Hu Li Yang’s Half by Half Theory

Hu Li Yang's theory: 1) If an index's price drops by 50% from its peak, it has entered an "fair value" price point 2) If an index's price drops to around 25% from its peak, it has entered a "extremely undervalue" price point 3) When recovering from the bottom, the index will always face selling pressure at 2x the bottom price 4) During a bear market rebound, you can forget about fundamentals … [Read more...]

Stop Advertisement Letters in Mailbox in 3 Steps


Are you tired of seeing a large number of advertisement mails in your letterbox? There is a way for you to opt out of the service! Simply click on the link below and follow the steps: LINK Step 1: Follow the image and fill in the boxes Step 2: Fill up your contact details and your address Step 3: Confirm you wish to opt out of the advertisement mail and submit your … [Read more...]

Godfather of Asian Stock Market is Back!


The Godfather of Asian Stock market, Hu Li Yang, is back in Singapore to share with us his view on the investing opportunities and risks in year 2017! Spend 1 full day learning from the Man himself as he would discuss his views and how investors should position their portfolio for the rest of 2017! Mr Hu previously held the position of Vice-President of Securities in Merrill Lynch in the … [Read more...]

Major news last week, what it means for Singapore stocks: #ICYMI

Last week, oil rallied to its highest level in the year at $54 a barrel. This was mainly due to the OPEC's agreement to cut its output by almost 1.2 million barrels. The oil price rally was also due to the expectation where the market did not expect an agreement to be reached, as well as the more-than-expected production cut. Though an agreement has been met, there has been much skepticism as … [Read more...]

The next big rally

As the Malaysian Ringgit drops to record lows, it may imply a lack of economic stability in the country. However, there seems to be an opportunity that lies within this cheap currency, and as all standard economics students would tell you that cheap currency valuation would tend to highlight cheaper exports value relative to other countries. Malaysia is one of the top exporters for crude palm oil … [Read more...]

New Singapore REIT ETF!


SGX recently launched a new product: the REIT ETF (Real Estate Investment Trust Exchange Traded Fund). If you think properties are good, diversification is good, the new REIT ETF is the product for you! What is an ETF? Click HERE to find out. What is a REIT? Click HERE to find out. Some details of the REIT ETF: 1) Tracks performance of 30 top dividend paying REITs (note: NOT Market Cap … [Read more...]

Trump Presidency? Clinton Presidency?


In a few more hours, we will know exactly who has won the US Presidential Election! This election probably has got every one talking about how horrible both primary Presidential candidates are. Stock markets all arond the world are plunging (OUCH!) Politically From the structure of the US Congress, we know that whoever wins the Presidential elections, to pass any laws, the President would … [Read more...]

High Frequency Trading the Next Big Thing?


As the age of internet dawn on us, we would expect the financial markets to become more transparent, more efficient, and provide a level playing field for all investors/traders. However, actual reality is the opposite: markets are not much more transparent than they used to be, and increasingly, we are being pitted against computers, or more specifically: High-Frequency … [Read more...]

Invest & Prosper 2017


Invest and Prosper 2017  by ShareInvestors Join us and listen from industry experts on their take about the investment environment for year 2017! The panel of speakers includes: Terence Tan - Chief Investment Strategist of Giants Learning Technologies Song Seng Wun - Director/Economist of CIMB Private Banking Geoff Howie - Market Strategist of Singapore Exchange Kelvin Wong - Chief … [Read more...]

What to Invest Going into 2017?


As we come near to the end of 2016, we should start questioning our investment strategy for next year. Some of the questions you should be thinking about are below: 1) What to invest in ahead of the US election in November 8? 2) How to position my portfolio for the US election and post-US election? 3) What to invest in if Hillary Clinton wins? 4) What to invest in if Donald Trump wins? 5) … [Read more...]

Are you Over-Insured by $46,000?!


Yup, you read it correctly - You might be over-insured by $46,000! Most Singaporeans with CPF are automatically enrolled under the Dependents Protection Scheme (DPS). Visit your CPF account online to check if you are currently over-insured by $46,000! You can reduce your coverage if you are.Recommended Post: 6 Singapore Public Transport TipsThe DPS is a Life Insurance + Terminal Illness Insurance … [Read more...]

What is the Correct Retirement Mentality?

There has been a retirement debate going on on Straits Times' Forum Page. The thread was started by one of our writers. The first article can be found HERE.There were feedbacks from the general public. We have attached the articles regarding the different views HERE. We would like to post a reply to the 'Second Thread', where our writer's letter to Straits Times was not published. We think these … [Read more...]

Your summary to what’s going on in Deutsche Bank: 5x Lehman Brothers crisis

If you have't been aware of how the STI has been performing, it has dropped 1% before steadily climbing up in the late afternoon today. So what's going on that is causing all the fear and volatility? While fear of Deutsche Bank collapsing has been lingering for months, it seems that it has escalated higher where some hedge funds are starting to withdraw their accounts. This is essentially a bank … [Read more...]

Straits Times Forum Retirement Articles Thread


There has been a retirement debate going on in the Straits Times' Forum Page. The thread was started by one of our writers. We have collated the list of articles/letters that we think you should read, learn and know about! Tell us what you think: Should Retirement is an Entitlement or is it a Privilege?Recommended Post: 6 Singapore Public Transport TipsFirst Post/Thread:Retirement is not an … [Read more...]

What we know about risk is all wrong

The chance that an investment's actual return will be different than expected. Risk includes the possibility of losing some or all of the original investment. Different versions of risk are usually measured by calculating the standard deviation of the historical returns or average returns of a specific investment. A high standard deviation indicates a high degree of risk. Read more: Risk … [Read more...]

Kashmi the Meal Money Please!


There is a new financial mobile application in Singapore: Kashmi It is a friend-to-friend money transfer app. It is the kind of app for your to do bill-splitting You can create groups with people you frequently bill-split with - convenience to send a request to ask them to transfer you the money. You will get reminders on who you still owe money to - no more awkward moments when you forget to … [Read more...]

4 Things to Do at CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow


CPF is holding their 'CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow' this weekend (sat & sun) at Suntec West Atrium! There are interesting booths, this time, around at the event. Recommended Post: 6 Singapore Public Transport Tips 1) Virtual Reality Booth Find out your retirement personality at this station but more importantly: enjoy the VR experience! Play with the machine. 2) Retirement … [Read more...]

New Movie Streaming App in Town!


There is a new movie streaming app in town! Its name is Catchplay! Features: 1) It is a movie streaming service! (No, you do not get dramas or TV series) 2) There are 2 options - unlimited streaming or 1-time rental, more on it below. 3) Don't want to pay for movies? You can sign up with CatchPlay as a non-paying member (Movie Fan Plan). You get 1 free movie every month!  Isn't that … [Read more...]

6 Singapore Public Transport Tips


We have some tips for people taking Singapore's public transport every day! These tips (or hacks) are what we know of and use, but I am sure it is not all available. Do share with us if you have more tips so that we can help one another travel more efficiently.1) Keep your Travel Transfer within 45 Mins Keep your transfer between travel to within 45 minutes. If you keep each transfer within 45 … [Read more...]

You Will Never Be Able To Retire


You won't be able to retire. There I've said it. If the word “retirement” conjure up visions of white sandy beaches, lots of travel, long sips of Pina Coladas and reading all the novels you’ve never had the time to because you’re so busy working to (ironically) save for retirement - it’s not going to happen. At least not the way you think it would. Here’s why: 10. Retirement adequacy figures are … [Read more...]