Saving : Monitoring your Expenses or Behavioral

Personal Cash Flow Management I have seen many blogs written about monitoring the expenses and some some blogger's recommendation of apps which could monitor our expenses in detail . Frankly, I didn’t monitor my expenses in such manner and I “ agak-agak”  know how much I spent monthly on those fix items and some major items yearly such as holidays & staycations , insurance , home … [Read more...]

Stock Investing May Not be For Everyone

First of all , allow me to quote below from a legendary investor ( some may call him great speculators and some may not agree with that as the way he took his own life in 1940 ) : Jesse Livermore “ The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid , the mentally lazy, the man of inferior emotion balance or for the get-rich quick … [Read more...]

Investment Using SRS fund – My Experience

Many articles have been written on SRS Account and it’s pro and con. You may find few good blogs and summary as below : SUPPLEMENTARY RETIREMENT SCHEME (‘SRS’) ACCOUNT FROM HEARTLANDBOY  (HERE ) Is the Supplementary Retirement Scheme a Waste of Your Time and Money? From Money$ (here) Why it makes sense to contribute to the SRS account (to a certain extent) from … [Read more...]

Housing Choice link to Retirement Comfort ! ( STE photos sharing )

Much been written about “Housing choice vs Retirement comfort “ , another types of Cs in our financial planning. Life is full of “choices “ , one may choose to “stay single or marry “, to “have kids or be DINKs “ , to “climb the corporate ladder or be a freelancer” , to “save more or spend more “ , to “save or invest “ , to “buy a health insurance or take the risk ( bo chap)”……and the list goes … [Read more...]

Privatization : The Good or The Bad ?

Is Privatization Good for Investors ? You may find two articles/news of privatization in today’s The Business Time (one is Auric Pacific and the other is Healthway Medical ) which is quite rare and one might be pondering why so many privatization is going on recently in Singapore’s business context. If you may recall , from SMRT , NOL , Sim Lian, OSIM , CM Pacific, Select Group ,Super Group, … [Read more...]

Sabana REIT : A Principal- Agent Problem ( dilemma ) ?

If you are investing in S-Reit as income investors , you will surely have heard this REIT before which is in the limelight and take centre stage in recent investing news. No introduction require for this hot topic , with many highlighted issues such as decreasing DPU , NAV , Occupancy rate , NPI etc … which translated to below : With above chart , easily , some investors might be sitting … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds or The Wisdom of Crowds ?

In 2004 , James Surowiecki ( an American Journalist ) published a book called “ The Wisdom of Crowds “ which talked about the aggregation of information in group , resulting in decisions that often better than it could have been made by any single member of the group. The Wisdom of Crowds is generally traced back to an observation by Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton in 1907. Galton … [Read more...]

立春 : To Deposit money or Buy share ?

You may notice a very long queue at bank today while people are queuing to deposit their money into the bank , reason being today is the day of "  立春"     in Chinese customs ... Well, believe it or not , it represent " ceaseless of income " throughout the year and also, to invite good luck , peoples always wear in red , orange , yellow or gold color during this day. What exactly is " 立春" … [Read more...]

Dow 20,000 !!

This has become the headline news for major financial newspapers or webs , DOW Index finally broke through the psychological level or resistance of 20,000. As for me , although it’s a milestone but it just a “figure” without looking into the fundamental or valuation of the market . You may find below news interesting to read : From CNBC : Dow 20,000: Its insignificance may rival its … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two AGMs ( Fraser Commercial REIT vs Fraser Hospitality Trust )

Attended Fraser Commercial Reit AGM this morning (in spite of heavy downpour , the turn up was quite good ) and also Fraser Hospitality Trust AGM on last Thursday. From time to time I did attend company’s AGM and try to get some insight of what’s going on in the company, especially if there is any particular issues which I think there might be important to know or get views from other fellow … [Read more...]

What is your investment goals and target ?

When you invest your hard earned money, how much of a return do you expect to get from your investment ? Those who are new to investing will often say, “I want to earn a return of 20% to 50% on my investment—every year.” But is this realistic? What is a reasonable rate of return to expect on your investment?  Is 10% of return a realistic one? Of course it also depend on types of investment and … [Read more...]

How to retire in 10 years

You may have came across this article in today’s The Business Times ,,, an interesting article in searching of “ The Freedom formula “ for early retirement . The big word “ R”  or retirement is very subjective and one may not want to retire if he/she really enjoying the works and some may want to retire earlier to pursue their dreams and passion . Here is another article on “ 10 good reasons … [Read more...]

Digital disruption : Restructuring is going to be long and painful !!

I have blog about this before ( here ) , with below latest released result , I think the re-structuring due to “digital disruption“  is going to be a long and painful process and also the success is very much uncertain for SPH . Quoted below from the CEO on their latest press release : “Having completed our comprehensive business review in October 2016, we are forging ahead with our … [Read more...]

The Memo All the Serious Investor Should Read

"When I see memos from Howard Marks in my mail, they're the first thing I open and read. I always learn something, and that goes double for his book," Warren Buffett has said.  Here  ( Click )  is the latest memo from Howard Marks on " Expert Opinion " ! Quoted below summary on his view about  expert opinion and making economic forecast . // Quote // My Opinion of Opinions Since I’ve … [Read more...]

My Stocks Trading Review ( Sabana Reit / SembCorp Marine / Asian Pay TV /HPH/ OUE- HT )

In my previous blog post , I have highlighted some stocks I added into my portfolio and same time also few stocks I ceased to own. Allow me to do some “reflection “ or trading review of these stocks ,which I think is important to know our returns in every investment we made. Know your ROI : Why is it important to measure our return on any investment ? Choosing investments is just the … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update as of Jan 2017

"One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute." - William Feather. This is my first blog post in 2017 and would like to update my portfolio & holding.  I will try not to justify my buy and sell here as above quoted , every sell and buy have their own story or narrative and justification behind that and the … [Read more...]

Look out for Outlook in 2017

This might be my last blog post in 2017 and at this point of time , is very common to see many articles appeared in newspaper or magazine on peoples ( or so call experts / economist ) writing about “Outlook “ for stocks market , property market , economy , industrial , sectors etc… If you key in the “ outlook 2017 “ in Google , you will get 132 mil results about this topic !! Since ancient … [Read more...]

From Swiss Alps to Dubai Desert Safari ( STE Photos sharing )

Noticed that many friends and financial bloggers have been busy updating their portfolio’s performance recently , some are happy with outstanding & flying colors result which out-performed the market and some with lagging achievement. But one need to take noted that measuring of performance is only meaningful in the long run and not by just few quarters or years of investment and also the … [Read more...]

Mean Reverting or Fundamental Change ?

Since early December , the stock price for some of the STI counter has increased much as compare to few months back . Just to recall what I have written in August to explain the concept of “ Linear Regression and Reverting to Mean “ in my blog about “ My Investment Strategy “ ( Click here ) . Of course there are concerns about China’s economic situation & debt stress in O&G industry … [Read more...]

“Saving Glut and Low Real Interest Rate” : How this may impact your investment.

The habit of saving always being referred to as a form of “virtue “ in our life and also being encouraged by our parents or financial planner almost universally. Classical economists regarded saving as a virtue and the act of saving virtuous, because according to them, when an individual saves more by spending less on consumption goods, he accumulates a surplus. This surplus can be utilized in … [Read more...]