Singapore University Graduates Salary Statistics 2016


This year, Computing graduates are among those with the biggest increase in starting salaries.  NUS and NTU computing degrees are new entrants to the top 10 rankings, as can be seen in the infographic.  With Singapore rolling out the initiative of Smart Nation, we expect an even steeper increase in the salaries of these IT professionals in the years to come.  It is definitely a sunrise industry … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Singapore Government Audits

While this has not generated as much buzz as the "sexualized enacted scenes" of the NUS orientation camps (which I do not understand why this entire spectacle is an international news), this article definitely caught my attention and made me think further. The Auditor-General's Office (AGO) released a statement publishing their findings of the Government Financial Statements, after their audit of … [Read more...]

Start up Bootcamp FinTech Demo Day: Key Take-aways


As you can see from our financial events calendar, we were invited to the StartupBootcamp FinTech Demo Day on 14 July. This event was held at Gardens By the Bay in the Flower Dome, Flowerfield Hall. It was definitely a fancy affair with good ambience, innovative solutions and great crowd. The event started with an introduction of how StartupBootcamp has came along with its first expansion into … [Read more...]

What happens if my OA+SA is below BRS?


Today, we could like to address this question: What happens if my OA+SA is below the BRS? Answer: NOTHING HAPPENS!* Recommended Post: What are the Retirement Sums? 1) You do not need to personally top up your CPF accounts with your cash to reach your BRS 2) No penalty involved if you fail to meet your CPF BRS 3) It is not compulsory for your to meet your CPF BRS *4) You will … [Read more...]

Can I Opt Out of CPF LIFE?


Everyone has a goal of retiring comfortably after working more than half their lives out for money. We all hope to get a lump sum retirement fund when we reach our retirement age. But, in Singapore, our money is instead secured away and we are given a monthly income from that pool of money. Today, we will be sharing how you can get that pool of money out of your CPF! There are 2 ways to do … [Read more...]

Can I use my CPF to pay for my housing after 55?


We have got many readers asking us if they can utilise their CPF to pay for their homes after they reach the age of 55. We have found the answer for you! Answer: YES YOU CAN! When you reach the age of 55, the money in your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) and Special Account (SA) gets transferred into a new CPF Retirement Account (RA). 2 points to note when using your CPF money to pay for your … [Read more...]

What if I can’t meet the BRS/FRS?


We got many readers asking about what happens if they failed to meet their CPF Retirement Sums (or minimum sum). Today, we could like to address this question. What happens if I can't meet the BRS/FRS? Answer: NOTHING HAPPENS! Recommended Post: What are the Retirement Sums? 1) You do not need to personally top up your CPF accounts with your cash to reach your Retirement Sums 2) No … [Read more...]

Hope for BREMAIN?


    Brexit or Bremain? There is still hope for a Bremain. All is not doom as United Kingdom (UK) would require the consent of 3 other parliaments (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) plus London to agree on Brexit before UK can request to be out of the European Union (EU). The ‘out of EU’ legislation that will be drafted by the London parliament needs to be approved by the … [Read more...]

POSB New Savings Plan for NSF a Good Deal?


Is the new savings plan rolled out by POSB a good deal for NSF? We went through some of the terms and conditions of the POSB to give you a full picture and the things you need to know about it! The new Savings Plan, known as POSB Save As You Earn (SAYE) aims to help NSFs earn more interest on their savings and enjoy cash rebates when they spend money.NSFs will earn 1) 2% interest (per year) on … [Read more...]

Debt Crowdfunding 101 in Singapore

There are 4 general kinds of crowdfunding in the world. They are namely donations, pledge (or reward), equity and debt. We will be focusing on the more prominently seen method used in Singapore: Debt! It was reported on Straits Times February 2016 that MoolahSense has helped 22 companies raised a total of $5 million since it was launched in 2014. What is it? In debt funding (aka … [Read more...]

REITs Symposium 2016: Take-aways

We went to the REIT Symposium 2016 at Suntec City Convention last Saturday. Below are some points we think you might be interested to know and also some other points you should take note of. 1. Singapore REITs ETF to be launched soon on SGX An REITs ETF based on the current SGX REIT Index will soon be in the Singapore market for retailers. Instead of having to pick and diversify across the … [Read more...]

New exciting technology in an ancient system


The modern banking and finance system that we all know of isn't really all that modern and tech-savvy. With a model that existed for decades, or even centuries, the finance industry has one of the highest resistance to new technology. Only up till recently, with fear of how start-ups are able to disrupt their shares of the pie, they are opening up to collaborate to improve the uptake of technology … [Read more...]

Shares Risky & Bonds Safe?

Since the beginning of this year, there has been several bond issues in Singapore. While the interest rates on these bonds are high, we think there are actually more research into not the bonds themselves but the companies that are issuing these bonds.What are Bonds IOUs of a company issued to you. The company owes you money. The company needs to pay you a stated interest every year. The company … [Read more...]

SIAS New Initiative to Improve Corporate Governance

The Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) has recently proposed a new initiative it hope to push out: Spend $1million per year for 5 years to hire Analysts to run through listed companies' annual reports and generate questions to ask during their respective Annual General Meetings (AGM). The concept of getting its members and SGX to contribute money for SIAS to engage analysts to … [Read more...]

MBS Retail REIT Possible?


Marina Bay Sands (MBS), owned by Las Vegas Sands is considering selling or sub-dividing MBS when its government-imposed moratorium expires in 2017. MBS parent Las Vegas Sands (LVS) was said to be considering selling its luxury mall either in full or a partially. Interest in buying MBS was said to be high because of its high profile and visibility in Asia. Shopping Centre Operators, Funds, … [Read more...]

Cheaper European Goods in the Pipeline?


Singapore and China are working together on their third initiative together: Euro-Sino-Singapore Route! Chong Qing (China) is working with Singapore to create a new freight line which will reduce the cost of transportation between Singapore and Germany by 60%. Previously, European goods are mostly transported to Asia countries via air freight, which are 5 times more costly than rail freight!How … [Read more...]

ShopBack: Save with Redmart Coupons, CashBack and more!


I was looking at my expenses via the expense-tracking app in my handphone. My reaction? I was spending a tad too much on food and snacks. Things that NSFs do I guess? While I was googling for alternatives to reduce my expenses, I realised that apart from reducing takeout and preparing my own meals, there was an on-going trend of online retailers dealing in all kinds of products. They vary from … [Read more...]

The next hot favourites


We are entering an age of advancement where information flow from places to places instantaneously, connecting people closer. This trend of changes allows some companies to thrive while others to be beaten and become obsolete. I believe we should be seeing more consolidations and reorganisations of the industries. Here are some of my thoughts of the imminent hot and booming industries: 1. … [Read more...]

Consolidation of Singapore REITs


We came across an article on Bloomberg on the 24th of March 2016. It was an article that said that the smaller REITs in Singapore are going to experience a phrase of merger in the midst of raising compliance cost. Full Article Site HERE We think this presents a good investment opportunity for investors seeking income + potential for a little capital appreciation. What Are REITs? Please … [Read more...]

5 Issues with China’s Growth

As China enters its new phase of slower growth, it needs to cope with several things Drop in investments into China Declining producer prices Rising wages Rising corporate debts Shifting from export-led economy to consumption-led economy 1) China’s declining growth rate would result in less investments (local or foreign) pumping into its economy. Currently, investment rates in China … [Read more...]