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The Investment Black Swan

Yesterday, shares in a company called Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (YZJ) plunged 20% in a single day. It is one of my major stock holdings. I don’t follow my portfolio in real time, so by the time I knew what was happening trading of the share was halted. Naturally, people want to know what happened. There are rumors circulating that the CEO is involved in a corruption scandal. There are also suspicions of trading bots running haywire and causing the collapse in stock price. However, as investors, our job is not to speculate. Speculation about what happened is useless. What is...

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How do You Determine the Price of a Magic Box?

Today, my family attended a party in an executive condominium (EC) development in Yishun. To those unfamiliar with Singapore, Yishun is a sub-urban area that is on the outskirts. It is pretty isolated by Singaporean standards. My wife got a little curious about property prices in the area. We took a look on property websites and discovered a typical 3 bedroom condominium in Yishun was selling for $1,000,000 Singapore Dollars or US$740,000. I commented that it was a rip-off but my wife countered that it was expected for an EC in Singapore to cost that much. We then had...

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