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Book Review: Singapore’s Real Estate – 50 Years of Transformation

In my previous post, I alluded to my interest in developing competency in REITs analysis. However, there is quite a limited selection of reading materials that delve into the topic. For this reason, I broadened my scope and began sourcing for real estate materials in the local bookstores. Today, I will be highlighting some of the points which I have gleaned from reading “Singapore’s Real Estate – 50 Years of Transformation.” – The Real Estate Development Life cycle illustrates how an empty plot of land is converted into a building: (1) Land Assembly and Preparation, (2) Planning and Approval,...

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Musings on life

One long-standing concern which I hope to eventually eliminate from my life is my lack of career stability. Since graduation, I have been holding on to contract jobs as a social science researcher. While there are the lucky few who managed to secure permanent research positions as a degree holder, the majority of organizations in my field are looking for Masters or PhD holders. With plenty of me-time in-between jobs this time round, I reflected quite a bit: Work/Colleagues I could never get used to this feeling of being a sojourner of sorts. Once I am finally comfortable with...

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Reading up on Cryptocurrencies

I have been reading up on Cryptocurrencies lately. This post will serve as a summary of what I have learned from my readings. Specifically, Don and Alex Tapscott’s Blockchain RevolutionĀ and Prypto’sĀ Bitcoin for Dummies. Blockchain revolution exposed me to the concept of the blockchain – the underlying technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In fact, people should focus on the blockchain rather than on the individual cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin because of its potential applications beyond finance. I will be listing the points which stood out in my reading as well as my thoughts: – Blockchain technology could be...

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MAMA and Investing

No, I’m not referring to your mother. I’m referring to the words underlying the acronym MAMA – Moratorium Achievement Moratorium Achievement. Let me take a step back. How do individuals develop their sense of identity in life? When do they develop their own sense of personal identity? Is identity fixed or is it a fluid concept? While there are many psychological theories that aim to explain identity development in humans, today I will only be discussing the work by psychologist James Marcia. His thesis is that identity is a result of the dialectical interplay between exploration and commitment. In...

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Thoughts on the HI Module

Insurance is important and I know zilch about it. As part of my quest for personal development, I have spent the past 2 weeks studying for the Health Insurance (HI) Module offered by the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI). Why 2 weeks when I could have scheduled the examination at any time? Because I came across another blogger who shared that it could be done within 2 weeks. Well, I passed the module, but I now know I should allow myself additional buffer time when I do attempt the remaining SCI modules in the future. Hopefully, as I take...

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Book Review: The Rise of the Robots – Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment

Before I begin my book review, I would like to thank owq for some additions to my previous post. Initially, I planned to write a part 2 on the post. After some mulling through, I decided otherwise. Instead, I will be sharing what I have learned through reading Martin Ford’s The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment. Book reviews will also be one of the common features of my blog. The Rise of the Robots is a title that has always caught my attention whenever I visit Popular Bookstores. First, I have a personal...

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History of Cash Calls for REITs (Part 1)

One of the grouses which investors have against REITs is that the asset class occasionally calls for cash. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there is a saying that what a REIT distributes out is eventually taken back in with the use of cash calls. This sentiment has caused some investors to shy away from investing in REITs. However, is the above notion really an accurate depiction of REITs? I decide to find out. Before sharing my findings, I need to note down some obstacles which surfaced during my search: 1). Some of these cash calls are not...

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