STI ETF Benchmark comparison


SGXCafe is a great portfolio management website for me (although I do my own excel spreadsheets to track as well). However, there was always something that bugged me. There is a time weighted return benchmark of my portfolio vs the STI ETF, however, for XIRR there was none. So I was bored and all and decided to create 3 separate portfolios of STI ETF, Bought on the closing price on … [Read more...]

OCBC 360 MEH update!


Well, this morning I woke up to an OCBC notice about the 360 account. Talk about meh. Not something I wanna wake up to. So summarise the changes, they put: I would be getting 1.2%+0.3%+0.05%, with an optional 0.3% (I am recently spending less than $500 on my credit cards). So that's 1.55%+0.3% for the 360 account. My first thought was looking at my current profile and matching with the … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Feb 2017)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for February 2017 Trying to finish the remainder of my watchlist, leaving mostly REITs (I'm only 72% of the way T_T). Sell ARA at Buy M1 at 1.76 Reasons Figured it is very close to delisting price (due to a recent spike upon announcement), as well as the announcement that no special dividends will be paid, maybe I cash out now.  Looking at a … [Read more...]

Tibits I learnt from "Building Wealth Through REITs"


Had a discussion with a classmate during a wedding of another (Congrats again, P!), where we also knew almost no one on the table as well. Was having some discussion about condo rental in Singapore. That got me thinking, so I decided to find some ebooks on the subject (with many people being able to publish ebooks easily nowadays, it is quite annoying to find the gems as there's many … [Read more...]

Singapore Savings Bonds in OCBC iBanking


Recently I noticed that there was a new option in OCBC iBanking. I was looking through the website and I saw this option: Seems like we can buy SGS from iBanking now! Clicking on it, we get: Looks like even the Singapore Government Securities (SGS) are there! For the ease for most people (no volatility) and considering SGSs are rather illiquid, I would discuss SSB for this post … [Read more...]

Tibits I learnt from "Portfolios of the Poor"


I have been slowing down the number of posts recently as I have been reading more often (takes some time). Thought might be good to share some interesting things I learnt from reading books (I'll read some fiction in rotation so not all would be focused on learning). So here we go. The premise of the book is about clearing up misunderstandings about who, what and how the poor live. Social … [Read more...]

Getting into eBooks


Normally, if I read on my phone I tend to use FBreader (the sepia background helps with reading). But prolonged reading depletes the batteries really fast. The small screen makes it harder to read long articles and books too. As my book shelves at home are getting full from buying too many books (maybe I should let go some of them). So I thought I'll venture into reading ebooks. However, my … [Read more...]

2016: A year in review


Thought I'll do a review of 2016. On my own personal finances   Missed investing savings target of 18k/yr, Only hit about 15k this year. Had kept my expenses very low, however, had to fork out cash to buy and replace stuff that broke. My current practice on increments from my job is 50:50 split, 50% to savings/investments (rounding up to the nearest 50) and 50% to expenditure, I'll … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Dec 2016)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for December 2016 Currently, I'm looking to cut more REITs from my REITs watchlist and probably add 1-2 companies into my non-REIT watchlist. Progress is rather slow (I'm only 58.5% of the way T_T). Buy M1 at 1.915 Reasons Valuations are near 2008 crisis levels as well as lower than the usual high range, Dividend Yield at about 8% (Crisis … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Nov 2016)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for November 2016 Still working on repopulating the numbers on my new checklist. Gonna take some time (I'm 56% completed only :(, need to buck up ). Buy ARA Asset Management at 1.700 Reasons Trying to arbitrage for the first time It is to be delisted at 1.78 by first half of next year Kinda like a fixed deposit of about 4%+ The consortium … [Read more...]

A Weekend at Fifth Person’s Deep Value Detector workshop


So just before my company's Dinner&Dance Event, I thought I'll use up the time before to drop by Fifth Person's Deep Value Detector workshop. The workshop is conducted by Tay Jun Hao, a Fund Manager at The Heritage and Swiss-Asia Financial Services. The strategy he is teaching is what he does on his own, and he tries to gives his insights from his own experiences (which I feel is much more … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Oct 2016)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for October 2016 Still working on repopulating the numbers on my new checklists. Gonna take some time (I'm 39% completed only :(, need to buck up). Learning some new investment ideas, so did some editing on my banks checklists too. Might wanna look at property developers as well to see if I understand. Buy Singtel at 3.81 Reasons Added some … [Read more...]

My Lazy Method of Valuating Stocks for Entries using Fundamental Analysis


Source: Investopedia There's many methods of valuation out there as well as many methods of modeling. These usually help us to determine if it is expensive or cheap, in other words, buy or not to buy, and even buy or sell. My method of valuation for entries (I'm still struggling with exits, other than if the stock fundamentals has changed beyond my original expections, cutting losses … [Read more...]

Selling Rights/Scrips/Odd Lots


This is kinda a stupid post for many but I decided to write it anyway since I didn't know it until now. I think for those of you who applied for Rights, Scrips, etc, you tend to get odd lots (shares less than the standard 100 lot, or whatever the number for your counter). For the US exchanges, I don't have such an issue, you can trade even 1 share, but that's because they have volume unlike … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Sep 2016)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for September 2016 Still working on repopulating the numbers on my new checklist. Gonna take some time (I'm 39% completed only :(, need to buck up ). Also, recently I saw the CNAV strategy by BigFatPurse, pretty interesting considering it is an asset play strategy. I made an excel spreadsheet based on the ideas I got from reading their articles (as well as … [Read more...]

Some thoughts on CPF SA Topup vs SRS Contribution


There was some recent discussion about CPF in my chatgroup that got me thinking about CPF SA topups vs SRS Contributions. As you guys might know, I previously emptied my OA into my SA, as well as did a cash topup, the idea being that I'll let the government give me more interest than the cash I put in over the long term. I'll look at contributing another 9k across the years, and that's pretty … [Read more...]

Quick Introduction to CDP internet Service


I thought I write something about the CDP Internet Service, as it is a way to check how many Rights have you gotten,at least faster than the application results statement you will get through the mail. The URL is (If you haven't got your login, you can grab the application form here, under "How to Apply".) After you logged in, and if it is your … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Aug 2016)


Updates for my dividend portfolio for August 2016 I am now populating the numbers for counters on my watchlist while trimming those that I did not feel comfortable with. I guess it will take pretty long before I finish the entire watchlist numbers ^^" Subscribed to Mapletree Commercial Trust Preferential Offering at 1.42 (I applied for it here.) Reasons A strong … [Read more...]

My Mapletree Commercial Trust Preferential Offering Results


As you guys may have known previously that I applied for Mapletree Commercial Trust Preferential Offerings here.On 19 Aug 2016, they released the results of the Preferential Offering here, I was thinking, wow 50% oversubscribed, guess I won't be getting much.Today I got a mailer from SGX about my application results!That being said, I checked my bank account the day when the units started trading … [Read more...]

Received my Wongamania Banana Economy!


Well, as you guys know, I backed a kickstarter previously here. I also got the prior version earlier from Capitalgain Studios (Thanks Yvonne!) here. On Monday (wanted to pen the post earlier but night shift =/), I saw the mail lady open up my letterbox and put a parcel in, paired with the knowledge of an update from Kickstarter saying that they are shipped out, I eagerly went to open the … [Read more...]