Credit Card Review: DBS Visa Debit Card


I've been seeing ads for the DBS Visa Debit Card at Somerset MRT station for quite some time now, and their promise of 5% cashback sounded too attractive to ignore. Considering how my cashback on my current credit card has only been in the $20+ range for the past few months, getting twice of that amount for my spending was a huge lure. But as usual, the main question in my head was: What's the … [Read more...]

Trump victory: Be prepared for a bloodbath in the stock markets tomorrow!


Be prepared for a bloodbath in the stock markets tomorrow.I was actually discussing with a friend as to whether we should buy some counters in the stock market prior to the election results - because a Clinton win would probably lead to a (slight) increase, whereas a Trump victory would send global stock markets plummeting.Well, at this point (Trump:Clinton is 264:215 at time of publishing), it is … [Read more...]

Why I Cancelled My ILP (Investment-Linked Policy)


How should I read the numbers on my Investment-Linked Policy (ILP)? I lost more than 2 months worth of salary to learn this important lesson: when insurance and investments are bundled together into a single product, the consumer is often left worse off. A few years ago, when I was a naive fresh graduate in my first job, I met a friend of mine to understand more about financial planning and … [Read more...]

How Much Debt Do Singaporeans Have?


What's your credit score? Did you know that the secret to getting approved for a mortgage / personal loan / new credit card really lies in how good your credit score is? I didn't know about this when I first started working and was happily applying for new credit cards. But after learning about the Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS) and what they do, I realised that many life opportunities are … [Read more...]

Here’s how you can get $1000 cashback this year

I love getting cashback or bonus interest whenever I spend on my credit cards. For instance, I was paid $20 over the last 2 months for spending on my credit card. These were expenses I needed to make anyway – my insurance premiums, groceries, movies, etc. After all, why say no to free money? If you’re like me, and are always looking out for ways to get extra money for transactions you’re … [Read more...]

Meet Singapore’s newest digital insurer (car owners can now keep their 50% NCD for life!)


Singapore’s new digital insurer. I’ve never seen an insurance website like this before.   A new insurer has landed in town, and there are a few benefits they’re providing which I think are a real game-changer. Beyond the new digital buying experience, you might also want to take note that FWD Insurance is now offering car owners in Singapore protection of your 50% No Claims Discount … [Read more...]

BOC SmartSaver is the better version of the new OCBC 360 account

Ever since OCBC changed their payment terms for their 360 account, I've been moping about the reduction in interest payments I get from them each month, as the maximum capped interest is now only 3.05% and includes a lot more work to get that level of interest rate. The UOB One was a good welcome, BUT I eventually moved back to OCBC 360 (partly out of habit) as the requirements were a little … [Read more...]

Swiber Bond Scandal : who should the retail investors blame?


The recent Swiber bond debacle has sparked off a new debate as to whether the Singapore government should save "accredited investors" - individuals who have at least S$2 million in assets. Because they have more money than the average man, these "not-so-wealthy" individuals are being given more choices in investment products, including those that are deemed as more exotic, riskier or too … [Read more...]

14% Dividend Darling Stock – A Fairytale or Nightmare?


Rickmers Maritime note holders are not happy with their latest debt refinancing proposal, but they don't really have much of a choice but to go along now, do they? In January this year, a 14.3% high-yielding dividend stock caught my eye - Rickmers Maritime. I was tempted to buy it, but decided not to after spending some time studying the company and its business. While the yield was … [Read more...]

Fly budget, but watch out when you fly with Cebu Pacific


If you're thinking of flying with Cebu Pacific for an international flight, I'd recommend you to spend a little more on a better airline. I generally like to go with budget airlines whenever I travel. Our local budget carriers - Scoot, Tiger, JetStar and AirAsia - have generally given me fairly good experiences so far, especially whenever I fly Scoot. They usually reach their destinations on … [Read more...]

Plan Your Wedding in 10 Steps


Follow my journey to the biggest day of my life (my wedding) on Dayre here!  Having a headache planning your wedding? Not sure where to start? I can totally relate, now that I’m in the midst of planning my own (happening next year). Given that we all hope to only get married once, it is inevitable that most of us would be clueless on what to do! There are basically 3 easy options for … [Read more...]

Should I buy Term or Whole Life Insurance?


Should I buy term or whole life insurance? Which is better? Which is cheaper? The debate about term insurance vs. whole life insurance policies wages on. On one side of the fence, you have financial bloggers like yours truly and folks at DIYInsurance championing term insurance; on the other end stands the industry, insurance agents, and many more numbers. Insurance isn’t the easiest topic to … [Read more...]

Understanding the Secret behind the Success of Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is the first major success in a new kind of mobile game, known as “augmented reality.” It has since surpassed Facebook and Twitter in the number of app downloads (within the shortest period too) and engagement per day (33 minutes for Pokemon Go users vs. 22 minutes on Facebook every day). Did the creators at Niantic / Nintendo get lucky with this one-hit wonder? What exactly led Pokemon … [Read more...]

Stocks that could benefit from Pokemon Go


While busy catching Pokemon all over Singapore (and Taiwan, where I first started playing the game when it launched last Saturday), I've also been thinking about how I could potentially benefit from the trend as an investor. To say that Pokemon Go is a hit would probably be an understatement. Everywhere you go, it seems like everyone is playing the game on their phone. Lest you think it is only … [Read more...]

Prudential says majority of Singaporeans are under-insured – is that really true?


A survey on Singaporeans' life insurance was recently released by Prudential, which was covered by our mainstream media, with the headline suggesting that the majority of Singaporeans are at risk of not being adequately prepared to cope with the financial of life crises. You might have seen the news article going around, but before you take the results of the survey at face value, let me first … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Fail At Stock Investing


Just because your broker tells you investing is simple (or maybe you’ve seen those online ads promoting an easy solution in the form of their investing courses…) doesn’t mean you can take it lightly. After all, you don’t have unlimited lives to keep playing this Russian roulette. This is a guest post contributed by Call Levels and edited by Budget Babe (my words in blue). The electronic … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Buying That Gym / Salon / Spa / Wellness Package


Source: California Fitness Singapore Facebook page When information about the gym being in financial troubles leaked out in April, suggesting that the gym would close in June, California Fitness Singapore claimed that it was completely untrue and that they were "ABSOLUTELY still in business". "We're one of Singapore's largest and oldest gyms, and have been operating since 1998. There's … [Read more...]

Stock Analysis: Procurri IPO (Top Concerns You Need To Know)


It isn't every day that you hear of a Catalist-listed company in Singapore taking one of its subsidiaries to IPO on the SGX Mainboard. The opposite seems more logical, but apparently this is happening today, with Procurri announcing its IPO offer of $0.56 per share a few days ago. Never heard of them? They were formerly known as ASVIDA, so if you're looking to research a little more on their … [Read more...]

Scam Alert! DHL Scammers Are Now Impersonating OCBC, DBS, MOM & SP Services


Here are their tactics. It could happen to any of us - the latest news is that of a 30-year-old couple falling prey to a phone scam in Singapore and losing $70,000 in savings to the scammers. My guess is that the couple are probably a highly-educated pair, considering that they've earned enough to be able to upgrade from their five-room HDB flat to an executive condominium recently. FYI: … [Read more...]

How To Cut Your Wedding Costs To Under $25,000


It has been almost a year since I started investigating the rising costs of holding a wedding here in Singapore, and yet judging by the consistent stream of readers that article continues to draw, apparently I'm not the only one who's worried about how much it'll take to get through the whole affair. We've already started planning for ours, so here's some elements we looked at to help bring the … [Read more...]