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We were invited to the SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards!

The SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards 2017 happened on Tuesday Night and we were part of the fun! The awards were given to various categories including the Singapore Corporate Governance Award, Transparency Award, Best Retail Broker Award and more. Check out the all the respective winners here. Our Founder & CEO, Shanison Lin along with Dinesh Dayani (left), co-founder of DollarsAndSense. The SIAS Investors’ Choice Awards is a great initiative not only to give credit to good listed companies and financial institutions, but also to highlights the solidarity of the investing community in Singapore. We were glad to have been a...

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It’s On! Visit our office at Walkabout SG

Come visit us during Walkabout SG – Friday, September 22nd Walkabout is the annual, city-wide open house for technology companies. On Friday, September 22nd you’re invited to check out the spaces, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look at the most innovative companies in Singapore. Sponsors include SGX, NUS Enterprise, Amazon Web Services and Google. Check out the spaces, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look over 120 of the most innovative companies in Singapore and InvestingNote is one of them! We currently have one of the most sign ups to visit our office on Walkabout SG...

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New ebook available on our store

We’ve a new ebook for sale in our store! This ebook, 9 To 5 Investing Handbook: How You Can Build A Million Dollar Portfolio From The Comfort Of Your 9-5 Job is specially created for busy working professionals who want to learn quick and simple strategies of how to invest successfully. In addition, You will also learn: • 5 Common Myths of Investing and How to Debunk them • 3 Simple Ways to ‘Ride’ the Market • 4 Easy Steps to Pick the Top 5% Funds • How to get Recurring Income from Dividend Stocks and REITs • 7 Robust Criteria...

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5 things every investor needs to know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin: The world’s most famous and fastest-rising crypto-currency. Just a few weeks ago, when China made the news by publicly announcing that Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are banned, Bitcoin’s price plunged more than 10%. However, the price reaction to this news is nothing compared to the bull run since Bitcoin’s inception. source: So, what is Bitcoin really? Bitcoin (BTC) is a type of cryptocurrency: Balances are kept using public and private “keys,” which are long strings of numbers and letters linked through the mathematical encryption algorithm that was used to create them. BTC was created by someone known by the pseudonym, Satoshi...

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New Update: Company Announcements

New Company Announcements Feature We’ve just released an ‘announcements’ tab, which features all the related announcements filed by listed companies to SGX. Such as share-buybacks, insider transactions, acquisition offers and much more. To access the announcements, you have to login to and you can either click the ‘announcements’ tab in the main feed page (in between news and research tab) or search for your favourite stock and click on the similar tab there. This is currently available on desktop only. if you’d like to see this feature on our app, please vote below! This is another step...

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Free Investing e-Books For Investors!

Free-Books To Level Up Your Investing Knowledge We know that there are very good content being discussed in our platform, but at times, it can sink to the bottom of the Feed over time. Hence, we’ve compiled the best and timeless works written by our community members in InvestingNote, and made them into a beautiful e-Book series. There’s a total of 5 volumes, each with a different theme, encompassing the respective views of different authors. These e-Books were created with permission of the respective community members. This series is entirely free and only exclusive to all our our community...

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A Secret of Investing And Trading That Investors Don’t Tell You

Investing and trading is both a science and art. This is The Art Of Understanding Probability On Investing And Trading. This post is contributed by one of our veteran community members, @Li_Guang_Sheng.  Read the post in full below: This weekend, I will be sharing on my usage of applying probability. For me, for every decision that we make, whether you are confident or not, the actual chance when you make that decision to predict up or down is 50/50. It is the same logic as a coin toss/ or drawing a red or black card, the chance of being correct...

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Market Insights Seminar @ CIMB Re-cap!

For the first time ever, we held a Market Insights Seminar that consisted of 3 key speakers, each with a different forte in investing methodology. We got the experts into one special setting, bringing them offline to connect with retail investors to widen their investing knowledge and acumen. Special thanks to presenters @TUBInvesting, @BrennenPak, @marubozu for sharing their views and insights on the market! The audience also got to participate in the panel discussion, where they actively asked the experts on the burning questions they had as investors. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and attended our seminar. Also, special thanks to @CIMB_Securities for providing...

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Top SGX Stocks Every Investor Needs To Know in 2017

Our Singapore stock exchange (SGX) offers more than 700 stocks in total. The Singapore Stock Exchange, SGX These 700+ Singapore stocks consist of blue chips, dividend stocks, growth stocks, value stocks, penny stocks etc. So, where do investors start from? Some of the key screening criterias investors use to categorise stocks include dividend yield, price to earning (P/E) ratio, sharebuy back and more. Here, we’ve compiled a top SGX stock list (non-exhaustive) according the various criterias for your reference. Top Dividend Yield High dividend stocks in Singapore are generally attractive as we are not required to pay for our...

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