TTI Portfolio Review – 25th May 2017 + An Interesting VRX Story


With the strong performance of STI ETF so far this year, I wanted to do a quick review to see where I stand vs the index this year. Since the last update in March 2017, SG TTI has narrowed the gap from STI ETF, but as yet, is still underperforming STI ETF. The passive index is proving to be a real winner so far this year. Based on XIRR, STI ETF has thus far, including dividends, returned a … [Read more...]

Geo Energy Resources – Dropped 23% In The Past Week. What’s In Store?


I typically do not reveal the location of my travel pics, unless the travelling took place some time ago. No prizes for guessing this time around though. LOL! All I can say is, don’t go during summer! It’s shit ass crazy hot, and no amount of air conditioning can save you. Amazingly enough, the locals can wear long sleeved shirts and look perfectly comfortable. I’m doing all I can to stop … [Read more...]

BBR Holdings FY17Q1, Geo Energy Resources FY17Q1, Results From Options Strategy (1 month)


A patient gave me some really good advice the other day: She said, “Dr XXX, now your kids still young, wanna go anywhere just go la! Next time go to school very hard already!” I’ve just came back from a trip  barely 1 month ago, but I guess that advice really made sense to me. (Or perhaps I just want it to make sense. The mind sees whats the heart wants right? haha) So, it looks like I’m … [Read more...]

Guest Post By InvestingNote: Will QAF rise again?


I was asked by InvestingNote if they could do a guest post on QAF. I always appreciate the effort put into well researched pieces, so why not? The article below comes from Calvin Wee, whom I’m told, is a new hire at InvestingNote. I guess we’d see more such articles from him soon. Will $QAF(Q01) rise again? Brief background QAF Limited (SGX: Q01) is a leading multi-industry food … [Read more...]

BBR Holdings – TTI’s Analysis Of The Latest Happenings


1stly, something unrelated to BBR Holdings. An article in this week’s TheEdge caught my attention: The physical copy of the article has the said activist minority shareholder, Joshua Huang’s photo. It caught my attention as Joshua is my school mate back in NJC, almost 2 decades ago. We used to run and train … [Read more...]

Bonus From Flyke (!!!) + Results From Enhanced Options Strategy


Some time ago, I wrote about a failed investment I made – Flyke International: Lessons from a failed investment – Flyke International Holdings Do read the previous post for some context. This particular example is a great example for typical value investors to learn from. Flyke (HK listed) was trading at crazy low valuations, backed by cash and there just doesn’t seem to be any way … [Read more...]

TTI Portfolio Updates – April 2017


If there’s 1 thing I’d like to have right this instant, this is it: HUGE grass patch just beside the driveway for the kids to run around and for me to do a little kick around too. (There’s a goal post at the side, not seen in the photo) Ah. Simply next to impossible in Singapore. Now, I could really really get used to staying here. This massive complex is 1 house btw. Apple Orchard. … [Read more...]

Health Checkup For TTI’s Portfolio, IPO Madness, S i2i Updates


Last week, I sat down with a super investor one evening, who took the time to look at TTI’s strategy and results thus far, and shared his thoughts on how to “improve my productivity” (As he so gently and succinctly put it) Long time readers would know who I’m talking about. Apparantly, his friends are readers of SG TTI too. I can tell the said super investor spent some time understanding … [Read more...]

TTI’s Portfolio Review – FY17Q1


Before you know it, Q1 came and left. TTI’s portfolio generated an internal rate of return of 15.78% annualized. Total net assets under management grew by $105,937.67, from $943,815.80 at the end of FY16Q4 to $1,049,753.47 at the end of FY17Q1. These figures are nett of all fees. Looking at the AUM, a gain of about $100k in the 1st 3 months of this year isn’t too bad. Plus most of the companies … [Read more...]

TTI’s New, Puny Position – S i2i


March has been an absolutely crazy month for me thus far, work-wise. Probably cos it’s sandwiched between 2 holidays, and I’m paying for my travel sins. It’s almost the end of the month, and I have not had a weekday lunch in the whole of March. That’s really not very healthy. It’s screwing up my GI system, and I’ll probably see the consequences 2 decades from now. But it’s just 1 of those … [Read more...]

Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side… + CDW Holdings FY16Q4, TTI’s Thoughts


I did say there’ll be the occasional travel pics. This has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. Plus my son had crazy fun here. It’s a lot colder than it looks though, and somehow as age progresses, my homeostatic system isn’t as good and I don’t do so well with cold anymore. This was towards the end of last year in Austria, not now. Path leading to the ice caves (that’s the … [Read more...]

The One That(Barely) Got Away From TTI – Kingboard Copper Foil


I feel almost too lazy to write about this. A couple of months, a reader brought up several investing ideas to my attention. The kingboard copper foil situation in particular, was interesting to me because it’s an arbitrage situation, and the investing thesis would thus be different from your typical undervaluation thesis. All details blocked out for privacy reasons, the said reader would … [Read more...]

BBR Holdings FY16 Results – The Good & The Bad


This is a continuation of my earlier posts on BBR Holdings, so I shan’t go into the basic stuff. This post should be a quick update. The company released it’s FY16Q4 results, and I’ve torn into it. Again, nothing too surprising in there, everything is within my projections. I have lightened my stake in the company a little this month, but that’s not because of the financials, but simply because … [Read more...]

“I Sell Fried Chicken”


My previous post about my investor friend was super well received. So much so that I’m reluctant to even link it here anymore. I just dunno if he’d appreciate the sudden publicity. Anyway, I said I’d share about another highly successful individual that I know personally. Incidentally, I recently saw a Bloomberg report about … [Read more...]

LTC Corporation – FY17Q2 Results. Let’s Analyze…


LTC Corporation just released it’s FY17Q2 results today. Yes, yes, I know I’ve finished analyzing and am writing an update report on LTC… on Valentine’s Day. But I’m married with 2 kids so V-Day is just another day to me, without the fancy dinners and flowers. Just a quick dinner at home, exchange presents (I only paid for the present, didn’t even have to actually buy it…), and it’s back to … [Read more...]

TTI’s Options Strategy – Results Thus Far In 2017


2017 has been kind to me thus far. Both my large positions in my recent investing ideas came out tops and their share prices exploded significantly. Dutech Holdings is up about 85% since I bought it a year+ ago. I wrote about the company in June 2016, and  most recently updated my thoughts in a comprehensive series. Dutech Holdings Investing Thesis Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize … [Read more...]

“Asia Enterprises Turns Around in FY2016” -Is That So?!


Seems like people are really interested in what my friends have to say. My last post (Lessons From A Super Investor – A Personal Friend Of TTI) became the most clicked on post here in the short span of 2 days. I said that probably out of the 1,000+ people who will read it, nobody would know who he is. But within the 1st day, 1,700+ people have read it and I get tons of queries about him on IN. … [Read more...]

Lessons From A Super Investor – A Personal Friend Of TTI


Quick Poll: Don’t google this, but who here has heard of Mr Chua Soon Hock? Yup. I thought so. Nobody. Probably not a single one of the 1000+ or so people who will read this post, knows who this guy is. Not now anyway. He is a personal friend of TTI, and is the most low profile and under-rated super investor I know. (He doesn’t know me as TTI, and neither does he have any knowledge of … [Read more...]

TTI’s Thoughts (Jan 2017) + Sabana REIT & International Healthway Corporation


Here’s wishing all readers of SG TTI a fantastic CNY and a fruitful year ahead, both financially and in all your endeavors! I’m just back from a trip (again), and feeling as refreshed as ever. Check this out: This is a world heritage site: a massive crater that’s on top of a hill, that looks out to the vast sea. Simply marvelous. See if you can guess where it is. In the past several … [Read more...]

Present From Hock Lian Seng – An Unintended Trade


“Trade”. That’s a word that you don’t commonly see on SG TTI. Since when am I in the business of trading?! But 2017 has started well for me. Mr Market is unusually generous. This is a company that I’m very familiar with, and I’ve previously wrote several posts about HLS, from accumulation, my thoughts, till my divestment and even post divestment. I’ve previously said I’ll continue … [Read more...]