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Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) – HP Vacating from Alexandra Technopark

The much anticipated news is finally released. It is confirmed that HP will be vacating 178,873 square feet of space out of their current 191,846 square feet of space in Alexandra Technopark based on the expiration of their leases. This will also mean that they are vacating 93.2% out of the space they’re currently occupying. The space they are vacating will constitutes to about 17.1% of the total net lettable area in ATP and 6.6% of FCOT’s total gross rental income for the month ended in 30 June 2017. The manager of FCOT has secured commitment by a tenant...

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A lookback into 1986 – 1991 Japanese Asset Price Bubble

Japan is a wonderful country that I’ll be visiting in 1.5 weeks time, and also I’d be staying there for 3 months for my attachment program. Today, I will be looking back into the history of Japan’s economy as well as a lookback into the Japanese Asset Price Bubble and the Lost Decade. Japan’s economy is the 3rd largest in the world by nominal GDP (a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a period of time) and the 4th largest by purchasing power parity (an economic theory that states the exchange...

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Accumulating ComfortDelGro

CDG has declined sharply last Friday to a new low of 2.09, dropping further when the market open on Monday and this continues to the price of 1.965 today. LTA has announced on last Friday that SMRT has clinches the operating contract for Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). The bid SMRT submitted was however 30% below it’s rival SBS Transit, a subsidiary of ComfortDelGro. Map of Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) The response is very negative from the market for this, shredding 11% of CDG since the last closing price on last Thursday I’ve taken this opportunity days ago to cash...

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Peep into the 19 year old student’s CPF Account – Transfer from OA to SA

Years ago, I used to hate the concept of CPF deduction from my part time job, as I felt that it is eating 20% of my salary away which I could channel it into buying things I love. However, I do realize that after 3 or 4 years of working in part time jobs that has taken my CPF, lately I’ve fallen in to love with what it is able to do for me. Also the sweet 17% additional contribution from my employers is doing great inside too. Let’s have a look at the various types of CPF Account:There’s...

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A lookback into 1987 Black Monday

Dow Jones Industrail Average – Closing Price 22,268.34 points on 14/09/17. This is 3 times the price to pay for since Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Dow Jones Industrail Average (DJIA) is a stock market index just like our local STI which consists of 30 major companies which includes: 3M, Amex, Boeing, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Microsoft, United Technologies, Walmart and more. I’ve never participated in any market crashes before. Throughout my life on earth, I’ve only been through GFC in 2008. However as DJIA is breaking its all time record high and closing at 22,203.48...

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How many account does this 19-year-old student has?

The answer is 4. Different accounts are meant for different purposes. Expenses Account War-chest Emergency Funds The Dream Account Let me break them into different parts now. Whenever, I receive a sum of money, be it my salary I’ve received from my part time job, some extra cash from occasions like Chinese New Year, I’ll allocate them into portions whereby it will go into my various different accounts. Expenses Account This account is used for general expenses like food & beverages, clothing, transportation etc. Expenses should only be spent from this account. As such, if this account is running...

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My S$1M 23 years before and 23 years later.

I’ve always been told by my grandmother that a plate of char kway tiao used to cost $0.10, and the same plate now would easily cost $3. Who is the culprit behind this…? The vendor? My grandmother? The plate? Or the char kway tiao?? No.. It’s actually something called inflation. So what exactly is inflation? Inflation is the increase in prices of good or services over time. [embedded content] Inflation leads to higher prices and lower purchasing power. It is a monetary phenomenon that is caused by a country printing more money that it’s justified by the country’s wealth....

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Cromwell European REIT follow up – 7.5% dividend?

I’ve written about the IPO of CEREIT earlier in August when SGX has nodded for it’s ETL. Cromwell has since lodged it’s preliminary prospectus to listing in SGX and their plans to start trading on 28 September. Being the 14th IPO of 2017, CEREIT is also the largest IPO since Netlink Trust with an offer size of S$2.3 billion. This will also be the first Euro dorminated REIT in Singapore, by which What type of real estate do they hold? CEREIT holds 81 properties from a diversified mix across six gateway cities in Denmarm, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and...

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The 19 year old investor – Part 2

As mentioned earlier, this part will be about identifying my goals as a 19 year old investor. So what goals do I have in mind? What do I plan for? What do I want to be in my future? Goals 23 years later: 42 year old (year 2040) – $1,000,000 15 years later: 35 year old (year 2033) – $500,000 12 years later: 31 year old (year 2029) – $250,000 7 years later: 26 years old (year 2024) – $100,000 5 years later: 24 year old (year 2022) – $50,000 1 year later: 20 year old (year 2018) –...

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The 19 year old investor – Part 1

Hmmm.. exactly. What is this 19 year old fella doing here? As much as people would be wondering.. why am I here? Why is this 19 year old guy doing this? Why do he needs to be in this situation, living in a 19 year old body while having a 30 year old mentality? Shouldn’t this fella be enjoying himself? Is age really just a number? So many questions on the list though. Many times, I’ve wondered myself too. Why is there a need for me to start my financial journey at this age. Why do I need to...

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FY2017 Q3 Dividend Updates

This is my first time doing an update about dividends that I’m receiving. Dividends is a sum of money paid by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves). Throughout the year of 2017, I’ve received dividends from several companies such as AA REIT, Singtel, FCOT and Starhill Global REIT. AA REIT will be paying their dividends on the 21/09/17. It’s good to note that dividends do play a significant role in the returns from a company (especially REIT). Love how REIT gives out quarterly dividends. Throughout the 3rd Quarter of 2017, I’ve received dividends from:...

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Portfolio – August 2017

Current Portfolio (31/08/2017) No.  Counters No. of Shares Market Price (SGD) Total Value (SGD) based on market price Allocation % 1. Wilmar Intl 300 3.32 996.00 26.17% 2. AIMS AMP Cap REIT 400 1.405 562.00 14.76% 3. Singtel 140 3.70 518.00 13.61% 4. Guocoland 200 2.38 476.00 12.50% 5. ComfortDelGro 200 2.29 458.00 12.03% 6. Frasers Com Tr 304 1.395 424.08 11.14% 7....

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Guocoland FY2017 Results

I’ve initiated a smallish position with Guocoland earlier this year in April at 1.85 At that point, Guocoland is trading at about 40% off their NAV, which I feel that Guocoland is trading a very big discount and given a very attractive valuation. Recently, they have a run up to 2.28, which is about a 20% increase and currently at their 52week high. With the opening of TPC, it will be a big recurring income for them as well as giving them a higher RNAV. Guocoland has released their Full Year results recently and has declared a 7 cents...

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REIT IPO – Cromwell European REIT

24 Aug 2017: CROMWELL European Real Estate Investment Trust (Cereit), a Singapore Reit with portfolio of assets in Europe, has received an Eligibility-to-List (ETL) nod from the Singapore Exchange for its estimated one billion euros (S$1.6 billion) initial public offering (IPO). SGX has issued Cromwell with its Eligibility-To-List with regard to its IPO. Listing is expected to commence at end-September 2017. Cromwell European REIT (CEREIT) Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group’s REIT IPO will comprise of European office properties As of 31 December 2016, Cromwell posted a market capitalization of $1.7billion and total assets under management of $9.8 billion across Australia,...

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DBS Multi-Currency Account

From the previous post about my Japan internship opportunity. I’ve since started with the planning, budgeting for this trip and has also been working even more often to save up for the trip. As I will be there for a prolonged period, I will need to have a better plan and management over my resources when I’m there. Apart from your travel documents and clothing, one important thing to bring along is definitely cash. As I will be there for approximately 3 months, it will not be exactly feasible for me to bring a big sum of money over...

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