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(Post 156/Year 3 Week 21)Company Report:CapitalLand Mall Trust

Last updated:28/11/2019 1. 9-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – Sudhan P 1.1 9-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – Financial Trends 1.2 9-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – DBSV 2.27-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – Jeremy Chia 3. 27-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – Lawrence Nga 4. 27-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – UOBKH 4.1 27-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – DBSV 5.31-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – DBSV 6.31-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – Lawrence Nga 7.31-5-2019 CapitaMall Trust – Research...

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(Post 154/Year 3 Week 20)Company Report:ThaiBev

ThaiBev Last updated:25/11/2019 1.31-5-2019 ThaiBev – Thomas Jastrzab 2.31-5-2019 ThaiBev – Lawrence Nga 3.31-5-2019 ThaiBev – DBSV 4.4-6-2019;ThaiBev – DBSV 5.4-6-2019 ThaiBev – Thomas Jastrzab 6.4-6-2019 ThaiBev – Lawrence Nga 7.13-6-2019ThaiBev – RHB 8.13-6-2019 ThaiBev – SWS 9.13-6-2019 ThaiBev – DBSV 10.10-6-2019 ThaiBev – SWS 11.10-6-2019 ThaiBev –...

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(Post 153/Year 3 week 20)Zero dollar project updates:carousell,Bitcoin Faucets,Short Link,Online survey and Adsense update

Updates for zero dollar project,last update around may 3 1.Carousell2.Bitcoin faucets3.Short link4.Online survey 1.Carousell My Did not keep track due to studies,assume NIL 2.Bitcoin faucets Current coinpot holding Bitcoin core: 6672 SatoshiBitcoin cash: 17014 bchDogecoin: 70.95. dogeLitecoin:  0.00243857 ltcDashcoin: 0.00089270 dash 3.Short link Total earning for short link since last update:$6.95+$6.14+$6.31+$7.28=$26.68 For more information on how’s I use both short link on my blog and YouTube, read here 4.Online survey Current online survey on my list…(Bold mean that these survey websites have been verified for payout) 4.1 Toluna4.2.surveyon4.3 YouGov4.4 mobrog4.5 ipanelonline4.6 viewfruit4.7 mysurvey4.8 millleu(App on google play store) Survey that payout surveyon,mobrog,toluna,yougov,ipanelonline The total payout from last project update:$6.25+$20.00+$25.60+$6.25+$5.00+$20.00+$15.68+$6.25+$20.00+$8.78=$133.81...

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(Post 148/Year 3 Week 14)Company Report: Keppel REIT

Keppel REIT Last updated:28/11/2019 1.24-4-2019 Keppel Reit – DBSV 2.24-4-2019 Keppel Reit – Research Primer 3.24-4-2019 Keppel Reit – UOBKH 4.23-5-2019 Keppel Reit – DBSV 5.23-5-2019 Keppel Reit – Research Primer 6.23-5-2019 Keppel Reit – SWS 7.23-5-2019 Keppel Reit – TC 8.23-5-2019;Keppel Reit – Lawrence...

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(Post 147/Year 3 Week 13)Event and convention 3:AFA SG 2019(Anime Festival Asia)

Personally, I went to AFA (Anime Festival Asia) on a yearly basis except last year, because nothing was of interest to me. Decided to go this year because of the great anisong lineup on fri (Fhana, TRUE, Uchida Maaya, and Scandal), arrived at SUNTEC around 3 pm (My first Anisong concert!) Wanted to save the booking fee by purchasing an on-site ticket, but the alias booking fee was still included ($103, very expensive!). Below are some of the exhibition photos, for those who are veterans of AFA, the AFA exhibition is mostly the same year-on-year basis. Merchandise were pretty...

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(Post 146/Year 3 week 13)Event and convention part 2:trip to Invest fair 2019! part 2

Continue from the last post… Valuation model Discounted cash flow model  Company Name:Singapore O&G(Listed on SGX)Market cap: 188.337Last Done:0.395Free cash flow per share:0.02764Intrinsic value:0.326 Company Name:Raffles Medical(Local Peer SGX)Market cap :1,882.653Last Done:1.030Free cash flow per share:0.03504Intrinsic Value:0.414 Company Name: TalkMed(Local Peer SGX)Market cap:657.251Last Done:0.500Free cash flow per share:0.01989Intrinsic Value:0.235 Discounted Earning Model  Company Name: Singapore O&G(Listed on SGX)Market Cap: 188.337Last Done:0.395Earnings Per Share:0.01919Intrinsic value:0.227 Company Name:Raffles Medical( Local Peer SGX)Market Cap:1,882,653Last Done: 1.030Earnings Per Share:0.03887Intrinsic Value:0.459 Company Name:Talkmed(Local Peer SGX)Market Cap:657.251Last Done:0.500Earnings Per Share:0.02199Intrinsic Value:0.260 Financial Analysis Strong Financial Results Last 3 YearsIt has increasing revenue increase in last...

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(Post 144/Year 3 week 13)Event and convention part 1:trip to Invest fair 2019!

17 AUGUST 2019 Saturday171819 (Sat) Day OneWell,i haven’t been to invest fair for ages(not since 2016 anyway,haha).So I thought i will pop down to it this year.This year invest fair is situated at suntec conventional center,compare to expo which is pretty far away from my house,i would say that suntec is definitely more convenient.I did not took much picture about the event areas(but i did took many brochures though)Basically this is what is did…1.Walk around the whole exhibition 2.Sign up for the LIM&TAN securities(why?:Because dbsv no longer give company report)3.Sign up for CIMB (Why?:Also for the company report)4.Sign up for an SAXO account(why?:After...

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(Post 144/Year 3 Week 13)Chill and Relax part 3: Another 100 Jokes part 1

Welcome back to another installment of 100 jokes,a GREAT MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! Some credit to the various forum which i won’t name… 1) The village blacksmith finally found an apprentice willing to work long,hard hours.The blacksmith instructed the boy ,”when i take the horseshoe out of the anvil ,and when i nod my head,you hit it with this hammer The apprentice did just as he told now he is the only village blacksmith 2) DINER:”waiter waiter!, what”s wrong with this fish” waiter :”Long time no sea,sir” geddit? 3) “Don”t do that ,” i said when one of the...

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