Playing The Air Miles Game For A Trip On Singapore Airlines Suites

Unless you’re extremely wealthy or is lucky enough to be flown around the world in business class or even better cabins for work-related trips, chances are that we would have to make do with budget flights and at most, economy class flight tickets when we travel. I mean, this is perfectly fine. Most of my flights are taken on budget flights like Scoot and honestly, I have very little complains. … [Read more...]

Fresh New Look For The Blog

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time, why? Because I was busy with consolidating my web hosts into a single one. Why not take the chance to revamp my blog as well? Uninstalled plugins that are obsolete. Removed some ugly codes. Changed to a new theme that is easier to work with. Anyway, things are rather quiet on the investment front for now, but I’m expecting Smartly and the … [Read more...]

First Polyclinic Visit In More Than 20 Years

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly a “mountain turtle” when it comes to polyclinics. My last memory of a polyclinic visit was to the one at Bukit Merah when I was a kid. Somehow, I remembered it being a dingy and uncomfortable place. *shrug* Last Saturday, I dropped by Sengkang Polyclinic that is run by SingHealth as a walk-in patient. Wanted to go early but my handphone alarm didn’t go … [Read more...]

Exciting Times – Smartly Beta & More

A really busy month for me. Resigned from my previous job, took a one-week break and started a brand new chapter in a totally new environment with a 100% different job scope. Exciting times indeed! Squeezed out some time to attend yet another gathering organized by BigFatPurse who had shifted out from their Orchard Road office to JTC LaunchPad @ one-north. Enjoyed the opportunity to meet a few … [Read more...]

Surrendering My AIA Prime Life Policy


Back in the days when my days were occupied by Sega video games, my parents bought an AIA Prime Life policy for me. Subsequently, I took over the payments of the policy once I’m capable of doing so. Below is the projection of surrenders value provided by the agent. This is the original document which I’ve scanned. Marketed as a part-investments, part-protection policy to my parents, the most … [Read more...]

First Pot Of Gold From HDB’s BTO

An huge amount of flyers have been mysteriously appearing at my door-step in recent days. Ah, 5-years is up, no wonder! Remember in earlier post about finding our first pot of gold? Many of us have been generously provided with the chance to obtain one, in case we don’t have it. The key idea is that my HDB BTO apartment was bought from HDB at subsidized, lower-than-market prices. In … [Read more...]

My Favourite Comic Strip – Calvin & Hobbes


Seemed like I have a fair bit of blog posts on non-investment related stuff lately. Probably due to the short getaway to Hong Kong after I tendered my resignation when I had plenty of time to reflect and think. Missus went on a work-related trip and I tagged along to take advantage of free accommodation. Should add this to my list of money saving tips haha. Ended up enjoying quite some … [Read more...]

Job Change : Well-Wishers & Nay-Sayers

There is something about a job change that triggers reactions from people in so many different ways. Never mind that hardly anyone knows what has been going through my mind, or the exact scope of my new job, or even where I would be working at. Seemed like everyone has something to say about it. Well-Wishers The well-wishers have nothing but kind words for me. Many say it’s a good thing, … [Read more...]

The Worst Thing That Can Happen


What is the worst thing that can happen to you? I really, really like this quote in particular from BeHappy. They sell and ship really cool canvas prints globally – you can click on the image below to go to their site. (image credit : The worst thing that can happen to you is allowing yourself to die inside while you’re still alive. You can intepret this in whichever manner … [Read more...]

Budgeting vs Expense Tracking

Two weeks ago, my storage water heater promptly stopped working for no reason. The wall switch still shows a lit LED, which meant that the problem likely lies with the storage heater itself – but exactly which component that is faulty, there is no idea of knowing. Could be the heating element. Or thermostat? Made a call to Ariston who promptly arranged their contracted plumber to come by and … [Read more...]

Taking Responsibility Is Scary

You know these ads about investments in MRTs and underpass? As I strolled leisurely along the air-conditioned underground tunnel, I vaguely remember a time when I was rather impressed by them. That was a long time ago when I knew very little about investing and personal finance. At least I knew that I needed to take action. I can understand exactly why people, both young and old, made choices … [Read more...]

Of Robo-Advisors, Weddings & Money Lenses

There are some blog posts what are written to convey specific things, and then there are blog posts that are written on a whim. When I started blogging on index investing three and a half years ago, I did so on a whim too. Not expecting anything in return, and not knowing what to expect. Of Robo-Advisors .. On robo-advisors, I wrote about Betterment in March 2014, Charles Schwab in … [Read more...]

Now Yield See It, Now Yield Don’t – Part 2

Frasers Centerpoint Trust – Northpoint AEI Public Service Announcement This is a follow-up post to the earlier one titled Now Yield See It, Now Yield Don’t. Brexit has expectedly destroyed any short-term likelihood of Fed interest rate hike, which might have fueled the recent REIT push. Buying FCT? Just want to quickly point out something for folks who don’t read quarterly … [Read more...]

ZERO Things That Index Investors SHOULD Do About Brexit


The biggest news over the weekend? Brexit – Britain has voted to leave the European Union. As practical folks, investors are definitely concerned about the possible impact to their portfolio. In any case, I’m with Andrew Hallam, Millionaire Teacher, on this – (and yes, sorry retirees!) I wrote this blog post title as a bait in a moment of mischief. Personally, I hate the word “should” … [Read more...]

Money Is The Root Of More Money

What does all three of the following bloggers have in common? Well yeah, apart from being relatively established Singapore finance-related bloggers, that is. Unless you have been following all three of them closely, I doubt you would have picked up this little tidbit of information that far less sexier than investment-related topics. All three of them track their expenses and/or engage … [Read more...]

Turtle Investor (Behind The Scenes) : Writing & Posting

I don’t really remember how I first started the whole blogging thing. Erm, I don’t mean 3 years ago – what I meant was like maybe 15 years ago when I was still enlisted in the army? Yes, that’s right. That’s before WordPress was even around! Back then, I remembered it being a fight between Blogger and Movable Type – if you’ve been around for that long and you had fiddled with the earlier … [Read more...]

Mafia & The White Knight – A Tale Of Inns In The Desert

Disclaimer – Any parts of the story that bears resemblance to the real world is purely coincidental. In a desert kingdom in the far east, there lies a small, bustling town called Arupagnis. Travellers would pass through the town to sun-tan and play in sand dunes. The land provided nothing but sand for miles and miles away. The Mafia Monopoly The local mafia runs and owns all the inns in town. … [Read more...]

Retail REITs – An Unique SG Story


REITs has always been a hot topic for retail investors in Singapore. Once in a while, I write a little bit on REITs because that’s my interest outside of index investing. I have repeated this so many times (naggy, I know) but I will do it again. Thinking of investing in REITs in Singapore? Pick up this book called Building Wealth Through REITs by Bobby Jayaraman. As far as I know, this is the … [Read more...]

Investing Is Like Cooking Pasta (Bonus Recipe Inside)


Investing reminds me of cooking. Spaghetti aglio e olio, in particular. I still remember that for the longest time, my wife and I could never figure out how to cook a delicious plate of aglio olio. Do you like aglio olio too? If you do, then you understand the anguish of ordering aglio olio when eating out. You never know what you’re gonna get! I cook so much aglio olio that I never bother … [Read more...]

SGXcafe – Help Keep It Free

I’ve been really, really swamped lately (which explains the lack of posts for the past month or two) but after reading this blog post, I felt that it deserved a couple of minutes of my time, even if this post sounds like random ramblings. SGXcafe – Portfolio Management Tool SGXcafe is a portfolio management tool created by Evan. Created originally as a personal project to help him make … [Read more...]