Vested In This Marine Counter!


(I wanted to do an extensive post on this counter. But the sudden rise in its share price make me feel that I should just post what I know first.) While communicating about investing with my superior over lunch one day, he stated that he was looking at the marine industry as he felt the marine industry has hit a bottom and a turnaround was near. Although I dismissed this idea straightaway, … [Read more...]

1st Sharing Session in 2017

Since the start of the year, STI has rise from 2880 to 3133 in a short space of 3 months. Have you been making gains? I have been very lucky to make quite a number of gains within this short period. Managed to sell, as well as buy and sell: - Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited at 10% profit. - TTJ Holdings Limited at minimum 20% profit. - Singapore Airlines Limited at 5% … [Read more...]

An Interview with "Wellhandy"

This will be the 3rd interview for the year. So here we have "Wellhandy" as he is known as on InvestingNote platform. To me, he is more of a TA person because he is always taking about red line, blue line and pink line. For some time, I keep wondering if he is taking about our MRT station (Just kidding!). Joke aside, as many of you have known, I know nuts about TA or any of the coloured … [Read more...]

Counters In My Watchlist

Last weekend, I scouted the whole of SGX for counters to buy. But I eventually only bought 1 counter. In fact I fully sold 3 counters while some of the counters in my portfolio were partially sold. As stated on my Facebook Page and IN, many of the counters that I came across did not react in the way I expected it to be. One example was Rowsley Ltd - a Peter Lim company. It made significant … [Read more...]

This Counter Has Managed To Pass The Super Scorecard!


Despite holding onto this counter for almost 1 year, I realised I have yet to blog about this counter. Therefore I shall do a short review on this counter since it has recently released its full year results and its share price has ran up quite a bit. Furthermore, this counter used to pass the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion. But now I will be doing the review using … [Read more...]

The Super Scorecard

Many of you will know that I created the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion to look for a way to have a consistent view of looking for undervalued counters and counters that is able to provide at least 5% dividend yield for the next year. However, as explained in the "Different Methods of Investment" post, I engaged in other ways of investing because of the bullish feel … [Read more...]

My 10% Portfolio

1 week ago, I was informed of my new role in my company and it is taking up a lot of my time. In addition to that, I am also revamping T.U.B Circle  (I know I have been talking about it... but it will be some time later before it is launched!), arranging upcoming possible seminars, managing portfolio and planning future collaborations. Thus, I may be slower in replying comments/email or putting … [Read more...]

An Interview with "bgting"

This is the continuation of the interview series. For the month of February, I will be interviewing "bgting" as he is known on InvestingNote platform. As many of you knew, I am also an active user on the InvestingNote platform. Through my many conversation with the users on the platform, I have made friends with many established investors on the platform. "bgting"stands out as one of the … [Read more...]

Different Methods Of Investment

Although I stated that in this post and then this post that I will not engage other kind of investing (except for those written), but due to the buoyant state of Singapore Stock Market currently, I went ahead to try a few other methods - with some success. Super Scorecard For those that have read my articles, you will have knew that I have created my own unique way of investment. I started … [Read more...]

This Singapore Counter Is Learning To Fly In The Next Few Months!


My quirky investment methods has bought me another interesting counter. By exploring different ways of screening for counters, I chanced upon Ocean Sky International Ltd. What caught my attention was the business activities - Ocean Sky International Ltd - stated on the SGX Website! "Ocean Sky International Limited, an investment holding company, through its 100% interest in Ang Tong Seng … [Read more...]

Exciting News Ahead For This Counter!


Happy Chinese New Year! Hope everyone have a great year ahead! For many investors and traders, Chinese New Year came early asthe Singapore Stock Market is in a buoyant mood and a lot of people are making gains. For me, I was lucky to get enough rights excess of the Sabana REIT to have an average price of $0.320. I have since sold all my Sabana REIT shares. The other lucky shot I had was … [Read more...]

"This Singapore counter rise 30% over 3 days!"


As some of you have read, I have adjusted my investment methods this year in order to achieve my target gain of in excess of 10% for my portfolio by the end of 2017. Other than looking at counters that pass my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard or the Dividend Scorecard Portion, I am also looking for counters with sustainable business model with catalyst that will ignite the share price … [Read more...]

Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd – Sitting On Unrealised Gold


Readers of my blog will know that I am a huge supporter of this counter, Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd. Fundamentally it still stand as one of the best property counter in my view - loaded with cash that can at least cover the dividend for another 3 years and having development properties without any debt. Recently, I had a discussion with a reader on this company. He is an accountant and were … [Read more...]

An Interview with "SG TTI"

As stated in the last post of 2016, I am restarting the interview series. I will try to have an interview with an interesting investor every month in 2017. For Jan, I will start with interviewing SG Thumbtack Investor aka SG TTI. If you have yet to read his blog, I urged you to do so soon. I only knew about his blog after he sent me an email to exchange on a guest post. Right now, I … [Read more...]

New Explanation for PE and PB Ratios

So the morale of the Untold Story that I want to portray is that: 1) Please don't anyhow follow the trend, follow the people, follow the tips; 2) Do your own analysis and make your own decision. I believe if you constantly make your own decision, you will slowly find the right criteria and start making gains! To assist a newbie on making this decision, I suggest using these 2 ratios to … [Read more...]

The Untold Story Of The Stock Market

Before I start telling you the story, I just like to tell the readers that I am not "forgetting" about the Singapore Stock Market. Although I am starting to look at the U.S. Stock Market, but I will not forget my roots. I will be updating on my Sabana REIT journey soon... So let get back to this "Untold Story". Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any similar event/name/situation are … [Read more...]

My 1st Post of 2017


I will just like to apologize for the lack of post for the last 2 weeks. Other than taking the holiday breaks, I am busy learning about US Stock Market. As I have emphasized so many times, I intend to invest in the US Stock Market in the very near future. Many will ask why will I invest in the US Stock Market now, when Dow Jones Index is at all time high? There are 2 reasons. Firstly I … [Read more...]

Bye Bye 2016 ~ Welcome 2017!

This shall be the last post for T.U.B Investing in 2016. This blog grew bigger in 2016 and I really appreciate everyone who read and commented. Without you, I will never be where I am today in this blogging journey. To recap, here are some of the interesting things I did in 2016 as the writer of T.U.B Investing: 1. Started a Triple S Scorecard Online Course with Stockflock. This was … [Read more...]

My Roller-coaster Ride with Sabana REIT

Before I start, it will be good to note that I am a noob at REIT. I have not come up with a method of how to value REIT. So read this with a pinch of salt... Prior to Sabana REIT recent rights issue, I have always kept a watch on it. Although I always understand how lousy the Sabana REIT management team is, I still feel there is always a price for Sabana REIT. Furthermore, I am always trying … [Read more...]

Additional Consideration For The Plan Since Fed Raise Interest Rate

As announced on 15 Dec 2016,  Fed raises interest rate. There was also some indication that it will continue to raise interest rate for 3 times in the year 2017. Do note that "debt" stated in this post below relates to "bank borrowings" and "interest bearing debt". How will this impacted my plan? For those companies that are significant leveraged, their net profit will be impacted … [Read more...]