TalkMed Bonus Shares


On 9 of May 2017, I received 5000 new TalkMed shares based on its 1 bonus share for 1 existing share issuance. After cum bonus the share price drops in tandem to $0.80 range. Based on my initial cost price for 5000 shares at $1.1+ , I stand to gain a gross profit of $2500 if I sold all my 10000 shares at $0.80 . Alternatively I can sold 8000 shares to lock in $900+ profit and keep the … [Read more...]

March Actions

On 17 March 2017 , Sold 1450 Ascott Residence Trust Rights share at average price of  $0.13393. After deducted brokerage fee, net in about $170 +. I decided not to subscribe the rights because I intend to initiate a position in Mapletree Logistic Trust which is rising steadily & 2 growth stock which recently catch my attention. 1 of the growth stock is Alliance Mineral ,the only … [Read more...]

Disposal of IHC shares.


On 23 February, sold 20,000  IHC shares at $0.106 per share. The Riady family swopped in for the kill which is unexpected because I have previously thought they intend to have a substantial stake in IHC & restructure the business hand in hand with the Oxley's duo to further unlock the value of IHC but I have underestimated their intention. So I decided to take profit eventually as my … [Read more...]

TalkMed FY2016 Financial Result & Proposed issue of Bonus shares

On 22 February 2017 , TalkMed had announced a bonus issue of new ordinary shares in the share capital of the Company (the “Bonus Shares”) to the shareholders of the Company on the basis of one Bonus Share for every one existing ordinary share . It is definitely a good news to me as the price have surged up by more than 30% based on my entry price. I might dispose some of my TalkMed shares … [Read more...]

Purchase of International Healthway Corp (Update 1)


Initiated a small position on IHC on 13 February 2017. This Company drew my attention when IHC shareholders, lead by Oxley Chief Executive & Deputy Chief Executive who controls about 26% of IHC stake voted out the entire board of IHC on 23 January 2017 . At the same time, OUE controlled by Riady's family had announced that it had acquired 12.54% stake in IHC on 23 Jan 2017 & it was further … [Read more...]

Purchase of Ascott Residence Trust


On 27 January 2017, bought 5000 shares of Ascott Residence Trust at $1.185 each. As my focus is to build a REIT portfolio this year ,I will  be doing a positon sizing for my REIT holding which means a certain fixed percentage of my cash will be allocated to each REIT stock equally to cushion any downside. Ascott , one of the world's largest serviced apartments & rental housing owner and … [Read more...]

Silverlake Axis.


On 19 Jan 2017, purchased 20,000 shares of Silverlake Axis at $0.570 each. Since the year 2014. I have been following on this stock however I categorize it's as a high growth & high risk stock which prevent me from initiating a position . But its constant excellent financial result & transformation keeps luring me back & eventually I decided to buy it . A brief introduction of … [Read more...]

TalkMed investment on Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC)

An update on TalkMed investment on Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre (HKIOC). I sent a mail with the below mentioned in blue ,the reason she provided is due to the nature of its business which required high sunk cost . No time line is given when will the Company investments bear fruits but it may take "some time". Hi, As an  investor , i will like to know when is the Company … [Read more...]

18% returns for UOB

On 18 Jan 2017, sold 400 UOB shares at $20.71 each. This transaction net me a profit of $1311+ This translates to 18.87% returns over a holding period of 11 months. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with UOB however if I chose to hold this stock , I will be getting 4% yield annually based on entry price @ $17.33 /$0.70 dividend. Not too bad but still not good enough as I want money … [Read more...]

FY2016 Dividend & Trading income


Compared a few years ago ,I am  now cautious of trading the market frequently to earn faster & bigger returns. But old habit kicks in , sometimes i will initiate a large trading position to make some quick bucks. Perhaps my instincts have turn rusty,  lost a few opportunities to sell my trade position in blue chips stocks else the trading income will be at least 10k +. Nevertheless, … [Read more...]

Singapore Press Holding Annual General Meeting 2016

The cold weather and drizzling rain dampen my mood , forced myself to attend this AGM and was expecting low turn out due to the weather & no Bento set was to be provided as notified by SPH. To my surprises, the turn out was great though many lamented the lack of food.Surely enough the first question thrown to Chairman Lee was why did SPH could donate 350 thousand for charity , sponser … [Read more...]

SPH FY2016 Financial Results

Operating revenue decreased by 4.5% from $1.17 billion (FY15) to $1.12 billion (FY16). Operating Profit down by 13.7% from $353 million (FY15) to $305 million (FY16). Investment income remains little change at $51.7 million as compared to FY15 Profit after tax down by 17.4% from $370 million (FY15) to $306 million (FY16). SPH online classified business is slowly gaining ground as … [Read more...]

Talkmed Half Yearly Financial Result

Half Yearly revenue increased by 4% from $32.09 million (FY2015) to  $33.47 million (FY2016). Other income increased by 36% from $0.19 million (FY2015) to $0.26 million (FY2016) due to interest from fixed deposits & government grants. However operating costs is creeping up very fast, with operating lease expenses up by 54% from $0.47 million (FY2015) to $0.73 million (FY 2016). Other … [Read more...]

SPH 3Q 2016 Financial Result

For 3Q 2016, operating revenue remain flat however operating profit decline by 42% due to impairment charges for goodwill & intangibles of  $28 million from magazines business. Excluding the impairment charges , operating profit will decline by 16.1% . The result is still disappointing if excluded impairment charges. For goodwill & intangibles, it seem that SPH had overpaid for a … [Read more...]

Accumulate SPH


On 24th June 2016, bought in 100 lots of SPH @ $3.76 per share. In my opinion, Brexit  provide a golden opportunity to accumulate depressed blue chip stocks. As such, I will be buying more stocks for long term accumulation & perform short term trading. Although UK had voted to exit from EU, it will take time for it to materialise as UK need to negotiate with EU on exiting terms which … [Read more...]

May Trades

On 27th May , sold 100 lots of Singtel shares at $3.91 per share. Net about $280+ profit for this trade. Trading Volume for SingTel is low for the month of May & the price movement move within a few bids. The strategy is to get in with a considerable amount of capital & move out quickly & repeat this for a few times . There is a Chinese saying "积少成多 ", so meanwhile I contented … [Read more...]

Sembcorp Industries Annual General Meeting(19th April, 2016)

Sembcorp Industries & Keppel Corp held their AGM on the same day & I decided to go for Sembcorp AGM as I want to gain insights of their Utilities business. For Utilities business ,Chairman Ang mentioned the company adopt a prudent approach when investing in foreign countries. They will prefer to invest in the country which Utilities segment is not heavily subsidized by the local … [Read more...]

SPH Q2 FY2016 Financial Result

Operating revenue for 1H 2016 at $555.5 million , down by 3.8% from $577.35 million for 1H 2015 Operating profit for 1H 2016 at $167.1 million , down by 1.9% from $170.33 million for 1H 2015. Net profit for 1H 2016 at $135.4 million , down by 2.5% from $138.97 million for 1H 2015. Operating revenue for 3 business segments namely Media ,Property & Other business(exhibitions & … [Read more...]


FY2015 Revenue at $65.72 million , slightly higher than FY2014 Revenue at $63.16 million. Other income increase by 140% from $0.23 million to $0.54 million mainly due to interest received on fixed deposit. Operating lease expenses increased by 69.1%  from $0.73 million to $ 1.24 million due to new operating leases effected in late 2014,March & June 2015. Operating expenses was reduced … [Read more...]