. In this article, I will mention briefly on the path we should take to enjoy the true good fruits. Desire, discipline and hardwork just a pre-requisite Very often we hear many successful people saying that we ought to have desire and the discipline to achieve the desired positive result. Yes indeed that … [Read more...]

Good Fruits in Life – Embracing the Truth (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why you are that someone who never seems to achieve the results you desired in life? You are not a bad person, abide by the law, hardworking and quite intelligent but why is it so, that you are not as successful or even happy in life? Blinded from the TRUTH! Over-reliance on self First and foremost, ask yourself if you are someone who TRULY loves to embrace the … [Read more...]

Latest Updates – Portfolio, Market & Life

Portfolio Brief    Cash - 45% Precious metals - 35% Bonds - 10% Stocks - 10% (current value) Excl. Cpf, Insurance and Property I had been very nonchalant on the stock market lately. In fact, since last year, I had been cashing out gradually. Recently, I am placing more emphasis in the understanding, learning and living the correct WAY OF LIFE rather than just focusing on … [Read more...]

The root cause of today’s world problems! How to be saved?

Is the world a becoming a much better place to live? Errr…..maybe: Yes, if you are more concern about material success where personal pleasure pride and ego matters a lot to you. No, if you prefer righteousness, compassion for others, peacefulness and joy. If you belong to the “No” camp, then this article will be relatively easier to comprehend. If you are the “Yes” camp, hopefully … [Read more...]

Shipping, Oil and Gas industries – Where is the light?

The shipping and oil and gas industry are in dire straits. Hanjin Shipping – No longer too big to fail! The biggest news lately is the collapse of Hanjin Shipping leaving so many ships, cargo and crew stranded globally. Even the state-owned company is clearly “not too big to fail”. Korean government decided not to inject anymore capital in the mismanaged company burdened with >$5 billion … [Read more...]

Are you in a stressful “Dog eat Dog” work environment? How to deal with it?

I received a comment in my earlier blog post Happiness Vs True Happiness, from a reader. Below is the comment, which inspired me for writing this post. Hi Rolf, always enjoyed your enlightening posts. This post is something I have been struggling with as well. I work in the banking industry and it is a very dog eat dog* world.  I have been backstabbed many times until I have learnt to guard … [Read more...]

The outcome, journey and mind!

This post is inspired by fellow blogger, LP’s latest post where he used mathematical examples to exemplify why the journey is more important than the outcome and that our mind is the determinant of that. Refer to here. Excerpts: “I have 3 million dollars, but I lost 1 million dollars, so I still have 2 million dollars. I might go jump down. If I have 1 million dollar and I made another … [Read more...]

Happiness Vs True Happiness!

Despite the many problems I have in work mainly due to the O&G sector woes, I have never feel so good before in my personal life. So much so that I start to realize what is the difference between Happiness and True Happiness. My philosophy is…. Happiness means having strong relationships with your family members and only people extremely close to you. True Happiness on the other … [Read more...]

Rolf’s View of the World and Singapore’s Economy – Is Singapore over-leveraged? (Part 4)


This post is one of the series of posts I written earlier relating to my view on the global economy. In Part 1 & Part 2, I discussed about the artificial harvest of the past and shared my views. Part 3 describes how the entire world has been leveraging up in recent times. This article is an extension of Part 3 which we turn our attention back home to see if Singapore is over-leveraged? Debt … [Read more...]

Crisis – Is it really useless to know it earlier?

I remember about a year ago in a dinner conversation with my family and siblings. It was the first time I was sounding alarms of the imminent crisis ahead.Yeah yeah yeah… not just my siblings, friends, relatives, colleagues, my blog... Throwing stones at me and thinking “Not another Ho-Hum script” from me. You just have to search the word “crisis” in my blog here, and you can read them all. … [Read more...]

Revisit the past – Should we buy into Banks and Oil and Gas stocks?

I wrote the below posts several months to more than half year ago warning about the banks’ NPL and O&G stocks “not yet bottoming out” during a time when both sectors saw temporarily rebound or in a time when many think that the O&G had floored finally since the “Oil” pain started in late 2014. Read : Is this a right time to buy: DBS, OCBC, UOB or Keppel and Sembcorp? Is now the … [Read more...]

Happy National Day – My 5 wishes for Singapore!

Safe No natural disasters. No pollution. No external and internal conflicts. No terrorism and low crimes. Everyone can walk alone on the streets safe and sound even at the wee hours of the day. Harmony Singaporeans stay united and live in harmony forever, regardless of race, religion, language and countries of birth. Singaporeans, PR and all people working in this country respect each … [Read more...]

Rolf’s View of the World and Singapore’s Economy – The whole world has been leveraging up! (Part 3)

This post continues from the previous post - Part 1 & Part 2. In my earlier posts, I wrote about the artificial harvest of the past because of the loose monetary policies. In other words, increased borrowings.  In this article, let us take a look at the global financial system of today, where the advanced economies of the world are leveraging up at a rapid rate. Monetary system of the … [Read more...]

Oil and Gas Companies’ Credit Woes – Who’s Next?


ASL, Ausgroup, Dyna-Mac, Ezion Ezra, Falcon, Keppel Corp, Kris Energy Mencast, Marco Polo Nam Cheong, Otto Marine, Pacific Radiance  Perisai Petroleum, SembMarine (Jurong shipyard), Swissco, Swiber Vallianz Source: UOB Oil and Gas sector Update. Disclaimer from UOB The information herein is given on a general basis without obligation and is strictly for information purposes … [Read more...]