Can’t Get BTO Flat? What Are The Other Options Available?

Applying for a BTO may not be as easy as it seems with many couples trying many times and still can't get the flat they want. BTO stands for Build To Order where the government will launch new flats every 3 months for couples to try their luck in getting one of the units. The November 2016 BTO was especially hot with good areas such as Bedok, Kallang and Bidadari (Toa Payoh). All these locations … [Read more...]

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017

I thought of just writing some thoughts down before the year 2016 comes to an end. This year has been a year of breakthrough with my new job starting on 3rd January next year. It will be a total change in industry and job scope which I'm both excited and worried about. For this year, I had 2 overseas trips, one to Taiwan with my girlfriend and her family and another one in Hong Kong with my … [Read more...]

Woods Square Offices – The first office development in Woodlands Regional Centre


New Launch!The first office development in Woodlands Regional CentreIntegrated office development with retail, F&B and childcare centreLocated in the center of Woodlands' transformation - a Singapore government-led initiativeConnected to two MRT lines - North-South Line and Thomson-East Coast LineOnly 1 MRT Station ride to upcoming Singapore-Johor Bahru Rapid Transit System (RTS)No ABSD. No … [Read more...]

5 Days Trip In Hong Kong and Macau – Day 2


Day 2 of Hong Kong was all about Disneyland. Disneyland is located in Lantau Island which is near to the airport. To get there, Simply take the MTR and transfer at sunny bay station to the Disney resort line. There is a special Disney themed train to take you straight to Disneyland. Before heading to Disneyland, we went for breakfast at the famous Australian Diary company. As Disneyland only … [Read more...]

5 Days Trip In Hong Kong and Macau – Day 1

I just came back from a trip in Hong Kong with my family and my girlfriend joined in too for the first time with my familt. This trip took quite awhile to plan as I've never been to Hong Kong before. I had to read other people's blog and study the map and their train system in order to understand how to get around. Hong Kong is not exactly a cheap place to travel. For this trip, it wasn't … [Read more...]

How Much Can You Make From Investment? – Sharing Of My Personal Journey


Investing is a favourite topic among those who wish to achieve financial freedom. It is also a favourite topic for those who want to have more money in their lives. We invest for a purpose don't we? Many people ask how to start investing? I even have readers as young as 14 or 15 who ask how they can start investing. It is encouraging to know that there are many young people who want to invest. … [Read more...]

Getting Insurance Advice Without An Insurance Agent with Selfcheck

Have you heard that technological advancement will disrupt the financial advisory industry? We can now buy property without a property agent through an app. How about getting a Selfcheck on your insurance needs online? Now it is possible with a new digital “adviser” on DIYInsurance. Insurance is a tricky maze where most people are confused on what they actually need. Who can we trust to give us … [Read more...]

A New Era With A New US President – How Will The Future Change?

As we all have heard, Donald Trump's winning the US presidential election was quite a shock to most people. It was a shock because people are afraid he will do drastic changes to policies affecting trade around the world which causes instability. Just last week, President Obama backs off Pacific trade deal vote effort, which is known to us as the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. This is an … [Read more...]

Comparing The Best Credit Cards In Singapore – Receive additional $30 worth of GV or NTUC Vouchers When You Apply For These Credit Cards

Credit cards seem to be very common now in Singapore where we can use this as a payment choice almost every where. Credit cards can also be destructive but it is advantageous to those who know how to use it wisely. As we all know, credit cards have many rewards system and it can be confusing which is a better choice. I personally love cash back options on credit cards which means every dollar I … [Read more...]

Tips For Refinancing Our Home Loans


Home loans... this is a major part for a property owner in Singapore. If you had bought a private property, you can only take a bank loan whereas for a HDB property, we can choose between a bank loan or a loan from HDB. Bank loans are structured in a way where if we do not refinance regularly, we will lose out on a lot of cost savings and end up paying more for our housing loan instalment. Many … [Read more...]

How you can save 24% of your tax, legally!


Source: CPF's website - Written By Byte Sized Investment Slightly more than half the year has gone and it is about time to review my annual financial plan. This is usually the time to consider budgets, cashflow and some tax planning for the remaining months of the year. So recently, I made a trip to CPF office to find out more details on how I could enjoy some tax relief, and at the same … [Read more...]

Is A Degree or Diploma Necessary?

There have been a lot of articles lately on the mainstream media which talks about private degrees and local degrees etc.  In the year 2000, only 26% of Singaporean residents between the ages of 25 and 34 are graduates. Now, more than 50% are graduates. However, the problem is not all 50% jobs in the market are for PMETs, which means many are doing a lower skillset job than what they possess. … [Read more...]

The New Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF


Word has spread around of a new REIT ETF which has been launched for IPO just last week and closed on 13th October 2016. The ETF will begin trading in the market this Thursday 20th October 2016. REIT has been an all time favourite for Singaporeans as it provides higher than average dividends which is quite a good dividend income for many people. With the new REIT ETF, it will be easier to … [Read more...]

POSB launches innovative "Bank and Earn" programme

Most of us would have a POSB or DBS account which we will be able to earn cash back from now onward. I just received this information from DBS which I found it quite useful for most of us. With “POSB Cashback Bonus”, we need only to fulfil three or more types of regular banking transactions to enjoy cashback rewards, without the need to make additional deposits. We can earn up to SGD 130 per … [Read more...]

MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance

Many of us would have seen the news on the new subsidised insurance which MINDEF is providing to all personnel including regulars, NSF and NSmen. This also extends to your spouse and children. You can read the news here. The purpose of this post is to uncover the protection provided and the premiums payable. From what I see so far, the coverage we get and the premiums payable is so much lesser … [Read more...]

Practical Ways To Increase Our Income

The road to financial independence is sometimes not an easy one. Many people in the past such as my parents' generation born in 1950s-1960s were savers. They work hard, they save money and never really had much luxuries. Life was simple back then. However, you would have realised that the baby boomers generation still did not have much savings. This is after working hard and saving money all their … [Read more...]

Is Buying High Dividend Stocks A Wise Choice?

I've been very busy the past few weeks and have not been blogging much on investments. My apologies to readers who want to read more on investments here. In the midst of investing for the past few years starting from 6 years ago, to be honest, it was not always a smooth sailing one. I have made mistakes, learnt from it and moved on. To date, I've come to realised my own investment style and manage … [Read more...]

How To Talk To Your Bf/Gf About Money


Money may be a difficult topic to bring up with your significant other. One of my blogger friend, Lionel from cheerfulegg, has written this guest post exclusively for SG Young Investment. Even I learnt a few tips here. He definitely has gone through this stage with his partner. Enjoy the read! Every Singaporean couple can easily tell whether they’re in a serious relationship: It depends on … [Read more...]

How To Pay Lesser For Insurance Premiums While Getting Higher Coverage?


Do you know that insurance is a big part of our lives? In one way or another, most likely we would have more than one insurance policy throughout our lives. Some policies were bought with a clear mind while others were not. We would have spent hundreds of dollars per month on insurance without knowing what exactly we have or will we benefit from it?Instead of paying a hefty sum on insurance … [Read more...]

CPF’s The Big ‘R’ Chat Roadshow 2016

CPF is such a big part of our lives where we use it for housing, retirement, healthcare etc. I've written various articles on how we can use CPF to have a better retirement as well as how CPF actually helps us to purchase our first home. It is indeed an integral part of our lives living in Singapore.The CPF system is here to stay regardless if we like it or not. There have been many … [Read more...]