Unattractive Lunar New Year bank promo

Till end Feb... The only low-hanging fruit promo that I could find is the DBS $28 Hong Bao giveaway for opening a new deposit account or SAYE account online. T&C applies. So I have gotten myself a Multiplier Account. POSB is offering 1.45% for 4 months if you open a higher interest account with fresh fund deposit. Last year was 8 months. Standard Chartered is offering a miserly 1.15% for 11 … [Read more...]

Sequel to CAGR, XIRR simplified

A sequel to my previous post. Can I make use of XIRR's value to help in my investment portfolio goal setting? Think come, think go... cannot leh. :( WHY? Because XIRR % is like a report card grade which shows how my portfolio has performed over a fixed period of time, say last year. However, it is not practical to set a goal based on the % or confer a meaning to it as the current market … [Read more...]

CAGR, XIRR simplified

Inspired by SMOL's post, I decided to do some reading and a short post on these "cheem cheem" terms that previously I do not use. CAGR stands for Compound Annual Growth Rate. It is useful in measuring (in %) how much an investment has increased in value over a fixed period of time. Watch the illustration in this video here - http://www.investopedia.com/calculator/cagr.aspx  So if your … [Read more...]

Time to contribute $$ to CPF for tax relief again

It's the time of the year again - time to contribute money to your CPF or your parents' CPF accounts if you are looking for some income tax rebate. Better do it soon too, because there are less than 5 working days to new year (and to qualify)! Another way of getting the tax rebate is to do some good by donating back to society. :) Here is the IRAS link to check out the top-up relief limits:  … [Read more...]

Past tense, Present tense, Future tense of stock market

Past tense = dividends, P/E Present tense = current share price, news Future tense = prospect / business analysis, projected earning, speculation Some people like to make decision looking at the rearview mirror, some people like to make decision based on trend and gut feel, some people like to analyse and try to foresee things. Which describes you? ------------------------- My stocks … [Read more...]

Stay-at-home long weekend… to shop

Who says 宅女 don't go shopping? From the rise of ebay, blog shops to Alibaba, we could practically find anything we want online and have it delivered to our house - at times at a better price. Qoo10 is having some cool deals of cart coupon offer here. $3 off $20 min purchase, $10 off $50 and $30 off $200. I usually shop for clothings, PC and handphone accessories. Because of these great … [Read more...]

Savings account promotions

POSB is currently running a 'Get 1.55% p.a. interest for 6 months!' promotion. Check it out here. How to get the deal? Deposit fresh funds* into your POSB Fresh Funds Account by 4 August 2016. Fresh funds deposit via cheque(s), cashier's order(s) and demand draft(s) must be done by 4 August 2016, 3.30pm. During the POSB Fresh Funds Account opening process, you will be prompted to select … [Read more...]

Stocks app review – Call Levels

There are many Android apps which monitor stock prices and show stock charts but I could hardly find one that gives you Price Alert feature. Call levels (I came to know about it from a DBS Vickers ad) is a mobile app that would alert you when any stocks you chose hits a certain price. It has a simple and clean interface that shows you nothing else on screen but the price of the stocks that you are … [Read more...]

My thoughts on rights issuance

Rights issue = an issue of shares offered at a special price by a company to its existing shareholders in proportion to their holding of old shares. When I think of rights, I think of share dilution. More shares at cheap price for existing shareholders, some would scurry to sell off once they get hold of the rights share before the full dilution takes effect. Not all rights are right to get. … [Read more...]

Trendline drawing is fun!

Decided to do some trendline drawing practice out of boredom. Just a few stocks I was watching. Pictures paint a thousand words? (Hack care about macd, stoch, rsi and what not... just kidding) Keppel Can't seem to break out of its downtrend channel. Secondary uptrend occurred since my previous update but uptrend broken once ex-dividend. :(  Lippomall Going sideway soon?  Noble After … [Read more...]

Back to school – SGX academy

Yoz! Am back from Taiwan. Since now I am so free and officially a slacker, I thought I would sign up for course or two at SGX academy. Good to be student again once in a while. My advise for this is don't attend FOC preview courses, because most of the time you will be listening to just-some-ideas and much self-selling (to make you attend the actual course). For better learning experience and … [Read more...]

Recent reads: The Next Apple, Bull’s Eye Investing

The Next Apple I find that the strategy that the authors advocate is applicable only in the start of a bull run or in good market times (stable economy) because it's main tactic is to pick stock when it keeps climbing and goes past its 52-week high with at least 50% break out from a technical base. More of a technical read than fundamental. Teaching us how to ride on momentum … [Read more...]

Use Skillsfuture Credit to up your financial literacy

In view of the Skillsfuture Credit kicking into effect from this year, SG citizens age 25 and above are given $500 to kickstart learning. Since it's free lunch given by 'ah gong' (sg government), why not? BUT before you excitedly start signing for courses around, you might want to first find out what courses are eligible for the $500 subsidy. Check out the list … [Read more...]

Balance Sheet & Cashflow – summarized definition

I have decided to free this content up from being a Page into a Post so I could put my page space to better use, akan datang. Nevertheless this is very important stuff to make sense of the annual reports that the companies you invest in send yearly. Making sense of a company's Balance sheet - it should all balance up In a Balance sheet there's two parts of equivalent values: 1) Total … [Read more...]

RM – expectations vs reality

To deliver excellent Customer Service in FMCG retail is hard. It is even harder than doing so in burger chains. You don't believe it? Go and try working in one instead of being a customer who just observe. At the burger chains, the Counter Staff multi-tasking duty revolves around two things - cashiering and passing the correct prepared food to customers. If you go to the big shopping malls … [Read more...]

Time or Money? II

Some time back last year, I briefly penned a post Time or Money? at a point when I was gloomiest about work, Today I read something interesting in the book 4-hour Workweek: "People don’t want to be millionaires—they want to experience what they believe only millions can buy. Ski chalets, butlers, and exotic travel often enter the picture. Perhaps rubbing cocoa butter on your belly in a … [Read more...]

Revisit: Knowing when to sell your shares

[First published on 3/9/14] Below is an article by Motley's Fool. It was a burning question in me when I first learnt about investment. http://www.fool.sg/2014/03/03/when-is-it-the-right-time-for-you-to-sell-a-share/ "Buy because of the price but don't sell for the price. Sell because it's value has depreciated or there's a better value investment elsewhere to park your money." In … [Read more...]

How much do I need to retire

I used the DBS retirement calculator here. And discovered I need at least $1 million to retire if I want to retire 20 years from now. Assuming I spend only 60% of my current income on retirement.  (I suspect the system didn't take into account any prospective pay rise or maybe it just assume a flat inflation rate of an unknown x% for all the current figures. My shortfall predicted at $xxx,xxx … [Read more...]

Share price woes of Keppel Corp

Keppel Corporation announced earnings results for the year 2015. For the year, the company reported net profit fell 19.1% to SGD 1.52 billion, with its fourth-quarter results hit by a SGD 230 million provision for the default risks tied to a USD 4.9 billion rig construction contract with the financially stricken Sete Brasil. -SGX 2/3/16" Biggest dip for share price in the … [Read more...]

Book review: Rich Dad’s guide to investing

I borrowed this book from the library last week by chance. If you expected it to be your usual FA TA book then you would be sorely disappointed. It sounded more like a pep talk book most of the time - in adjusting the reader's mindset to think rich. The first couple of chapters in the book reminded me of SMOL's favourite line "come have a kopi and char shao bao...". Then it goes on saying one … [Read more...]