An Interview With Faye Wang

For this month's interviewee, you may not really know her (yup, at last, an interviewee that is a female!), but she is actually a stock market analyst on InvestingNote. I first noticed her was when she posted her analysis of Sheng Shiong on InvestingNote. It was quite detailed and seems to have addressed some of the changes in Sheng Shiong over the last few years. She has also continued … [Read more...]

A Review Of The Recent Results Of The Small/Mid Caps In My Portfolio

Before I start, I like to apologize for the lack of post and updates on my TUB Investing Facebook Page and InvestingNote. This was because of my new role at work (I think I stated this before) and I was overseas recently. In addition, I will be on reservist soon. So the lack of updates will most probably continue. As per the title of this post, many of my small and mid caps has just released … [Read more...]

Review of Singapore’s Construction Sector – Part 3

Dear Readers, This is Part 3 of the Review of the Singapore Construction Sector - the final review of the trilogy.Part 1 was meant as a more qualitative approach, while Part 2 reviewed the counters via a quantitative approach instead. For Part 3, it will be rather short. I will basically be testing each selected counter against, what I am known for, the Super Scorecard.Do read up on Part 1 … [Read more...]

I want to help.

This is supposed to be a post on the part 3 of the review of Singapore Construction Industry. But I came across this 2 articles and felt I had to write about it.Article 1: Investors cry foul over firm's oil bunkering schemeArticle 2: Now, founder of collapsed JJPTR offers new scheme with 35% returnsWhy did people still fall for these scams?A conclusion I came across is that because these … [Read more...]

A talk on "Fundamental Analysis: The Contrarian Approach"


For those who still do not know, I will be collaborating with InvestingNote by giving a talk on "Fundamental Analysis: The Contrarian Approach". Unlike the previous talk which focus on my scorecards or investing methods (there will definitely still be overlapping information), I will be focusing more on talk about investing via a contrarian approach. In my own opinion, if everyone thinks in … [Read more...]

Review of Singapore’s Construction Sector – Part 2


This is Part 2 of the Review of the Singapore Construction Sector. Part 1 was meant as a more qualitative approach. Part 2 will be using a quantitative approach instead. Do read up on Part 1 here. Prior to this writing, SG Thumbtack Investor has pointed out on InvestingNote, this maybe too much a generalization of the companies within the construction industry. Read his full … [Read more...]

Review of Singapore’s Construction Sector – Part 1

Dear Readers, I am continuing my search for, what Warren Buffett will have exclaimed – the next “wonderful company at only fair prices”. Therefore, to search for this company, I decided to try searching within the construction industry. The interest in construction industry was triggered due to a few reasons such as: This video via Flyinpeach – Singapore continuous infrastructure … [Read more...]

An Interview With "BULLytheBEAR"

The next person appearing on my interview series is "BULLytheBEAR", as he is known within the blogosphere and InvestingNote platform. He has been in the finance blogsphere long before I started my blog. Despite being so much more famous/popular than me, whenever I chatted with him on any of the platforms, he is always ready to help. My initial impression of him is that he is a FA … [Read more...]

Launch of T.U.B Circle


Dear Readers,T.U.B Investing will be launching its database site - T.U.B Circle. This database will contain of my scorecards of the various companies in SGX.The database contains Enhanced Triple S Scorecards, which I no longer distributes. and all the Super Scorecards that I had done. Over time, I will continue to add more Super Scorecards of companies I analyse into the database.If you are … [Read more...]

I Purchased This Counter At Last!

Recently, rather than bottom fishing for counters, I decide maybe I can try to find the next counter that has the possibility of doubling in share price within the next 2 years. I had a few good picks in the past, such as PNE Industries Ltd, Hock Lian Seng Holdings Ltd, Ellipsiz Ltd and Captii Ltd, that has gain significantly - doubling or almost doubling in share price over a 2 to 3 years … [Read more...]

My Oversea Investments

If you had read my blog, you will have read in my previous posts that I had engaged in investing in the US and HK stock market. However, I have yet to explain or even write about these investments. So this will be my first post on my overseas investment. Why did I engage in Overseas Investment? My interest in overseas investment started while I traveled to US and Hong Kong during my last … [Read more...]

Counters In My Watchlist – An Update

This is just an update to readers who had read about the post "Counters In My Watchlist". So what had happened to these counters after 1 month and what is my decision moving forward? 1. Yongnam Holdings Ltd As predicted, Yongnam's share price has ranged from 0.199 to 0.210 over this 1 month. I had told many people (even during my sharing session conducted recently), and also stated in … [Read more...]

This Counter Rise 20% In 5 Days!


Again, I seem to have proven my methods works at least in a bull market. I bought Falcon Energy Group Limited on 25 March 2017 at $0.111 per share based on my method of bottom fishing. The purchase was triggered when I saw that the counter was at near to its 52 weeks low share price. Furthermore, I realise the counter has been buying back shares for a prolonged period. So is the downtrend … [Read more...]

My 10% Portfolio – Changes After 1 Quarter


Before I proceed with the main topic of this post, I just want to say my thanks to those who came and spent their Saturday Morning listening to me "talk". Hopefully everyone that turn up had learnt something that day! Back to the main topic...  These are the updates to my 10% Portfolio: As per Previous Post Current Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Oversea-Chinese Banking … [Read more...]

Vested In This Marine Counter!


(I wanted to do an extensive post on this counter. But the sudden rise in its share price make me feel that I should just post what I know first.) While communicating about investing with my superior over lunch one day, he stated that he was looking at the marine industry as he felt the marine industry has hit a bottom and a turnaround was near. Although I dismissed this idea straightaway, … [Read more...]

1st Sharing Session in 2017

Since the start of the year, STI has rise from 2880 to 3133 in a short space of 3 months. Have you been making gains? I have been very lucky to make quite a number of gains within this short period. Managed to sell, as well as buy and sell: - Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited at 10% profit. - TTJ Holdings Limited at minimum 20% profit. - Singapore Airlines Limited at 5% … [Read more...]

An Interview with "Wellhandy"

This will be the 3rd interview for the year. So here we have "Wellhandy" as he is known as on InvestingNote platform. To me, he is more of a TA person because he is always taking about red line, blue line and pink line. For some time, I keep wondering if he is taking about our MRT station (Just kidding!). Joke aside, as many of you have known, I know nuts about TA or any of the coloured … [Read more...]

Counters In My Watchlist

Last weekend, I scouted the whole of SGX for counters to buy. But I eventually only bought 1 counter. In fact I fully sold 3 counters while some of the counters in my portfolio were partially sold. As stated on my Facebook Page and IN, many of the counters that I came across did not react in the way I expected it to be. One example was Rowsley Ltd - a Peter Lim company. It made significant … [Read more...]

This Counter Has Managed To Pass The Super Scorecard!


Despite holding onto this counter for almost 1 year, I realised I have yet to blog about this counter. Therefore I shall do a short review on this counter since it has recently released its full year results and its share price has ran up quite a bit. Furthermore, this counter used to pass the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion. But now I will be doing the review using … [Read more...]

The Super Scorecard

Many of you will know that I created the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion to look for a way to have a consistent view of looking for undervalued counters and counters that is able to provide at least 5% dividend yield for the next year. However, as explained in the "Different Methods of Investment" post, I engaged in other ways of investing because of the bullish feel … [Read more...]