US Market- On a Roll?

With the US indices (Dow and S&P) scaling all time highs, the Trump presidency has led to a surprisingly positive outcome for the equity markets. In a recent seminar, I was going through the US market outlook and i summed it up through the following points: 1) Valuation 2) Quantitative Easing Ended 3) Trumpnomics 4) Debt Levels 5) Monetary Policies 6) Global Economic … [Read more...]

Sabana Reit (On A Skyfall)


Looking at the price action of Sabana Reit, I was quite astonished by the steep fall whereby their peak was around $1.20 in 2013 and is currently trading at $0.35. It have been on a steady decline since 2013. Part of the recent fall is due to a rights issue of 42 for 100 at $0.258 which will be used to finance the purchase of 3 new industrial properties. Background: Sabana Reit was listed … [Read more...]

Is Deutsche Bank Heading towards the Footsteps of Lehman?


With the recent Deutsche Bank upheaval which could be a reminiscent of the Lehman crisis. Have decided to read up more and here are some of my findings. Let’s look at some statistics first. Price- 13.5 USD DB market Cap- 18.5 billion USD Potential Fine from DOJ- 14 billion (Fine for their part in selling toxic mortgage backed securities during Lehman’s time) Derivatives Exposure: 42 … [Read more...]

Dollar and Cents of Buying a Piano

Just a couple of months back, we got an upright piano for my daughter who is enjoying her piano lessons. Therefore, we would like to share our experience in shopping around for the best value that we could find in the Singapore Piano Market.For a start, there are many brands available such as Yamaha, Kawai, Hailun, Steinberg & Song and etc. Our main criteria are that it must have good resale … [Read more...]

Langkawi Trip (June School Holidays)

It was the school holidays (A dated post as the trip was a year back) and we decided to bring our whole family for a trip to Langkawi. We have been to Bali, Phuket and Bintan frequently and have also been to Krabi and Hua Hin once. So we decided to give Langkawi a shot this time round. It is a regional beach destination that is not on our conquered list yet. We hope it will be a perfect … [Read more...]

Dollar and Cents of Renovating a House (Choosing of House Furnishing and Accessories)

It had been a hectic time as I have just moved to my new residence. I have moved four times so far in my life and moving is really tiring and stressful while managing all the logistics. Hopefully this will be my final home where I can retire in, provided it does not get en-bloc.As promised in my previous blog post, I will be sharing my experience of the renovation process and the purchasing … [Read more...]

Dollar and Cents of Renovating a House (Choosing Interior Designers and Contractors)

It has been a long while since my last post as I was away to France for a free and easy tour with my family which I will try to do a posting on it. Also, I am currently doing my renovation for my new apartment.I hope to share my experience for the renovation process so others could perhaps benefit from it and be able do a better budgeting with cost savings in mind.Before the renovation and … [Read more...]

Parenthood Rebate for Self Employed

This has been a scheme that have been around for a few years but I did not really knew about it till I was browsing through the CPF website a few years back.This basically allows you to claim up to 3 days of parenthood child care leave from the government. We are granted 6 parenthood child care leave per annum but the government is only going to pay for 3 days. The awareness of this scheme is … [Read more...]

Beware of Leveraged and Representative Exchange Traded Funds

With the evolution of the ETFs  market, they now covered numerous products and varieties. You are able to go long or short and you are able to take a leverage position of up to 3X. There is even a Bitcoin ETF in the making. Most of the interesting ETFs are listed in the US markets whereby some are seriously just not suitable for the normal retail investors due to their structure. … [Read more...]

Van Gogh The Life

Being one of the most famous impressionist artists of the 19th century, this book provide insights and depict in great details on the life of Van Gogh. He lived from 1853 to 1890 and die at a young age of 37. He is more of a loner from young and was never well liked.This biography touches on the special relationship between his younger brother and himself which indirectly led to his mental … [Read more...]

Trader Notes 13th August 2013

The markets are seeing some sell off from the US side and generally we are still struck in a range bound market. This week there will be release of the retail sales and Producer Purchase Index data from the US .Indexes:STI likely to stay within the range of 3100-3280. For Dow Jones, we are looking at 15250-15500 levels for the moment.Currencies:Aud/Usd have surged above the 91 levels but it is … [Read more...]

National Day Staycation

 My family have just recently came back from a staycation at Ritz Carlton. We have booked the room hoping to get a room with a view of the National Day Celebrations.However, it does comes with a premium and so we have to settled for the "Highway View".  It can get pretty annoying in the night when u can hear the screeching sounds of the super cars on the road. I am one who seldom soak in … [Read more...]

Trader Notes 6 August 2013

The overall market seems to be stagnating and my view is that it is still on a range bound mode. Moreover, there are not much critical economical announcement coming out from the US markets this week.IndexesFor the STI, it should be range bound between 3100- 3280 region.Dow Jones seems to be still on an uptrend after breaching the 15500 levels but the climb up had been very muted and don't seem … [Read more...]

Dollars and Cents of Repairing a Car

My current ride is coming to the 6 years mark and is starting to show problems due to wear and tear. I will just like to share my experience of repairing and replacing the different parts due to wear and tear through these past two months. For a start, I am driving a Toyota Altis 07 model. I have re-sprayed the car earlier this year and have changed the colour. Due to the sky high COE … [Read more...]

Sinopipe AGM and Experience with S Chips

I have recently went to the AGM of Sinopipe at Lion Industrial Building which is around Paya Lebar area. This counter is one of my "tuition fees" in the equity markets as like many other S-Chips, it is still suspended but at least they do come up with an AGM which I hope it would be a positive signal that it would not be a total write off. The other heavy "tuition fees" in my investment journey is … [Read more...]

Art of the Trade

 This is a reprint of "Dancing with Lions" where the author was using an anonymous identity then in 1999. Basically, this book is more on the storytelling rather than teaching you how to trade. I believe the author is coming out of his anonymous identity because he is currently giving seminars to teach people how to trade :).This is an interesting read if you do not have much expectation as … [Read more...]


This is an update of the primary one registration status which I have written earlier here. We are so glad that we have managed to get in through Phase 2B without any ballot.Based on historical records, this was a "given" situation especially if you are staying within 1 km. However, this year the competition is intense and we almost have to go into ballot till someone finally withdraw at the last … [Read more...]

Lords Of Finance

I picked up this book from a bookstore in mid valley, Kuala Lumpur during one of our short getaways. Being an avid follower of financial history, I hope this book will be give me a better understanding of the causes for the Great Depression. The Lords that the book are referring to are mainly the central bankers of that era and they are Montagu Norman … [Read more...]