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(Post 125/Year 2 Week 44)TipforThought: Tips on using LinkedIN and Advice for Fresh Graduates

Tips or hack on using LinkedIn LinkedIn helps you connect to opportunities from job and business leads to staying informed about industry developments, an expanding or staying touch with your professional network. 1.Profile Picture Start with uploading a profile photo that show your face and shoulder.Our profile show that member that are 14 times more likely to be viewed.Keep the photo professional, a vacation picture is not appropriate unless you are an travel writer. 2.A Interesting Headline Having an interesting headline (that’s more than your job title )is also helpful in describing what you do and how the value...

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(Post 125/Year 2 week 43)Learning investing/trading together part 19:How to determine whether to invest or trade a company using SGX stock screener

How to determine whether to invest or trade a company using SGX stockscreener? In my previous post on Learning investing/trading together,I mention on using the SGX stock screener to determine whether to invest/trade a company using SGX stockscreener. Why use SGX stock screener? Computer will perform the calculation of the financial ratios,save time on our part(not many of us has the luxury of looking through financial statement of companies all day long,that is if reading the financial statement doesn’t bored us!) One stop platform to get the financial ratios of a particular SGX company So,let begin using SGX stock...

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(Post 120/Year 2 Week 36)TipforThought: How to identify sign of dehydration and prevent dehydration

How to identify sign of dehydration With global warming gradually increasing the earth temperature and making this planet hotter then before,we tend to get more prone to dehydration,hence we should know what are the sign to prevent dehydration.After All,prevention is better then cure isn’t it?Here are some sign of dehydration 1.Urine That Is Dark Urine that are lighter in color such as e.g white mean that you quite hydrated,however if the urine is more darker in colour ,it probably mean that you are less hydrated. 2.Dry Lips and Tiredness Pretty sure it’s time for you to get a drink...

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