Dutech Holdings – What Lies Ahead? Part III


This is a continuation of the earlier posts: Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize $117k Profit, Hold Or Add More? (Part I) Massive FY16Q4 For Dutech Holdings – Digging Deep To Understand The Impact Of Metric Group Acquisition (Part II) In Part III, I will be sharing mainly on what are the happenings in the industry that would affect Dutech Holdings’ immediate – mid term prospects, as … [Read more...]

Massive FY16Q4 For Dutech Holdings – Digging Deep To Understand The Impact Of Metric Group Acquisition (Part II)


This is a continuation of my previous post: Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize $117k Profit, Hold Or Add More? (Part I) Which is in turn a continuation of my initial investing thesis written way back: Dutech Holdings Investing Thesis In this post, I’ll aim to project what goes into Dutech Holdings’ FY16Q4 results, as well as analyze in detail their most recent acquisition. Now, … [Read more...]

Dutech Holdings – What’s Next? Realize $117k Profit, Hold Or Add More? (Part I)


Firstly, let me say Happy New Year and a BIG thank you to those who have recently subscribed to SG TTI. There was a sudden surge in subscriptions since my previous post (ThumbTack Investor’s Random Musings – Selling Property, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Gold, New Blog Links, Advice For Beginners. Yes, It’s Random.) Thanks for supporting good deep value research and content. I promise to continue to … [Read more...]

ThumbTack Investor’s Random Musings – Selling Property, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Gold, New Blog Links, Advice For Beginners. Yes, It’s Random.


There hasn’t been any updates on SG TTI for almost 2 weeks, and for good reason. Tons of stuff has been happening that’s keeping me occupied. PROPERTY – I am in the midst of selling a property. Well, not in the midst. More like just started. For privacy reasons, I’m not going to go into specifics, but it is an investment property that I’ve previously stayed in for a few years, then rented out … [Read more...]

Centurion Corporation Investing Thesis Part III


This is a continuation of: Centurion Corporation Investing Thesis Part I Centurion Corporation Investing Thesis Part II In the comments section of part II, a reader commented that he isn’t so sure about Centurion, and if anything, it’ll be a small punt rather than a core position in a portfolio. That, in a nutshell, describes how I feel too. Currently, at least. Centurion has several … [Read more...]

Centurion Corporation Investing Thesis Part II


In Part I, Centurion Corporation Investing Thesis Part I, I’ve mainly described Centurion’s industry characteristics, as well as the characteristics of the company. Let’s take a closer look at the financials of the company: Centurion did well growing their topline over the past 4 years, with revenue growing at a steady clip. As of 9M16, Centurion’s revenue has already hit $85.5mil, compared to … [Read more...]

Centurion Corporation Investing Thesis Part I


Christmas present for readers of SG TTI: I’m sharing my work on Centurion. :) This is a company I’ve researched on for the past 8 mths, and although I’m optimistic about the longer term prospects of Centurion Corp, I currently do not own any position in the company. Background The business model of Centurion is easy to understand: It is primarily a foreign worker dormitory operator (the … [Read more...]

My Current Thoughts On LTC Corporation – FY17Q1 Results


Firstly, let me start off by making a correction. A reader brought this to my attention some time ago actually, but I haven’t addressed it here yet. In an earlier post I wrote back in May 2016 : LTC Corporation (Part II) I worked out how the acquisition of the 50% stake in USP is an asinine move based on a company net profit of $3.144mil and a purchase price of $24mil, the PE ratio is … [Read more...]

I Did Something Fun As A Kid… And Now It’s Worth 6 Digits!!!


Oh boy. This is going to be a picture heavy post. And probably the most fun post for me on SG TTI thus far. As a little kid some 25 years ago, I used to collect stuff. There were 3 things that I was really serious about for several years: Currency (Coins & Notes), Stamps and Phonecards. (Yes, phonecards for public pay phones! No, NOT SIM cards!) If you have no idea what are phonecards… … [Read more...]

TTI’s General Portfolio Musings… And Investing Note (The Investing Platform)

I’ve been away for a break (again!) and just returned. There’s a famous Steve Jobs speech that he gave during a commencement ceremony at Stanford: In his speech, the legend spoke of how every morning, he’d ask if the day is his last, would he be doing what he’s about to do for the day. And if the answer is no for a few days in a row, he’d know he had to change something. Well. I think I must … [Read more...]

Why I Divested Libra Group – 3 Red Flags That Should Catch The Attention Of Serious Investors


I divested all 90,800 shares of Libra Group on the 04/11/2016 at $0.192, recognizing a small profit in the process. Libra was a tiny, non-core holding, and I wasn’t intending to spend time to write about it, but on hindsight, there are some take-home lessons to be gleaned from this. So why did I sell out? Aside from general portfolio management reasons (I’m in the midst of cutting down my … [Read more...]

Boustead Singapore -Boatloads Of Cash. What’s Next?


I’ve done analyzing the latest earnings results of some of the companies I own, and others that I don’t, but am following. Thus far, most have been within my expectations, with just 1 under performing and a couple out performing my expectations. In my posts, I try not to talk repeatedly about the same company, and instead, try to mix it up. Since it’s been sometime since I wrote about … [Read more...]

Who’s Shorting Geo Energy Resources?


Since my recent investing thesis on Geo Energy Resources, the share price has shot up crazily, in tandem with rising coal prices, such that I’m sitting on a nearly 100% return in just 1 month. That’s just crazy. Here are my earlier posts, the 2nd one is also published on NextInsight: Geo Energy Resources Investing Thesis – Part I Geo Energy Resources Investing Thesis Part II I got a … [Read more...]

My Thoughts On Hock Lian Seng 9M16 Results


Hock Lian Seng kicked off the local earnings season for me, and they’re even kind enough to do so on a Friday so that I would’ve more time to analyze it leisurely. To top it off, HLS’s financial results are my absolute favorite to analyze: It’s “clean cut”, they mention the reason for the changes for every item as best as they can, the business is relatively easy to understand and there are no … [Read more...]

TTI’s Portfolio Updates – 02/11/2016


As of 9M2016, TTI’s portfolio eeked out a 3.12% return, barely beating STI ETF’s 2.45% by a whisker. Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed whilst doing the calculations as I was expecting to beat the index by a much larger margin. On closer inspection though, I was very encouraged as my position in Valeant dragged down the overall returns. It’s no secret how Valeant has performed of … [Read more...]

TTI’s Follow Up On S i2i


This post is about my thoughts from the earlier analysis of S i2i. (The actual name of the company has a spacing between the “S” and the “i2i”, the S stands for “Spice” btw, but for simplicity sake, the rest of this post will just refer it to as Si2i without the spacing.  Cos I keep forgetting to type the space) In my earlier post, I mentioned that I agree largely with Alain T’s investing … [Read more...]

S i2i Investing Thesis


This post is going to be different. For the 1st time, I’m going to post an investing thesis… that’s not mine. This comes from a reader of SG TTI. I have had many readers who have emailed me, many have shared their own personal investing thesis. Thank you for all the ideas. Whether I agree with them or not is not important, I enjoy understanding the thought process of others. I greatly appreciate … [Read more...]

Post-mortem Of CDW Holding Ltd Divestment


I have just recently divested my entire stake of 200,000 shares of CDW Holdings, at $0.265 and $0.235. This is a company where the business has deteriorated rapidly over the past couple of years, and I was genuinely relieved to see the last of my shares sold, despite having to recognize a relatively small loss from the divestment. My initial investing hypothesis mainly involved a turnaround … [Read more...]

Info That I Have Gleaned From LTC Corporation’s AR 2016


I spent the past couple of days dissecting LTC Corporation’s recently released Annual Report 2016. This post is about what additional information I have gleaned from the report. Since this is an update, I won’t be spending any time on the basic characteristics of the company. I reckon unvested readers who have not previously looked at the company, will probably find this irrelevant and very dry. … [Read more...]