USP Group Limited – My Major Bet On Discount To Net Asset Value Again…

Sorry but I have been extremely busy lately, thus the lack of posting. Anyway, as you should have read, I am exploring a new way of looking at investing – Deep Value Investing. I will only be allocating about 10% of my portfolio to this portion of investment. BBR Holding Ltd is one of the examples. For stocks in my portfolio that pass Triple S Scorecard or of Blue Chip Status, I realise … [Read more...]

An Interview with "B"

This is a new series that I will be doing - either to get people to put up guest post or doing interview with bloggers. Today, I have the honour of interviewing "B", the owner of blog, A Path to Forever Financial Freedom. His blog first caught my eye cause of the way he invests and the goal of achieving financial freedom. We seem to be on the same path but different ways and different methods. … [Read more...]

The Value Portfolio – Recent Actions and Views – Post 7

I guess it is time to update my portfolio after an "action packed" February. The total number of stocks when from 20 to 25! There is a number of reasons behind it: - I started looking at companies with Price to Book Ratio at less than 0.500. For these companies, I am looking more at Net Asset Value with a very big margin of safety. However, these companies most probably will not pass my … [Read more...]

TTJ Holdings Ltd – Another Long Overdue Update


Another reader was requesting an update on TTJ Holdings Ltd. So here is the overdue post on TTJ Holdings Ltd... Please read the previous post for more information first on 28 Sep 2015. Based on the Triple S Scorecard: Although I suffered paper losses, but... Cash is King - The company is still loaded with cash. As usual, having cash is important especially during period of … [Read more...]

Chuan Hup Holding Ltd – An Overdue Update


It has an long long time since I did any update on Chuan Hup Holding Ltd. The last post was dated 13 September 2015. I will not be long winded and talk about Chuan Hup Holding Ltd (Please read through the previous post). Based on the Triple S Scorecard: Although I suffered paper losses, but... Still very rich - The Group still has $93.442 Million in cash. Note that although most of … [Read more...]

TalkMed Group Ltd – An Amazing Net Profit Generator


After writing about BBR Holding (S) Ltd, I got a request from a friend to review on TalkMed Group Ltd. He said it was my "kinda" of company. Thus, I look at its latest financial report and it got me interested. Profile In Short TalkMed Group Limited is mainly involved in providing cancer related medical services and operates a network of 8 clinics in Singapore. Recently it has … [Read more...]

BBR Holding (S) Ltd – Significant Discount To Asset Value

Due to the extreme downtrend, I started looking at companies with asset value that are 50% more than their share price. While searching, BBR Holdings (S) Ltd appeared in my list. Profile In Short The BBR Holding (S) Ltd engages in the general construction, specialized engineering, and property development businesses. The company’s General Construction segment offers design and build, … [Read more...]

The Value Portfolio – Recent Actions and Views – Post 6

Before I provide any update on my portfolio, I just want to apologized to my readers. I really felt that my last post about the "entry prices" or even the last few posts about "my strategy" is a bit  "rubbish" as I seem to rush though it. I seem to be caught in volatility of the recent stock market turmoil and didn't think too clearly about what I should be writing about. As stated before, I … [Read more...]

Target Price During This Crazy Time

When Japan announced that they are adopting negative interest rate, I decided that a new era has arrived. Imagine lending $100k to expand your business, and after 5 years, you only need to return $100k or maybe slight higher. Cost of borrowing will have really gone down for the corporates and even the savers. Individuals, who are savers, will have to find alternatives to get more return. Stock … [Read more...]

M1 – The First Trial On A Blue-Chip


I will be using M1 as the first company to test my Triple S Scorecard. Profile In Short If you do not know what M1 does or is, you do not know Singapore enough. In simple terms, M1 is still one of the only 3 telecommunication companies in Singapore.  Based On Triple S Scorecard: Why So Good? Defensive Stock - Telecom Companies are deem as defensive stocks, due to their business … [Read more...]

FINAL Update In My Strategy


What is happening in the market next - How will I know? Read the post here and here on my previous view of my strategy. STI has failed to break the 2500 points on Friday and instead rises 44.39 points to 2577.09 points. Some said this is due to the announcement of QE by China and Europe. Others said that it is because the market is oversold. There are also people saying QE is poison and … [Read more...]

My Strategy In A Bear Market – Update

You may have read about my strategy for the bear market in this post. This is just a short update. After looking at the STI free falling till 2559 today, I decided to enhanced my strategy. I will only start buying stocks once (1) STI falls below 2500 and (2) the company must pass my Triple S Scorecard. Previously I stated I will still buy quality stocks that pass the Triple S Scorecard … [Read more...]

My Strategy In This Bear Market


As you should know, the bear has arrived. Everyone is explaining about their own differentiated views and directions. Thus, it is starting to get a bit confusing. So I guess its time to review how I should approach this Bear Market and this post will be a reminder. My mission is to "Buy Quality Companies With High Margin Of Safety That Can Withstand This Short Term Volatility And Sustain … [Read more...]

PNE Industries Ltd – Sunset Industry?

For the 1st post of 2016, as per what I said in the previous post – to continue with more writing of analysis of companies I owe or shortlist or just “kaypoh”. This will be in line to promote the use of Triple S Scorecard and it will also show the readers how it will help with the analysis of the company. I will also try to track the price changes and update the analysis once the quarter … [Read more...]

The Value Portfolio – Recent Actions and Views – Post 5

I am lucky enough to be in time to post my last blog post in 2015 - A review of my portfolio. My overall portfolio has not done well - it was down an average of about 5%. However, looking on the bright side, it is still better than how the STI performed over the year. The following are stocks in my portfolio: 1) ISDN Holding Limited + Post 2 2) Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited 3) … [Read more...]

Rising Interest Rate and A Stronger USD $

On 16 Dec, Fed increases the interest rate in USA. In this modern world, this increment in interest rate will eventually cause the Singapore Interest rate to increase as well. There is a whole lot of information on the net explaining this link This rise in interest rate will also result in a strong USD dollar in future. So how will this affect the companies in Singapore? Higher … [Read more...]

Why The Triple S Scorecard Do Not Have The "ROE" Criteria?


After reading this article from the fifth person, I was wondering if it is the right move to not include the ROE as a criteria. In my initial Scorecard, I did include an analysis of ROE as a criteria. But I remove it for the Triple S Scorecard because of the chapter 21, Market Consistently Underprices Quality, in Show Me The Money Book 2. It basically states mean reversion of ROE does have over … [Read more...]

Recent Views on Investment Environment (As of 07 Dec 2015)

It's been a while since I did a write up on the investment environment. So far...I only have 1 word for it - BAD. This conclusion is formed due to 1 reason - The Oil Price Is Still Falling. This is mainly due to supply and demand factors: Oversupply due to USA increasing its shale oil output and other oil production. Thus, the usual suppliers like Saudi Arabia start to sell to Asian … [Read more...]

Leisure Reading Articles for the Singapore Strategy in 2016

Sorry for the lack of articles lately as I am preparing for the course and have been busy too... This post is just informing you that I have 4 articles from the banks on hand: - Credit Suisse Asia Pacific Strategy for 2016 - OCBC Investment Research on Singapore Strategy for 2016 - RHB Singaore Smart Nation Article - RHB Singapore Strategy for 2016 If you are interested in all … [Read more...]

Accordia Golf Trust – The Next Post

The reaction to my first post about Accordia Golf Trust was great. Here are some of the comments I received: "I dont think the calculation for the dividends is correct. I think you are taking trailing 9 months plus 6 months" "Going forward, the FY16 DPU may drop to 4.64c..." "Q3 is low season (winter)... and Q4 make up the balance. This is probably the 'worst' case scenario." "Oct … [Read more...]