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  The chart for STX OSV look promising;it broke above the trend line and move above the 10d MA with decent voulme. This break through seems to coincide with the 3 new orders that STX OSV had announced on the late night of 14 Feb 2013. For traders,it will be a long punt for intra day trading.However for investors who intend to hold long for this stock should start to evalute this stock due to several reasons: -The Oz parties who have 12% of STX OSV had gradually reduce it’s holding to approx 8%-The 3 new orders are meant for 2014 to...

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Singapore Economy Time Bomb

The Government had introduced the latest property cooling measure few days ago and is the 7th measure since 2009. The intention is not to crash the property market but to stablise and normalise the current situation.The governement approach is obvious:using needle to deflate the hot air ballon instead of shooting it down. We are in a similar situation as America,the collapse of housing price is one of the main factor that triggered the Sub Prime crisis and in the first place no one will ever believe housing price in America will drop, just like in Singapore.No one will believe housing...

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Volatility aka Standard Deviation

  Normally we will consider 2 important areas when investing in a particular asset :The Risk & Returns of the asset. When caculating returns,it will be much more straight forward.However when come to risk assumption between 2 different asset ,we have a method which require more work is by caculating the Standard Deviation of a particular asset .The Standard deviation of a asset shows how risky the asset is in terms of price variations and by comparing the standard deviation of 2 different asset ,it will enable us as an investors to make informed decisions. Here, i will compare 2 stocks;SPH & M1. Using current price of...

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Property Banking

  Recently my friend and i had a conversation on investment and he lamented to me how he had lost his hard earned money through investing in stocks which caused him to give up investing in equities.At the same time ,he shared with me how he got into a property investment club which invest in overseas property market and getting steady returns between 14% to 33%. I was skeptical and told him that this type of investment is too good to be true and he agreed but he believe in taking risks. He shared how the club roughly work;-Investors...

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To invest or to trade.

  Like many other ppl who trade, the thrill of making huge profits within a short span of time intoxicated me.Somehow is a addiction,like taking drugs,once we get the hang of it ,we cant shake it off. For a while, i was obsessed in making risky trades and it did reward me well but sometimes i got whack down too. However it gave me a new perspective on how we should grow our money in a sensible and conservative manner. I will like to share 2 of my speculative trades here;Genting SP & UPP. Genting SP,the well known stock for punters.I short(sell...

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Interpretation of U.S unemployment rate

U.S had released it’s latest unemployment rate at 7.8%.For the past 44 months,this is the first time the figure had reached below 8%. Though the numbers look nice ,there is a flaw in the caculation.There are 2 main areas to take note when interpretating the unemployment rate.First,we look at how U.S unemployment rate is caculated.                         Number of unemployed & had been actively looking for jobs ———————————————————————————————————x 100 Total Labour force(employed & unemployed who had been actively looking for jobs) 1)The figure does not include the number of unemployed people who give up finding jobs after 4 weeks,resulted them...

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