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AVIVA MyLifeSavingsPlan | More For Child Savings Than Retirement!

Why is it MyLifeSavingsPlan? I think it’s simply because it’s SAVINGS for a LIFETIME (Till age99 maturity to be exact). Actually if you own this policy you and pass away, it can even be seen as saving for your next generation. Some background on MyLifeSavingsPlan? PRUWealth is the first solution of this nature from my memory. Then came Manulife ReadyBuilder Plan. AVIVA may be the third and latest insurer to issue a till age99 endowment plan A.k.a Perpetual Endowment plan. Source If you’ve a child on the way or an infant now, how to use MyLifeSavingsPlan to plan for...

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What Is IFAST DPMS? | How You Can Get Invested For Long Term!

IFAST runs this portfolio IFAST DPMS whereby you or any investor in it gives discretion to the asset manager (IFAST) to manage the portfolio on your behalf fully. DPMS stands for Discretionary Portfolio Management Solutions. The investment service helps you invest for the long term by 1) Choosing the opportunities in the market to invest more (If china equities are cheap, the portfolio has more of it) 2) Choosing the best performing fund (wouldn’t it be make sense to choose better performing funds) 3) Keeping portfolio according to your risk profile (this is done by re-balancing) How to find...

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Pat’s Schoolhouse & Brighton Montessori school fees 2020

We received a notice that our boy’s fees were going to be revised upwards for 2020. The coming jump in prices was substantial. Mrs and I wondered if it was fair. Hence, we checked out the 3 neighbouring premier childcare centres to understand the price range there. After all, our last childcare centre tour was 2 years ago. The prices stated below are of the centre near my place. Centre prices may differ from each other so if you are keen, do drop down to check personally. But what I realised was most of the online numbers for fees...

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Best Shield Plan for Newborn Baby (Updated 2019)

​From registering for birth certificate to CDA account. Parenting in the modern world goes beyond sheltering, changing, and feeding. Choosing a shield plan for your newborn is VERY important. Let’s discuss in detail about Integrated Shield Plans (ISP or shield plan) for your newborn baby. Just to be clear, ​Shield plans are add-ons to Medishield Life, so there is no duplicates or double payment. In this article, when shield plan is mentioned, it is referring to Private Insurer’s Shield Plans. What is Deductibles and Co-Insurance? ​With recent changes announced by Ministry of Health (MOH), all shield plans and their...

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