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How to Invest After US-China Trade War Truce

2018 was a tough year for investors. Almost all the investments markets (stocks, bonds and commodities) are in a bearish mode. US-China Trade War is not only a war between US and China, it affects all of us. We haven’t seen this for a long time, not since the 2015 China Stockmarket crash, which triggered global stock sell-off. That is why the topics of the debt bubble, recession are repeatedly reported in the news. On 8 December, 2018, A truce was announced by US and China, the global market rallied, but it was immediately halted after the news of Hua...

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How to Invest in Japan Real Estate as a Foreigner

Japan’s real-estate property investment market, as you may or may not know, is Asia-Pacific’s biggest market, and the second biggest global market in the world. But it is difficult for foreigners to invest in Japan’s real estate. Properties in Japan are among the cheapest in the developed world, particularly in the lower end of the market, the property transactions are extremely well documented, with an official paper trail that stretches out to the moon and back – and the purchase and management is always legal, extremely well regulated, and with full recourse for both buyers and sellers. Japan’s Real Estate...

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How to Invest Amid Us-China Trade War as an Asian Investor

What investment decisions would you make, if you have Doraemon’s time machine and you can fly back to the beginning of 2009? As an Asian, you probably wanted to buy a private property in Singapore or Hong Kong because you “missed the boat”. Indeed, many new rich were created through property investment in Asia. But do you know at the same time, the US stock markets have run up nearly 300%? Now, what would be your choice? There are many ways of investing, but most retail investors are misguided. They often derive the wrong conclusion due to the wrong...

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Endowment Plan: China Life Special SaveGrowth Offers 2.6% Guaranteed Yield

If you have extra cash in the bank, you want your money to work harder for your retirement. But if you are not comfortable with investing and yet not satisfied with the low interest of the bank deposit, you may want to put it in a short-term endowment plan. Single premium endowment plan becomes so popular that NTUC’s Capital Plus was sold out within a day last week.  Now you have an alternative. China Life is launching a new plan called “Special SaveGrowth”.  The plan is simple: you pay a single premium and the plan matures in 5 years....

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Endowment Plan: NTUC New Tranche of Capital Plus Offers 2.15% Guaranteed Return (CPN36)

NTUC Capital Plus is a very popular short-term savings plan in Singapore with Guaranteed interest. The insurer NTUC INCOME has just launched a new tranche CPN36. This tranche is a 3-year non-participating, single premium endowment plan Guaranteed returns of 2.15% p.a This plan also provides protection against death, and total and permanent disability (TPD) during the policy term (if TPD occurs before the age of 70). Who is suitable for this endowment plan This product is suitable for those who have disposable lump sum cash for saving over a 3-year tenure and looking for: Guaranteed returns Capital Guaranteed upon...

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How to Invest Your SRS Account: The Complete Guide

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (a.k.a. SRS) is not strange to most Singaporeans. It is a deferred tax scheme which helps you save for the future while reducing your tax expenses now. If you are mid to high-income earners, SRS is a great way to save tax in addition to CPF top-up tax relief. For example, if your tax bracket is 15% and you contribute $10,000 to SRS, your personal tax is reduced by $1,500. The problem is that many people are overjoyed with the tax savings and they stop there. Do you know funds idling in SRS account earns only...

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All About Medisave-Approved Integrated Shield Plans

In Singapore, basic health insurance needs are covered under the CPF Medishield scheme, you can upgrade your basic Medishield Life to private insurers for better coverage. These plans called private Integrated Shield Plans (IPs). In this article, I will explain what Medishield Life is and how the integrated shield plans work. What is Medishield Life It was called MediShield, which was a basic medical insurance scheme designed to help with large hospitalisation bills as well as certain outpatient treatments at approved medical institutions. It targets Class B2 and C wards and subsidised treatment in public hospitals. In 2013, Medishield was revamped and renamed...

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3 Fundamental Indicators That Every Stock Investor Should Know

There is a myriad of ways that an investor can approach stock picking. Some people prefer to find hidden gems by going through a company’s balance sheets, others prefer to rely on price chart analysis. Yet another class of traders may be value-based investors. In this article, we will be focusing on a fundamental based stock selection methodology. Regardless of your personal preference, there are three important Fundamental Indicators which are essential to successful stock analysis and investing. They include Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) Price to Earnings to Growth Ratio (PEG) Price to Book Ratio (P/B ratio)....

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Viva Industrial Trust and ESR REIT Merger: Insight from the REIT Managers

Recently, Viva Industrial Trust (VIT) and ESR-Reit announced a proposed merger to create Singapore’s fourth largest industrial Reit with a combined S$3 billion in assets. If you are a VIT or ESR REIT shareholder, this article may help answer some of your burning questions. As a VIT shareholder myself, I attended the recent “VIT Dialogue Session” organized by SIAS. The dialogue is a very useful session and we got to speak with CEO and Executive director Wilson Ang (VIT) and Adrian Chui (ESR). I compiled some of the common questions in this post. Note I am speaking from a VIT shareholder’s point...

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Privatisation: A New Norm in Stock Market That Affects Your Retirement

How often do you hear people talk about “5 safest stocks for your retirement income” or “permanent stock portfolio”? What if the company wants to take back the chips and does not allow you to trade their stocks any more? I have repeatedly said in my blog that you have no control over long-term investment. Gone with the days where a good stock is there forever for your retirement. Because of the easy access to cash, many good companies may choose to privatise. What is Privatisation When a company lists on the stock exchange, it becomes a public company. Privatisation...

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3 Myths of Bond ETF Investing and Why I Give It a Miss

I always have my reservation of investing bonds using a Bond ETF. The bond market is a big boys game, it is dominated by large financial institutional players, which means retail investors like you and I have little edge when playing the same game. When Astrea IV bond was launched last month, I knew it would become popular. Not because how fantastic this product was, but the mere hunger of investors seeking for yield and ignorance of most retail investors when it comes to bond investing. Investors always forget that they are the counterparty of a financial product’s issuer....

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Stock Investments: How Are They Affected by the Latest Property Cooling Measures

Property investment and stock investment are often inter-linked. If you are a stock investor, you need to pay attention to the impact of the latest property cooling measures. Following the rebound in residential prices of some 9% from the bottom in 2Q2017, the Singapore government has decided to wade in to cool down the recent exuberance. The new Property cooling measures are in three areas: Higher ABSD Lower LTVs Taxing En-Bloc transactions How do these measures affect your stock portfolio? I will give you my analysis in this article. What are the past property cooling measures? Unlike what happened...

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PE Ratio: How it helps you make better investment decisions

If you are a stock investor, PE Ratio is an important indicator to help you make better investment decisions. Especially in a volatile stock market, when you are overwhelmed with market noises, PE Ratio gives you a good idea if the market is overpriced or undervalued. 2018 is surely a tough year for stock investors, especially Singaporeans. The local stock market, represented by the Straits Times Index, has slumped more than 10% in the past 2 months. You may have a lot of worries now. Is the trade tension between the US and China really bad for their stock...

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Financial Freedom: 3 Financial Lessons I Learned Unexpectedly

In nearly 20 years of my school life, I was never given a financial lesson on budgeting, investing or anything relevant to my personal finances. Somehow I feel the education system never want us to achieve financial freedom. How about you? Were you taught How was money generated in the first place? Why $1,000 is worth $1,000? Is it better to own cash or real estate? Even I am working in the financial industry, my relationship with money is still full of love and hatred. I have learned a great number of financial lessons through trials and errors. I would...

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Credit Card or Personal Loan: Which One to Choose When You Need the Money

Sometimes, I hear people saying that they want to cut their credit card and be debt free. I feel it hilarious because your credit card doesn’t trap you into debt, your spending patterns do. Credit is like a knife in the kitchen, it is essential to your daily living, though it may hurt you occasionally. Personally, I take my credit line very seriously. That is why when a bank refused to increase my credit limit, I want to know why. In fact, one of the biggest credit mistakes one can make is to cut all your credit cards, because...

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