Gili Lankanfushi : Choosing Your Maldives Resort. And Jetty. And Villa.

Many moons ago in November 2008, my wife and I experienced our first ever resort stay at Langkawi Lagoon Resort. We didn’t know what to expect, and what resort living is even supposed to be. We bought 5-dollars Malaysian Airlines tickets (excl. taxes) before we even decided where to stay 😉 Beach resorts. Pool villas. Spa suites. We have come really far since then! What better place than the … [Read more...]

On STI, Air Miles And Giveaway Winner


The STI ETF has been doing a sideways dance since the first day I started investing in it on 24th December 2012. According to Stocks Cafe (previously SGXCafe), STI ETF has time-weighted returns (including dividends) of 13.2% during the same period. Meh returns? I suppose. I’ve always called myself an index investor, and not a passive investor. Index investing isn’t necessarily passive by … [Read more...]

If You Ever Need An Index Investing Starter ..

Have you ever felt that despite all the blogs and online resources available, you still needed that extra something to nudge you towards index investing? Did you say “yes”? Shiny Things One place that I’ve learnt a lot from is, surprisingly, the Money Mind sub-forum at Hardware Zone. I know, don’t judge. I tend to lurk around many places 🙂 There is a particular individual who uses the … [Read more...]

Nikko AM Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETF : One Thing People Aren’t Saying


Like what I wrote for Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF, just throwing out some food for thought for this one. A REIT ETF such as Nikko AM Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETF is a great tool to have at our disposal. It would fit in nicely if you’re trying to construct a portfolio like Rick Ferri’s Core Four, for example. Portfolio Charts is a website that I really like, by the … [Read more...]

DIY Insurance For My Wife


Bye bye investment linked policy (ILP). We finally pulled the plug on my wife’s ILP. The one she bought from her ex-classmate after she snagged her first job. Who is no longer even in the company. Or the industry. I spent a little bit of time reviewing her current coverage and decided to make a little adjustment for her. At 60% of her old ILP policy’s monthly cost, I have gotten her four times … [Read more...]

Nah The Numbers Don’t Add Up

I read a few personal finance themed blogs here and there. Not just local ones, I mean. Sometimes, they get picked up by social media which tend to result in a particularly share-worthy (click-bait-ish) post.This particular one mentioned a 28 year old New Yorker who has retired with more than $2 million. Woah. Pitchforks! Many of the comments were outright negative and quick to dismiss it.If I had … [Read more...]

Gili Lankanfushi : A Sneak Preview


Gili Lankanfushi is quite unlike what my wife and I are used to. Being frequent resort dwellers is one thing, but Gili Lankanfushi has certainly taken this experience up to another stratospheric level. One that I’m afraid it would be insanely difficult to match, let alone surpass. Picking a resort in Maldives is a tough task. Just how does one start to choose? My wife and I have fairly similar … [Read more...]

A Week At The Best Hotel In The World

At the time of this post, I’m probably somewhere over the Indian Ocean, high up in the clouds. Where am I heading to? Well, how about the best hotel in the world! For one week 🙂 A short while back, I wrote a 3-part blog posts on how to get a good deal for a Maldives getaway, which was compiled from years of experience from travelling, plus employment in the hospitality industry, and I was … [Read more...]

The Future is Female Conference : Ticket Giveaway + Discount Code

Based on the demographics of visitors to my blog, it would seem that men are more likely than women to be interested in the areas of personal finance and investment.In terms of the people I know personally, the same trend holds true. Do you notice the same trend as well?Taking a look at my Index Investing Facebook Group, no doubt there are plenty of ladies in it as well but it would be fair to say … [Read more...]

Almost Impossible For An Average Joe To Earn One Million Miles In A Year

In December 2016, The Business Times had a sensational article on a Singapore family – a married couple with two kids – who is about to take a trip around the world in style i.e. Business Class, for “free”. Since then, mainstream publications has picked up on it (I mean, who doesn’t want to read about such extreme indulgence?!) and you can check out the links below. The skeptic in me went into … [Read more...]

A 5-minute Phone Call Saved Me $60

I did a really stupid thing recently. I had set up GIRO payments for my new credit cards (only use credit cards if you always pay in full every month), but I had forgotten that I had done so 🙁 And so, my credit cards statement came, and I went ahead and did manual payments. All good, so far. Due date came, and the bank attempted another deduction, which usually shouldn’t be a problem. They would … [Read more...]

ABF SG Bond Index Fund & STI ETF – DIVIDEND 2017

Yet another public service announcement brought to you by Turtle Investor. Every year at around this time, the visits to my blog would spike just a little because of folks who are looking for dividend information. As usual, SGX is one of the best source of definite dividends information and I’ll re-post it here. Here goes. ABF SINGAPORE BOND INDEX FUND ETF – 2017 Ex-Date : 03 Jan 2017 Record … [Read more...]

Choosing A Longer HDB Loan

A comment by Andy from Tacomob in a previous post on HDB loans led to this post. I was sufficiently intrigued to try and dig out my calculations from 5 years ago. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found. Heck, so I made new ones! This time, I cheated by using a financial calculator app, though. Sidetrack a little for now – I saw this post yesterday on buying a first home and the … [Read more...]

All Time Top 5 Blog Posts

Blog statistics are a treasure trove of information, and really fun to share! I’ve compiled the following top 5 posts, starting from October 2013 to December 2016. It doesn’t surprise me to find these posts being listed in the top 5. Unlike other blog posts, these contain information that are fairly timeless and would benefit readers who are interested, regardless of whether they read it now, or … [Read more...]

The Same Question Whenever STI Inches Upwards


From SPDR Straits Times Index ETF official website, distribution yield has now dropped to 3.04%. Price/Earnings is a little higher at 12.56, and Price/Book Ratio is 1.23 🙂 As the STI slowly inches upwards, the same old question pops up. Is it too expensive to buy now? I always refer them back to this post (see bottom half). What we know from history : – The Straits Times Index had carried a … [Read more...]

CPF Money That Keeps Growing (2017)

Not so long ago, my brother-in-law applied for the latest HDB launch of flats, and selected a 4-room apartment to ballot for. My brother-in-law had quite a few questions for me, but my memory is failing me as the process happened so long ago. Red Brick has an awesome infographic that answered a lot of his financing questions. Located right beside Woodleigh MRT, the apartment had a decent location … [Read more...]

I Started A Tiny Portfolio For My Wife

Recently, over the New Year, the strangest thing happened to me. My wife asked me to help her with investing her money. Which is the equivalent of snowing in June! Yes, I blog about personal finance and index investing. And no, I have never, ever bugged her about investing her money. The only thing that I “enforced” was for both of us to have integrated H&S MediShield plans with the … [Read more...]

Grabbing Hold Of The Winds Of Change

Hey, what happened to my annual review and/or new year resolutions post? Nah, I believe that change can happen whenever we want as long as our will is strong. I made Christmas resolutions haha! Which includes the usual – eat better, sleep better, and exercise better. Wear less contact lens. And unsubscribe to useless emails. Along the way, mr-stingy and Heartland Boy were kind enough to think … [Read more...]

Turtle Investor 4th Annual Giveaway Ends In Less Than 2 Days


FYI – the Turtle Investor Annual Giveaway 2016 is ending in a little over 30 hours! All you need to do is to subscribe to my blog (scroll down to end of the post) to be eligible for this and all future giveaways 🙂 If you’re already a subscriber, you don’t even have to lift a finger. The current subscriber count as of today is 674 which means the chance of winning is about 0.14% but hey, you never … [Read more...]

Blogging Income 2016

If $$$ numbers are what you’re interested in, let’s dive straight into it first. Ad Networks – Google Adsense : S$59.61 – Monumetric : US$463.46 Affiliates – Travel Smart Rewards : $68.00 – RedMart : S$280.00 – Airbnb : S$91.00 Others – Sponsored Post : S$90.79 Grand Total – Singapore Dollars : $589.40 – US Dollars : $463.46 Ad Networks If you’re thinking that you need … [Read more...]