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5 Surprising Things Your Integrated Shield Plan Doesn't Cover

With 3 in 4 Singaporeans covered not only by MediShield Life but also by supplemental insurance, it may be hard to imagine that there are still lapses in your medical coverage. However, there are a few major exclusions in your Integrated Shield Plan that may lead to you paying thousands of dollars out of pocket if you are not careful. Below, we discuss the top 5 most surprising things your Integrated Shield Plan (ISP) doesn’t cover. Dental Treatment or Surgery While dental treatment is covered if it is due to an accident, it is highly unlikely that your root...

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3 Ways to Spend Less on What You Need to Spend More on What You Want

An average household in Singapore spends roughly S$4,699 per month, according to the household expenditure survey conducted by the government in 2013. If you dig deeper into the survey, you will find that about families spend only about 41% of this on things that they “want” like shopping, travelling, dining out and recreation. Of course, the top 20% of families spend much more on these “discretionary” spendings (46%), while the bottom 20% of families spend much less (38%). Still, is there any way to spend less on what we “need” so we can afford more of what we want?...

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Could a Coworking Space Save Your Startup Money?

With the rising cost of office spaces in Singapore, it is increasingly costly for businesses to operate in the already expensive city. For example, office rental prices have increased by 12.7% in the Central Business district just in the past year. This puts pressure on startups and other small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat financially. As rental prices have increased, coworking spaces have emerged as an alternative to traditional offices for individuals and startups. But, could one of these spaces really be an affordable alternative for your startup? How Do Coworking Spaces Work and How Much Do...

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3 Investments You Need to Make for Online Dating Success

With Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Paktor, Hinge and plethora of other apps, online dating really has taken hold as one of the biggest ways singles meet their prospective partners. In fact, now over 30% of marriages start online. Whether you are a single person who is just getting started on Tinder or you want to improve your odds in online dating, we’ve rounded up the most important things you need to invest in to maximise your chance of finding someone you like online. Invest in Your Looks and Physical Health First and foremost, it’s imperative that you invest in...

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Paktor Owner M17 Entertainment's IPO Trouble: 3 Questions That Must Be Addressed

M17 Entertainment, the company that owns Paktor and live-streaming service 17 Media, has postponed its IPO that was originally scheduled for 7th of June. The delay came after its IPO pricing of US$8 came in far below the original range of US$10-12 that the company was hoping for. But what concerns could investors have had around the company and its future prospects? We discuss some of the biggest risk factors that investors must answer before purchasing M17 Entertainment’s stock, if it lists at all. How Will 17 Media Grow Its User Base? 17 Media, the leading live-streaming service in...

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Protect Yourself and Your Family from Loan Sharks with These Simple Steps

Nearly every day there is a new story of unlicensed money lenders harassing borrowers in Singapore. These organisations tend to be incredibly ruthless. Recently, a story emerged in which loan sharks threatened a 7-year-old girl. Still, borrowers continue to get tangled up with these groups. How can consumers identify predatory loans and keep these lenders at bay? How to Identify Loan Sharks The first step in avoiding unlicensed money lenders, also known as ah long or loan sharks, is being able to identify them. To determine whether or not you are dealing with a illegitimate lender, it can be...

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Buying an Engagement Ring? Here's How You Get the Best One for Your Budget

For a young adult male between the age of 25 and 40, buying an engagement ring likely will be one of the biggest purchases he will have made. In fact, couples are spending spending upwards of S$8,000 on their engagement rings, according to a survey conducted by XO Group. But, will a branded diamond ring really make her happier than a similar or better ring from a jeweler? Here, we discuss some ways guys can make decisions around this big purchase to get the best value for their dollars. Find a Style She Likes, Go to a Local Jeweler...

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Are Laundry Services That Much More Expensive Than Doing It Yourself?

Doing laundry is one of the biggest house chores in our lives. While some people may find the process of washing clothes, hanging them up to try and folding them to be cathartic, a lot of people also view it one of the more annoying domestic chores. For those who want to outsource this work to save time for other activities, there are plenty of laundry services that offer to wash and fold your dirty clothes for you. Still, using these services also cost more than doing it on your own. Below, we attempt to quantify the true cost...

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What Kind of Home Would S$1 Million Buy in Major Cities Around the World?

What kind of home could you afford with S$1 million in Singapore? Tokyo? San Francisco? For a rare few, these questions may be part of their reality. For the rest of us, it can be fun to daydream about purchasing a nice flat in one of these international hubs. What Kind of Home Does S$1 Million Afford You in Singapore? Singapore condo within S$1 million price range (stproperty) S$1 million will easily cover the cost of most new and resale HDB flats in Singapore. The median price of HDB resale flats in every neighborhood is below S$1,000,000, so prospective...

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Will You Really Go Broke If You Crash Into a Luxury Car?

As if getting into a car accident isn’t bad enough, imagine getting into a car accident with a luxury car that costs more than your entire flat—and it is entirely your fault. This is exactly what happened with a Toyota driver earlier in May 2018 when he rear-ended into a Lamborghini, causing it to crash into the car ahead of it. With many people proclaiming that this accident would lead to the Toyota driver’s financial ruin, we found that the reality is actually the opposite: the financial burden on the driver should end up being the same as if...

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Are Premium Credit Cards Always Better Than Regular Ones?

Capitalism has trained us to believe that expensive things are generally better than cheap things. In fact, such a belief system has helped the luxury industry to blossom, which reached approximately S$1.9 trillion in 2017. However, this principle of “expensive” equals “good” doesn’t work very well for deeply personal products where the buyer’s personal circumstances and preferences actually significantly impact the value of the product. Credit cards are just one of those things where the most expensive option isn’t always the best. Here, we explore some of the premium credit cards in Singapore and evaluate when they are better...

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Is Cash Out Refinancing a Smart Financial Move?

You may have heard a friend mention using “cash out refi” to pay for a home renovation or to afford their child’s university tuition. What they are referring to is called cash out refinancing. Also known as a reverse mortgage or second mortgage, it allows property owners to borrow against the financial value of their home. Freeing up that much cash may sound very appealing, but is it really a good way for people to get extra cash? How Does Cash Out Refinancing Work? Cash out refinancing allows private homeowners to take out a loan from a bank based...

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Amazon Prime vs Lazada LiveUp: Which One Should Singaporeans Choose?

When it comes to online shopping in Singapore, there are two sites that everyone must consider: Amazon and Lazada. Given this, it’s not surprising that both of these companies offer unique subscription plans that offer free delivery and other services. But, is one really better than the other? Below, we use data to compare the value of Amazon Prime and LiveUp memberships to help Singaporean consumers knowingly decide whether they should sign up for one over the other, or even both. Highlights of Amazon Prime & LiveUp Both Amazon Prime and LiveUp offer a way to receive free deliveries...

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How Much Do You Really Save by Booking Your Vacation Early?

Getting a great deal on your holiday is difficult, especially when airlines and hotels seemingly change their pricing at whim. Conventional wisdom maintains that the best time to book your trip is around 2-3 months in advance—however, is this always the case? Also, does travelling during Singapore’s long weekends cost more? To get to the answers, we examined hotel and airfare pricing for some of the most popular holiday destinations for Singaporeans to find out the best time to book your vacation. Book Your Flight Early, But Be Aware of the Consequences Our data found that airfare for almost...

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Crowdfunding is Changing the World for the Better

Evidence indicates that donating to charity can boost your happiness. Luckily for donors, technology has made it incredibly simple to donate by making charitable contributions online. For example, crowdfunding platforms, which have already raised billions of dollars for everything from cool gadgets, college educations, mortgages and small businesses, have been very successful in raising money for philanthropic endeavors including disaster relief, environmental protection, medical bills and various charities. But, what makes these platforms so successful in raising funds for charitable causes? How Crowdfunding Platforms Are Creating Positive Change In the old model of philanthropy, nonprofits had to form an...

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