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Financial Freedom: 3 Financial Lessons I Learned Unexpectedly

In nearly 20 years of my school life, I was never given a financial lesson on budgeting, investing or anything relevant to my personal finances. Somehow I feel the education system never want us to achieve financial freedom. How about you? Were you taught How was money generated in the first place? Why $1,000 is worth $1,000? Is it better to own cash or real estate? Even I am working in the financial industry, my relationship with money is still full of love and hatred. I have learned a great number of financial lessons through trials and errors. I would...

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Credit Card or Personal Loan: Which One to Choose When You Need the Money

Sometimes, I hear people saying that they want to cut their credit card and be debt free. I feel it hilarious because your credit card doesn’t trap you into debt, your spending patterns do. Credit is like a knife in the kitchen, it is essential to your daily living, though it may hurt you occasionally. Personally, I take my credit line very seriously. That is why when a bank refused to increase my credit limit, I want to know why. In fact, one of the biggest credit mistakes one can make is to cut all your credit cards, because...

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Invest for retirement: 3 “In”s you must overcome

You’ve heard this investment advice before: buy undervalued stocks, purchase STI ETF regularly. Tada! After 20 years, you will have enough money for your retirement. This story, if you ever believed, is more fantasy than reality. The truth is, successful investment is challenging, especially when it is associated with your retirement.  This is because we are all human beings, and we always make emotional decisions without a rational analysis. Take the recent stock market volatility as an example, it had a roller coaster ride, how many of you stay invested without feeling the chill at the back? With a...

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CPF Housing Grants – an Easier Way to Check Your Eligibility

One of the milestones you go through in life is purchasing your first home. 80% of Singaporeans start this journey by buying an HDB. HDB is already highly subsidized in Singapore, and many people are eligible for further subsidies in the form of CPF Housing Grants. The problem with CPF Housing Grants, like the HDB scheme itself, is too complicated. The government has also made many changes over the years. Keeping up-to-date information about CPF Housing Grants becomes a daunting task. In the recent Budget 2018, more changes were made to CPF Housing Grants to encourage people to live...

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