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2017 value portfolio review

It has been a crazy year. The stock market is doing well and the crypto market is also doing very very very very well.  Below shows the chart (Courtesy of of my value portfolio (blue) vs STI index (orange). You can go to my portfolio to see the value stocks (those that are <3%) that I am holding. I would say the value portfolio is doing quite well at the moment and I am pretty happy with the returns. However, this pales in comparison with the returns I got from the Crypto market. That’s for another post. Till then, Happy...

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The emotions of investing

Buy when other are fearful and sell when others are greedy. A pretty simple philosophy to follow to buy low and sell high and earn huge profits. However it’s tough as hell to execute due to human emotion.    I learnt more about myself in the past months than in the last 2 years with regards to investing. Why? Thanks to Cryptocurrency. The Crypto world is like the condensed and accelerated version of the stock market. You get your bull and bear run in a matter of months instead of years and you get to go through huge fluctuation...

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Crypto Investment Update

This post is an update on my crypto investment. I only have QASH and ETH tokens in my crypto portfolio so far. See my previous post for how QASH ICO triggered my first step into the crypto world. It’s has been about a week after QASH is listed on Quoinex (Fiat to crypto exchange) and Qryptos (Crypto to crypto exchange), both platforms operated by Quoine, and it was crazzzzy…. I’m not sure if this is beginner’s luck, but the price of QASH had doubled in a week!!!! This has never happened to me before during my 2 years of...

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Recent portfolio action

Hasn’t been very active in the last few months. Bought some Dutech to average down. Share price of Dutech dropped quite a bit after their profit warning in July.  However, i feel that Dutech is still profitable and undervalued. Hence I have bought some during the July drop to average down. Sold some Ellipsiz to realize some profit. In fact for Ellipsiz, with the dividends received and the proceeds from the sales of some shares, I have covered the cost for the shares. This means that the remaining shares that is still vested is pure profit. Unfortunately, Ellipsiz just...

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When to sell my value stocks?

I have managed to follow a set of rules to buy about 15 to 20 equities in my value portfolio.  This is clearly set out in my earlier post, setting up the criteria. But as you can see from my previous portfolio update here and here, I am not very good at selling the equities that i had bought. Buying an equity or stock is an important part to investing. Similarly, selling them is an equally important part. Without selling, any capital gain will just remain as unrealized gain and you never know when the price will retrace leaving you losing your...

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Which stage of Financial Independence are you at?

Came across an article today on “The Stages of Financial Independence“. It’s interesting to see how the author has split our life’s financial journey into 8 stages starting from financial dependency and ending with financial abundance. I guess I have come a long way in my financial journey starting from being financially dependent to being at a stage of trying to achieve debt freedom right now. Started from working and paying off students loans and subsequently getting married and getting into more loans (housing and car loans) and working to pay them off now. Seems like an endless rat...

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Effect of compounding

I was chatting with one of my colleague about investing and he brought up his investment on crypto-currencies. He was never interested in investing before so i was curious why the sudden interest in investing. He says that the return for crypto huge. Easily 20%. I guess people are always looking for higher returns before they start investing. A returns of 7% on $1000 is only 70 dollars while a returns of 20% on $1000 is 200 dollars. Surely getting 200 dollars is a more attractive incentive to start investing. Well if you gamble your money in Casino, the...

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Importance of a basket of value stocks

I have recently come to realize the importance of having a basket of value stocks instead of concentrating on a few. I have also realized the importance of looking and tracking the returns at the value portfolio level rather than at each individual value stock. As you can see from my portfolio, not all the value stocks are in green, I do have a couple that are in the reds. And this has always been the case for the past 1 year plus since I started. I always have some winners and some loser. Fortunately, at the portfolio level,...

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