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Here’s What Property Prices In 2010 Can Teach You In 2020

There’s a famous saying that goes, “History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.” Talk about an astute saying. Especially so when you hear the same usual comments every property cycle. “Property prices are too high! There’s no way it can keep going up!” “$900 PSF for Punggol? Siao, who will pay that kinda price!?” Here’s a teaser of a property pessimist that you would usually encounter. But look at what has happened since then, the cycle has moved on – the value of properties in Singapore has risen up...

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Not Every Home Needs To Make Money, And That’s Okay

Over the past couple of years, I’ve sat down with countless individuals and families who have shared with me their stories, hopes, and housing aspirations. There are those who simply want a home right next to their kids’ schools. And then there are others who want 13 swimming pools in their condo. Either way, demands are often varied – and with good reason. Despite that, however, there is one common dilemma that I often encounter. “But if I buy Condo, should make more money right?” Now at this point, most of you are thinking – oh the buyer’s probably...

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*Your* Story: Why a Condo Unit Isn’t Always the Best Option (Part II)

In Part I, we briefly glazed the community aspect between private residential properties and HDB flats based on my singular experience. Today, we aim to broach a couple more key differences between both residential types with a number of stories from our readers. Now it is understandable why many prefer HDB units (yes, even wealthy families/bachelors). After all, housing prices in Singapore are exorbitant due to land cost. And with all the grey area that goes into securing a high-probability ‘ROI unit’ (it’s best to seek some form of expert opinion before you do), many of us prefer to...

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My Story: Why a Condo Unit Isn’t Always the Best Option (Part I)

Dearest Readers & Friends, You might not know this, but I actually spent the majority of my early life in HDB flats. Looking back now, I vaguely remember my early days in a cozy little 3-bedroom unit along the ever so nostalgic Bedok South Road. We weren’t the richest by any stretch. In fact, our little 4th floored unit was a 2nd resale unit that my parents had snapped up upon news of my impending arrival (I simply couldn’t wait to get out and start typing at that point). Getting an Early (Annoying) Start It was also just opposite...

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We Ranked Every District By How Much They’ve Gained (Or Lost) – Here Are The Results

Some of you might have remembered us doing a piece on the noisiest district in Singapore some time back (*Mini-spoiler Alert*: No. 1 was quite the surprise). Safe to say, it received overwhelmingly positive feedback from you guys. So we thought, why not do one on appreciation stats as well? The only difference this time being that we would actually cover all the districts in this piece as opposed to a ‘Top 10 countdown’ (well, kind of anyways). Now not many of the younger folks might know this. But the reason we actually have all these district numbers today...

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