Author: Rainbow Coin

Endowment and annuity policies ‘trap’

When I step into any of the well-known local banks, one thing that never fails to irritate me would be having financial advisers (or whatever position the bank prefers to call the personnel) coming to sweet-talk me into putting my money ‘somewhere with better returns’ when all I was there for was to open an FD account. Upon further probing, the products or package that they are trying to sell me are none other than endowment or annuity policies. By definition of wikipedia – “An endowment policy is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after...

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10 Rules to closing sales

It’s been seven years of front line sales work, I start to think it’s about time for me to move on to do something else. Doing sales may prove to be challenging work, especially for a fresh grad or natural introvert which I think I was once both. Doing sales has toughened me up greatly. Along the arduous journey from which I didn’t start off from a sales background, I have come to realize the following rules on doing and closing sales these years… 1. Smile. 2. Speak your customers’ language. Communication is tough if one speaks chicken, one...

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