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Boring Turtle History of Cash Top-Up and Voluntary Contribution

Old Turtle is going to touch on a very sensitive and taboo topic in Singapore once again on CPF aka Central Provident Funds.I got some really nasty comments when I wrote on the tax benefits on doing RSTU and VC to CPF but who cares? Some people just cannot accept the truth and numbers I presented. Like that how huh? Tell them facts, they don’t believe, next time I write more rubbish for you to believe k … such as “RETURN MY CPF”, “CPF is SCAM” … “CPF is NOT YOUR MONEY” etc etc. I will continue to write...

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Major Cash Outflows for January 2020

From a personal and family cash outflow perspective, this January should be one of the highest I foresee as compared to the remaining of year 2020. Seeing the RED numbers, my old Turtle heart also cannot take it, you all see yourself lah ……1) 2 x Huawei P30 ProBought these pre-loved / used phones (slightly less than 10 months old with 14 months of warranty left from Huawei) from Carousell sellers for myself and my Turtle wife to replace our Huawei Nova 3I phone that we bought in 2018.Nova 3i (a low budget mid-tier model of Huawei) is a...

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Can we really "save money" by topping up cash to CPF?

老乌龟 有沒有 胡说八道? Based on the recent seedly report “The average annual salary in Singapore is $67,152. This averages out to be $5,596 per month, inclusive of the employer’s CPF contribution.” Using this figure as an example, let’s see how much tax this Singapore employee could possibly save by voluntarily top up his/her Central Provident Fund (aka CPF). Using the IRAS tax calculator for FY2019, I am going to simulate a very simple example based on this Singaporean worker profile. Profile: Name: Uncle Ah Sheng (UAS) Marital Status: Single Salary: $5,596 per month or $67,152 per year Tax relief: – $1,000 (Earned...

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How did I "saved money" by owning a Car in Singapore?

What am I talking about? How the heck of owning a car in Singapore related to saving money? 老乌龟 胡说八道 This is a sure loss and pure expense, Turtle must be talking nonsense again. As you know Old turtle is very stingy and kiasu, he is not willing to spend too much money on a depreciating asset ie a car with a limited lifespan in Singapore. One of my immediate resolution for this year is to change to a bigger car in terms of space and seating ie from a 5 seaters to a 7 seaters. Reasons? Kids are...

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Portfolio Review 2013

Total Portfolio value grew $57,501.23 or 15.34% to $432,315.50 as of 2013. Dividends continue to main contributor to the growth which is in line to my long term strategy for this family portfolio. I am hoping to grow this portfolio to at least half a million in 2014 with additional capital injection from my pocket if Mr Market gives me a good opportunity in any of the asset classes. Current Asset allocation stands currently at 74% Equity, 7% Bonds and 19% Cash & Equivalent. I am not in a hurry to deploy the cash until I am comfortable with the valuation...

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