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Hanwell AGM Takeaways

Hanwell AGM Takeaways I have recently gone to the AGM for Hanwell as a shareholder which is in the business of consumable products (Royal Umbrella Rice, Beautex Tissue and etc) and they also have a 64% stake in Tat Seng Packaging that is listed in SGX. Here are my key takeaways from the AGM: 1) There was an expenditure of around 40 million dollars last year for the reconstruction of their warehouse to make it more modern and cost-efficient. A check with their Chief Operating Officer, it seems like there won’t be any further capital expenditure for this project...

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Market Trends (Trade War Texas Hold’Em)

MARKET TRENDS (16th April 18) Important Economic Announcements for the week: Mon: US Retail Sales 8.30 pm Tues: RBA Meeting Minutes 0930 am CNY GDP 10 am GBP Average Earnings 4.30 pm Wed: GBP CPI 4.30 pm Eur CPI 5 pm BOC Interest Rate Decision 10 pm Thurs: Aud Unemployment Rate 9.30 am Fri: CAD Retail Sales 8.30 pm Short Thoughts With the to and fro from US and China negotiations and threats on their trade tariffs, it certainly seems like a high stakes poker game. Any chances of an increase or decrease of the stakes would lead to...

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Market Trends (Trade War Looming?)

MARKET TRENDS (5th March 18) Important Economic Announcements for the week: Tues: RBA Interest Rate Decision 1130 am Wed: Eur GDP 6 pm BOC Interest Rate Decision 11 pm Thurs: ECB Interest Rate Decision 8.45 pm Fri: BOJ Interest Rate Decision 12 pm US Non-farm Payroll 9.30 pm Short Thoughts This will be an event packed week ahead with 4 central banks announcing their interest rate movements. Here We Go Again! Trump has announced the US intends to put up tariffs on steel and aluminium with the “US National Security”  highlighted as a concern. It could spark a trade war...

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Market Trends (Evaluating Past Crisis)

MARKET TRENDS (13th Feb 18) Important Economic Announcements for the week: Tues: GBP CPI 5.30 pm Wed: Euro GDP 6 pm US Retail Sales and CPI 9.30 pm Thurs: Aud Unemployment Rate 9.30 am The markets have been more volatile than I have expected as Dow is going through trading days in 1000 points range. Algo Trading has been highlighted as one of the culprits. Nonetheless, the big picture seems to me to be still one of a well-deserved correction and the underlying trend is still up. However, we should expect the volatility to persist through this consolidation stage....

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Market Trends (Elliott Wave Analysis on Dow)

MARKET TRENDS (5th Feb 18) Important Economic Announcements for the week: Tues: RBA Interest Rate Decision 11.30 am Wed: ECB Non-Monetary Policy Meeting 4 pm Thurs: RBNX Interest Rate Decision 5 am BOE Interest Rate Decision 8 pm The Markets incredible run finally did a breather and what a break as it closes almost 800 points down for the Dow Jones Index on Friday. The non-farm and durable goods numbers beat expectations which reinforce the rate hikes from Federal Reserve should be on track which is expected to be 3 interest rate rises for the year. The first rate...

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Bank Accounts Restructuring (DBS Multiplier, CIMB StarSaver and UOB One)

I have recently done a restructuring of my bank accounts to fully maximise the interest that I could garner for my passive funds. In all, I have set up 3 accounts for my passive funds which is DBS Multiplier, CIMB StarSaver and UOB One Account. It prompts me to write this post as I hope it provides useful information to help your passive or emergency funds work harder in terms of returns. DBS Multiplier Account For normal folks whom giro your salary to your DBS/POSB account and either you have some spending on your DBS credit cards or have...

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IPO Talk (No Signboard Holdings)

Published on 25/11/2017: Hot on the heels after the recent 2 successful IPOs (RES&S and Mindchamps), we have the listing of No Signboard Holdings next up for the coming week where they are going to be listed on November 30th (Thursday). RES&S (IPO price- 0.22) have done very well (Opening at around 0.36) as they were trading closer to Jumbo Holdings valuation on opening as compared to our peer comparison of Japan Food. However, they ended the trading week at 0.295 which is closer to our fair valuation of 0.28. As for Mindchamps, we were cautious due to their...

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IPO Talk (RES&S and Mindchamps)

Published on 20/11/2017: IPO Talk (RES&S Holdings and Mindchamps) Hong Kong is buzzing with activities in the IPO scene whereby out of the 4 IPOs, all were sizzling hot which have garnered returns of as much as 100 percent (Chinese Literature) on opening day. 3 were spinoffs from Tencent and with the fourth (Razor) having some Singaporean flavor. Over here in Singapore, we will have 2 IPOs that are going to be launched. So are we going to have the same fantastic returns reflected in Hong Kong? Let’s take a deeper look. The 2 IPOs that are coming to...

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Inflated Medical and Car Repair Claims for Insurance

There should be a relook into how claims should be handled to prevent inflated claims that are really mind-blowing. Here is an example of one of those incidents whereby it fit into the scenario of an inflated claim. Recently, we got into an accident and it was around the Newton Circus roundabout. It was during the peak hour of around 5 pm. Basically, the car just cut into our lane and thou we stopped, the car still drives on and thus causing scratches on his side door. Speed was maxed at 10-20km/hour given that we are in a roundabout...

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Chart for the Week (USD/SGD)

Published on 9/11/2017 by Source: IT-Finance as of 9/11/2017 The USD/SGD Pair could be testing their downtrend line established since the start of 2017. A breakout point will be around 1.365 and we will need a close from the daily chart to affirm a breakout. A potential target after the breakout will be the 1.376 level. At the moment it is consolidating between 1.36 to 1.365 region. A daily close below 1.358 level would derail this potential bullish setup. From the fundamental angle, US is likely to carry on their rate hike policy thou in a measured manner. Dec...

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Best CashBack Credit Cards (Bye Bye ANZ, Hello BOC and SMRT Citi)

With the recent take over of ANZ Singapore by DBS Bank, it means I have to restructure my credit cards portfolio. After thorough research and comparison, I decided to go with Bank of China Family Card and SMRT Citi Card for their cashback feature. Having cashback is always better than having to go through the process of redeeming for rewards and nothing beats cash on hand. I will use my BOC family card more for  entertainment expenses (You could use this for groceries too) and SMRT Citi Card for grocery shopping (Redmart, NTUC Online and etc). On a side...

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Rowsley (Remisier King Midas Touch)

The Remisier King is waving his Midas touch yet again. His earlier moves have so far been disappointing. The solar story was full of promise with supposedly guaranteed profits seems to be now just a castle in the sky situation. Next was the Iskander grand plan which seems to have wind down given the huge oversupply situation. Currently, Rowsley operations are mainly in the hospitality business in UK, their architect business through RSP and their real estate development in Vantage Bay Healthcare City. With the recent deal of injecting Thomson Medical and TMC Life Sciences, could it be the...

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US Market- On a Roll?

With the US indices (Dow and S&P) scaling all time highs, the Trump presidency has led to a surprisingly positive outcome for the equity markets. In a recent seminar, I was going through the US market outlook and i summed it up through the following points: 1) Valuation 2) Quantitative Easing Ended 3) Trumpnomics 4) Debt Levels 5) Monetary Policies 6) Global Economic Conditions 7) Technical Charts  Valuation Firstly, valuation of the S&P index is at the higher end of their recent range (2006 to 2016) and their PE is around 22 at the moment. We are actually not far off...

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Sabana Reit (On A Skyfall)

Looking at the price action of Sabana Reit, I was quite astonished by the steep fall whereby their peak was around $1.20 in 2013 and is currently trading at $0.35. It have been on a steady decline since 2013. Part of the recent fall is due to a rights issue of 42 for 100 at $0.258 which will be used to finance the purchase of 3 new industrial properties. Background: Sabana Reit was listed in 2010 at an IPO price of 1.05. It plunged on opening and was trading as low as $0.75 before recovering where income generation assets...

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Is Deutsche Bank Heading towards the Footsteps of Lehman?

With the recent Deutsche Bank upheaval which could be a reminiscent of the Lehman crisis. Have decided to read up more and here are some of my findings. Let’s look at some statistics first. Price- 13.5 USD DB market Cap- 18.5 billion USD Potential Fine from DOJ- 14 billion (Fine for their part in selling toxic mortgage backed securities during Lehman’s time) Derivatives Exposure: 42 trillion Price to Book: 0.25 Latest Year End Loss: 6.8 billion Euros Debt to Equity: 2.8 The current worries of the market are mainly due to the fine and also huge derivatives exposure as it...

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