How much is Dependents’ Protection Scheme (DPS) Premium?

Today we will be answering this question: How much is my Dependents' Protection Scheme (DPS) premiums? DPS is a term life insurance scheme that provides your family with a lump sum of $46,000 when you: 1) become mentally or physically incapacitated from ever continuing in any form of employement 2) passed away Its is a term insurance and is meant to insure you until you reach the age of … [Read more...]

What is the Historical CPF Minimum Sum?

This post will answer 2 questions: 1) what is the historical CPF Minimum Sum? 2) what is its growth rate like? Below is a table of the historical minimum sum since 2003. The actual minimum sum you need to have is in column 'MS adjusted for inflation'. Date MS in 2003 dollars % change in MS in 2003 dollars (A) MS adjusted for inflation % change in MS adjusted for inflation … [Read more...]

CPF Interest Versus Fixed Deposits

This post will contain a tip on how to increase your CPF returns, namely in the form of interest. One way to earn more interest from CPF is to transfer your extra money, into your CPF Special Account. Your Ordinary Account currently earns 2.5%, Special Account and Medisave Account earns 4% interest while your normal bank Fixed Deposit earns less than 2% annually. Real Life Example: My … [Read more...]

Key take-aways from The Edge ETF Forum 2015

My apologies for the long 1-month hiatus from this blog as I was handling some personal issues while juggling NS at the same time. Just an update, I was managing my family's insurance coverage and finding out more on the Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI) Initiative launched by MAS recently. Hence, I was busy shuffling between investment advisors, insurance agents and insurance forums to check out … [Read more...]

To the man who placed us on the map

Today, at 3.18 am, Mr Lee Kuan Yew was passed away peacefully at Singapore General Hospital. A man that many people regarded deeply as a visionary and revolutionist, he is also known as one of Singapore's founding fathers. Not only viewed nationally, but also internationally. To put it simply, he was the one who placed Singapore, a little red dot, on the map. A man of great determination and … [Read more...]

ETF Talk by SGX

Dear Readers, There will be a Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) talk on 28 March 2015 (Saturday). This talk is held by Singapore Exchange (SGX) and talk will include the basics of ETFs. The event is from 9am to 11.30am at DBS Auditorium, 12 Marina Boulevard Level 3. Link to the full event description is … [Read more...]

Key Points of Warren Buffett 2014 Letter to Shareholders

We understand that a lot of our readers do not have the time to read through the whole annual letter by Warren Buffett, the best investor of all time.As such, we have summarized the key points of his annual letter below for the benefit of our readers! :DWe have only summarised points that we think are important for the average investors.As majority of the annual letter relates to Berkshire … [Read more...]

How ETFs are changing the world of activists (Inspired by an article in Economist)

This post is inspired by an article that was in the Economist, edition dated 7 - 13 February. You may read the following article here:¬† While this is just a sub-topic of the entire article, I believe this would likely be the future of our market if more … [Read more...]

A random theory of evaluating companies

This is a random thought and theory on how to evaluate and price stocks. It might have majors flaws and I have not done any back testing to certify the credibility and performance. Hence, the title of "random" and I wish to stimulate discussion amongst readers.As I was sitting through a lecture, I suddenly had a thought of valuing companies by taking either their accounting averages in a business … [Read more...]

ETF Strategies

We talked about the benefits of investing in ETFs in the previous article.Link to previous article: Today, this article will be talking about the strategies that can be employed when using ETFs!Personally, I am not a technical investor but a fundamental one.Thus the strategies suggested will not require the use of technical charts etc.For me, there is a passive approach and a slightly more active … [Read more...]

ETFs are the New Kings

In recent years, there has been a lot of people saying that 'Cash is King'.Especially now where most markets have hit new highs and interests are at all time low.However, if you are looking to invest for your retirement or for the long-term, staying invested is key, and there is no better instrument than ETFs!ETFs are Exchanged Traded Funds.They are basically funds that are traded on an … [Read more...]

My Investment Loss from Amazon

As mentioned in my previous post: My 30% gain from Netflix Today's post will be my result from my Amazon trade. I took a Contract for Difference (CFD) position to short Amazon. This was because it is the most economical way to short Amazon. Outright shorting of Amazon stock does not make me feel comfortable - I rarely short stocks, especially in huge positions. The put options for Amazon are … [Read more...]

How the army has taught me the 2 most important factors of investing

I¬†apologize for the lack of updates these few weeks as the blog authors are currently serving their nation. Being a typical enlistee, time is something that we yearn for more and as we progress, more and more time seem to flow away from our hands. However, not to worry, we are still working on this blog as it is our passion and a pleasure to do so. While army has its disadvantages, it had also … [Read more...]

Love Low Oil Prices

Oil prices have hit near 5 year low; trading at or more than 50% below their peak several months back. There have been many articles and reports stating that low prices are here to stay, and that a huge rebound is not expected within the next several years. Although the retail figures published yesterday was disappointing, dropping 0.9% in December, it is not the key figure we should be overly … [Read more...]

You need Stocks to Retire

With record low interest rates set to stay and expected to almost never go back to levels during 1970s-1980s, retirees must now start planning to path way for their retirement via stock investing. In Singapore, our government pension system CPF guarantees our retirement fund a minimum interest of 2.5% on ordinary account and 4% on other accounts. However, when compared against history, this is … [Read more...]

Why you should not follow the financial news when investing

Are you one of the "investors" whom invest in stocks after reading the hot picks recommended by financial banks or advisers? By faith, you trust them for their superior knowledge and right away, you jump straight into your investment. However, the share price immediately starts to drop and regrets sets in instantly. This might be the typical story that you hear from the streets while chatting … [Read more...]

2015 will be a Great Investment Year

Investment Stab - 2015 will be a Great Investment Year

2015 will be a great investment year for everyone - if we buy the right investment. Historically over the last 70 years, the third year of all US presidents have been the most positive year in the US stock market. Photo from Kenneth L. Fisher's Market Never Forget, Chapter 7 - Poli-Ticking Above is a photo shot I had taken from "Markets Never Forget", listing the stock market's (S&P500) … [Read more...]

EVERYONE should Invest

Everyone who wishes to retire should invest for their future, irregardless of their jobs and status. Anyone relying on their savings for retirement are bound to experience a short-fall in their future income for 2 reasons: 1) The interest rates you get from your savings will never be able to match inflation rate. 2) If you save 10% of your salary each month for 40 years and aim to retire … [Read more...]

Ethical reporting has never been more important

While the creation of the Internet has allowed information to flow more efficiently and effectively, it has also resulted in extreme volatility in the markets. An example of such is the oil prices, where its price can fluctuate more than 3% in a week due to a simple announcement of the performance of US economy. This led to the importance of information and especially the "appearance" of … [Read more...]

2 Must-Read for all New Investors

Today, I would like to recommend 2 books that I think are by far the best investment books I have read since I started investing. Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio. Warren Buffett and the Art of Stock Arbitrage Both books are by Mary Buffett and David Clark. They are easy to read and easy to understand for a new investor. Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio explains how Warren Buffett identify … [Read more...]