Aoxin Q & M Dental Group – First China Dental Play to List on SGX


Aoxin Q & M Dental Group Ltd (Aoxin), the first dental services and equipment provider in China, is scheduled to debut on Catalist tomorrow. Aoxin is one of the leading providers of private dental services/dental equipment and supplies in Liaoning Province, Northern China. China’s healthcare expenditure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 11.8% on the back of rising affluence, … [Read more...]

Pharmaceuticals – A Strong and Growing Healthcare Sub-segment


Despite being one of Singapore’s smaller healthcare sub-segments, the YTD total return of 7.3% generated by the six Pharmaceuticals stocks is almost double that of the overall SGX Healthcare Index.  Against Asia-Pacific peers, Singapore Pharmaceuticals stocks trade at lower valuations of 13.9x PE and 1.2x PB, and generated higher total returns of 7.3% in the YTD (vs 2.2%) and 16.3% in the last … [Read more...]

21 SG Stocks Feature in Regional Index built on ‘Quality Factors’


The SGX Developed Asia ex Japan Quality Index is made up of 60 stocks listed across Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. With constituents maintaining comparatively strong financials, the Index has generated more resilient long term returns than relative benchmarks. Financial metrics for Quality Factors include net profit margins, return on equity & invested capital, the degree of … [Read more...]

Strongest Performing Healthcare Providers of the Past Year


Singapore lists comparatively more stocks in the GICS® ‘Healthcare Providers and Services’ sub-sector than the global norm, with capitalisation growth outpacing the world. Singapore's 14 primary listings in the sub-sector generated a 12 month median return of 24% (or 45% average gain excluding new listing HC Surgical Specialists' 115% gain on its initial offer price). Four of the 14 primary … [Read more...]

Singapore’s High Dividend Yields Grab Spotlight Again


Singapore’s biggest Index stocks maintain the highest dividend yield in Asia, with Singapore’s yield of 3.7% ranking as Asia’s highest in the FTSE Country Indices. As many as 70% of Singapore’s constituents in the FTSE All-World Index qualify for the FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield Index, compared to the global norm of 40%. While Singapore’s lists a number of REITs with high yields, the FTSE … [Read more...]

Healthcare Sector Sentiment Remains Positive Despite Slow 1Q


The SGX All Healthcare index, a benchmark index for Singapore’s listed healthcare companies, generated a total return of 12.7% in the last 12 months, outperforming the regional benchmark MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Healthcare Index’s total return of 0.8%, but lagging the STI’s 10.8%. Several trends favour the healthcare industry, namely Asia’s rapidly ageing population, rising disposable incomes and … [Read more...]

Three Sectors that Continued to Beat the Market in March


The Information Technology (IT), Materials and Real Estate Management & Development Sectors were again ranked as the best three performing Sectors last month, following the same rankings for the three Sectors in February.Alliance Mineral Assets, China Sunsine Chemical and Kingboard Copper Foil led the Materials Sector Leaders higher in March. Alliance Mineral Assets announced Lithium and … [Read more...]

Industrial Mining Stocks Made a Solid Start to 2017


SGX lists four stocks focused on mining Industrial Minerals – Lithium & Tantalite, Phosphate, Limestone and Marble. Mining activities of these stocks span Australia, China and Malaysia. These minerals have diverse industrial applications – from agri-business to construction to health supplements. Three of the four stocks have generated gains in 2017 YTD, with Lithium & Tantalite miner … [Read more...]

Expansion of the Utility Sector


The capitalisation of Singapore’s Utility Sector has expanded by 80% over the past five years outpacing the capitalisation growth of the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Utility Index and the parent MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index. Together the 10 stocks of Singapore’s Utility Sector supply water, gas and independent power through renewable electricity production. The 10 stocks have averaged a 5.2% YTD gain, … [Read more...]

Significant Expansion of Singapore’s Coal Mining Stocks


The number & combined market cap of SGX listed stocks focused on thermal coal mining in Indonesia has grown fourfold over the past three years. Following Geo Energy’s listing in 2012, three RTOs have seen Resources Prima Group, BlackGold Natural Resources and Golden Energy and Resources list on SGX. Two of these four stocks - Geo Energy Resources & BlackGold Natural Resources - have … [Read more...]

Technology Hardware Stocks form a Firm Foundation for Industry 4.0


Singapore Manufacturing Sector represents 20% of Singapore’s 2016 GDP. The Government is focusing on key growth areas such as advanced manufacturing and Industrial IoT. SGX’s Technology Hardware companies form a firm foundation for the paradigm shift to Industry 4.0. These companies are mostly cash-generative and dividend payers. The 10 highest yielding stocks within the Technology Hardware … [Read more...]

Recent Corporate Activities of Gold Mining Stocks


Singapore’s trio of gold plays have averaged an 3% return in the 2017 year to date. The three miners, CNMC Goldmine Holdings, Wilton Resources Corporation and Anchor Resources are in different stages of the gold exploration, development and production. CNMC Goldmine Holdings recently completed a subscription of 51% of the shares in the enlarged share capital of Pulai Mining Sdn.Bhd. Pulai … [Read more...]

Expectations of March Fed Hike Near 100%


Expectations of a March Federal Reserve rate hike are near 100% as economic data strengthens. Federal Reserve policy rate decision expected on Thursday, 2.00AM, Singapore time.  Cyclical sectors typically have strongest positive correlations to a rising interest rate environment. Singapore banks have generated an average total return of 17.8% (vs STI’s 12.2%) since 8 Nov-16, on the back of … [Read more...]

Average 19% YTD Gain in Key Mining Stocks


SGX lists four stocks mining industrial minerals including tantalite, phosphate, limestone and marble, four coal mining stocks and three gold mining stocks. These 11 stocks are at different stages in the exploration, development, production cycle and have averaged a 19.0% gain in 2017 YTD. Of the three segments, mining industrial minerals has been the strongest performer in the 2017 YTD with an … [Read more...]

Ascendas REIT is now Singapore’s Largest Capitalised REIT


Ascendas REIT has recently replaced CapitaLand Mall Trust as Singapore's largest capitalised REIT – and has been the second-best performing REIT in the YTD with an 11.9% total return. The capitalisation of Singapore’s REIT Sector has almost doubled over the past five years. Singapore’s REIT Sector also maintains a competitive edge with higher average yields and lower average gearing ratios than … [Read more...]

Highlights of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, Sembcorp Marine & Ezion Holdings


Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, the largest private shipbuilder in China, has registered a total return of +20.3% year-to-date. Sembcorp Marine, a global leader in marine & offshore engineering solutions, has total returns of +38.0% year-to-date. Ezion Holdings, the largest offshore services provider listed on SGX, has total returns of -1.3% on a year-to-date basis. The stock, however, has … [Read more...]

Industrial REITs generated a total return of +8.2% YTD (STI +8.1%)


Industrial REITs in the SGX S-REIT index generated a total return of +8.2 YTD (SGX S-REIT Index +6.0%), similar to the Straits Times Index’s (STI) +8.1%. The sub-industry forms the largest share in the SGX S-REIT index with 8 members and a total weightage of 26.5%. The top three performing Industrial REITs in the YTD are Sabana Shari'ah Compliant Industrial REIT (+18.4%), Ascendas REIT … [Read more...]

Rising Government Spending Bodes Well for Healthcare Sector


The SGX All Healthcare Index generated a total return of 16.2% over the past 12 months, outperforming the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Ex Japan Healthcare Index and the MSCI World Healthcare Index, which generated total returns of -0.5% and 10.4% respectively. The five best-performing stocks in the SGX All Healthcare Index excluding International Healthway Corporation are Talkmed Group (+35.8%), … [Read more...]

Electronic Components Stocks Shine as Exports Gain Momentum


Singapore’s Electronics exports rose 6.1% to S$4.3 billion in January 2017 from the same period a year ago. This rising trend in Singapore’s electronics exports generally bodes well for the Electronic Components sub-segment. The Electronic Components sub-industry was among best performing sub-sectors in Singapore’s IT industry, generating average total returns of 31.7% and 66.7% in the … [Read more...]

Highlights of Singapore’s 10 Largest OSV Players


Singapore’s 32 Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV) stocks have rebounded 17.2% in the year-to-date in tandem with the recent oil price rally. OSVs are one of the key beneficiaries of a crude oil price recovery. The 10 biggest OSV stocks listed on SGX have averaged a YTD total return of 28.9%, against total returns of 0.9% for the SGX MOE Index, a benchmark for the MOE Sector. Despite the rally, … [Read more...]