"This is the Gem I was talking about"


Previously, I had said that through the InvestingNote platform, I was able to find a gem from one of the thread discussion. I had also talk about this company in another of my previous post. This company is Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited. In the past, I was very skeptical about this company as its ultimate shareholder, Wheelock and Company Limited, is located in Hongkong. I … [Read more...]

I Managed To Close All My Positions Using Deep Value Strategy


If you have read about my previous post about changing plans, I have finally did it. I had CLOSED all my positions in my portfolio that was involved in the deep value strategy. I have always emphasize that this is a high risk, high return strategy. However, during such bad times, I came to a realisation that eventually all the stocks in SGX will be in deep value. In that situation, will you … [Read more...]

I have been using InvestingNote!


Recently, I have been using InvestingNote actively, much more than Facebook. I was initially very skeptical about InvestingNote, thinking it was just another website/app about stocks flooding with investing/trading courses and news. But how wrong I was? Ever since I started using InvestingNote, I realised I have spent much lesser time on Facebook. It has currently become the most active … [Read more...]

Is Fraser Centrepoint Ltd still the best?


Update 17 Nov 2016: Please note that as per Scorecard comparison below, Amara Holdings Ltd should deserved a "yellow cell" for having the lowest Last 12 Months PE. Thus, this will basically change the Fraser Centrepoint Ltd from 5 yellow cells to 4 yellow cells - Which Meant the company is no longer the BEST! Nevertheless, its Last 12 Months PE is still the 2nd lowest. If you remember my last … [Read more...]

Are you prepared for Trump?


Trump claims the White House. That must spell disaster for the market, right? What a lie. Not only did the market not crash, it reacted well to President Trump. Bloomberg didn’t think the market would be remotely excited about Trump as the president. How wrong that was. No one took Trump seriously when he first started. How wrong that was too. Now, we think Asia is in trouble because … [Read more...]

M1 Ltd – A Different Perspective


M1 Ltd has been falling for a prolonged period, from the heights of $3.930 on April 2015, till $2.020 on 31 Oct 2016, before recovering slightly recently. Over the period of freefall, there was also a slight recovery during this period of fall. Nevertheless, as per the chart below, the share price is currently at the lowest point over the last 5 years. Why? Many factors has caused this … [Read more...]

"One with the F&B Business That Got Listed Recently"


I thought about whether I want to really write about this "falling knife" since it only gotten listed recently. Writing it may make it worse for the existing shareholders. My rationale for looking at this stock was because: 1. It is in the food and beverage business - something my portfolio is lacking and something I am interested in. The price has been falling - After reaching the … [Read more...]

"One With Dormitory Business"


As per my previous post, I will be writing about "One with the dormitory business". I am not sure if your guess is correct. But the stock that I will be writing about is - Centurion Corporation Limited. Do note that this is not part of my dividend series. Profile In Short (Directly taken from AR2015) Centurion Corporation Limited is one of Singapore’s largest workers and student … [Read more...]

Some Updates For T.U.B Investing Blog


Its been some time since I posted anything as I have been overseas.   Do you know which country is this? I am also rather busy as I am creating an extended website for T.U.B Investing blog. Remember the idea of producing a website full of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion on all the stocks in SGX? Yes. This is in the works and it will be … [Read more...]

My In-depth Analysis of Fraser Centrepoint Limited

Influenced by B’s post, I went into the in-depth analysis of Fraser Centrepoint Limited. Actually, this stock has been on my watchlist for ages. But I decided to postpone it as I was busy at work and also busy with promoting the Dividend Scorecard as well as my sharing sessions. Nevertheless, after my in-depth analysis, I made the purchase of Fraser Centrepoint Limited. The reason of my … [Read more...]

4th Sharing Session with T.U.B


This will be my last Sharing Session with T.U.B for the year and it will be relatively different due to the following: 1. It will be conducted on a weekday evening. 2. The session will be shorten to 2.5 hours. The reason for this change is because people have been requesting for weekday sessions and I decided to cater to it. However, since I will be working, the session can only be … [Read more...]

My Plan Has Change…

The economy is sick. Currently, it seems like no “bad” news is good news. When Fed didn't increase the interest rate, the market seem to be in a sudden boom. When oil price rise a bit, we become so happy and it seems like oil has rise to $80 again. When oil price drop a bit, we become so scared. But when a big firm, such as Hanjin or Deutsche Bank came out with major bad news, the … [Read more...]

Sing Holdings Ltd – Latest Purchase of Residential Site at Fernvale Road


Being the advocater of Sing Holdings Ltd previously, I feel that I should provide my comments on their latest purchase of the residential site at Fernvale Road. This plot of land seems to be besides or near High Park Residences, that was purchased and developed by Chip Eng Seng. This purchase was also a collaboration between Sing Holdings Ltd (70%) and Wee Hur Holdings Ltd (30%). Details … [Read more...]

TTJ Holdings Ltd – Full Year Results Announced


On 26 Sep 2016, TTJ Holdings Ltd announced the latest full year financial results for 2016. Share price has since fallen 15% the next day. So here is a summary of the financials: - Significant increase in revenue and also increase net profit - Slight reduction in investment property and fixed asset - Was able to maintain cash amount from 2015 to 2016, despite giving an 8 cents dividend in … [Read more...]

The Value Portfolio – Recent Actions and Views – Post 10

Yes. I know I stated that I will not be posting about my portfolio anymore. But I decided its time to just do a short post to update my readers after such a long time. The following stocks that are currently in my portfolio (Read here for past updates): Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited PNE Industries Limited Chuan Hup Holding Limited LHT Holdings Limited TTJ Holdings … [Read more...]

The Dividend Series – Lee Metal Group Ltd


This will be the 3rd post for the Dividend Series. This stock is requested by a reader. Having so many steel companies in my portfolio, I have always tried my best to ignore this stock. So now, I guess its time to test Lee Metal Group Ltd against my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion. Profile In Short Established since 2000, Lee Metal Group Ltd is a distributor … [Read more...]

The Dividend Series – Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd


This will be the 2nd post of the Dividend Series. Read the previous write up here. The 2nd usual suspect is... Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd! It is another stock that is generally known to give out regularly dividend. But will it pass my Dividend Scorecard Portion of the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard? Profile In Short Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd is a one-stop specialist … [Read more...]

Subscribe for Enhanced Triple S Scorecard


This will be a short post. After distributing the Triple S Scorecard for such a long time, I guess its time to pass the readers the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard instead. Previously, I only provided participants, who attended the Sharing Sessions with T.U.B, a copy of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard. But now, I will release it to everyone who request and subscribe for it. Nevertheless, it will … [Read more...]

The Dividend Series – Powermatic Data System Ltd


I am starting a string of new posts deem as the Dividend Series. In this series, I will test some of the "usual suspects", that deem to produce 5% of dividend yield annually, against my Dividend Scorecard Portion. Do note that these stocks are, in my opinion, "popular value stocks". There are already significant information in the internet on them. Thus, my post will be more focus on how the … [Read more...]

The Dividend Scorecard – An Extension of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard – Part 2


This is the follow up on the write up of the Search for Dividend Stocks and the write up on Part 1 of Dividend Scorecard Portion. For this post, I will be explaining about how the Dividend Scorecard Portion was tested. From a list of stocks that produces 5% dividend yield from 2012 to 2016, I only choose a small sample of 4 stocks that I believe will continue to TRY to produce a high … [Read more...]