Author: The 21 Year Old Heartland Boy Financial Journey

Unfounded Sell-off?

Volatility and Uncertainty, these two words are perfect definitions of what the market has been. Its been a busy 3 months transiting and settling down into university. Expenses have skyrocketed and income is now zero. In my 4 years of investing, this has been the deepest red sea I’ve found myself swimming in. Honestly, i am trembling and am feeling trepidation. There have been many varying macro factors around the world, and there is a plenitude of negative consumer sentiments going around. I too have been tempted to follow the herd in the recent sell-off, but once again resisted....

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Concerns of a 22 Years Old Average Joe in Transition (ORD, University, and Stocks?)

In less than 2 months, I’ll be phasing through another major transition in life. From a soldier into a fresh undergraduate. It has only just hit me just how much of a big change this is. -No longer will i have additional time to pursue my side business and my language learning. -No longer will i be unburdened by academic projects and the pursuit of excellent grades. – No longer will i be able to enjoy free lunch meals. – No longer will i be receiving any allowances from my military service. Once again, I’ll be thrown back into...

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Financial Worries of a Millennial in Singapore

Just this morning, China slapped retaliatory tariffs on certain US goods. Although they were not as damaging as the ones imposed by the US, we all know it is a warning. The worst case scenario here will be for the US to hit back with another silly and unnecessary tariff action. With this tension about a potential full scale trade war happening, markets are dragged and everyone is on edge. With my current counters already running red and not having made a recovery from the recent correction, i am frustrated and apprehensive about what is to come. And with...

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My First 100K

A good day to everyone! As i tabulated my monthly expenses and assets yesterday, i arrived to the pleasant surprise of having achieved my first $100,000. This amount comprises of my liquid cash and other assets. All in all, i have barely hit the $100,000 mark with just a few dollars to spare. One Macdonald’s meal will push me back down below the mark hahaha. This achievement is only possible due to the unprecedented rise in the stock market for the past week, but still i am delighted with this milestone. Nevertheless, I’ll not be complacent and will continue...

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