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Why do I love Dollar-Cost Averaging so much?

For those who are new to investing, or had recently stumbled onto our website, do not worry if you cannot understand some of the terms we have used in our articles. Do visit our website occasionally as we try our utmost to simplify confusing terms into ideas that everyday people like us can understand. Alternatively, you can search for, it has some of the best explanations of complex terms in the world of finance. Simply put, it is an investment strategy which an investor puts in money every period in an investment product regardless of how expensive or...

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2 Months In: A Transparency Report

At the time of this post, we started Avant exactly 2 months ago. From the beginning, our rationale was to spread and promote more on financial literacy, we knew that in the context of Singapore alone there are tons of other financial bloggers that provide in-depth and knowledgeable content. In order to be different, we wanted to be as transparent as possible. Being clear with what we were doing was always the model that we prioritised. Today we have come up with something different – a report on our progress since the very beginning, and the steps we took...

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Robo-Advisors vs Traditional Investing Accounts

Recently, we attended Stashaway’s event regarding their Investment Framework and their new Income Portfolio, which aims to deliver returns ranging from 3.75% to 4.4% per annum. We’re here today to offer an objective view on why these Robo-Advisors can offer an appropriate balance between risk and reward, and explain the differences as compared to your traditional investing accounts. To some, traditional investing can be inconvenient, expensive and not personalized to your needs. It could sometimes be troublesome to source and to do your research for every investment before putting your money down. However, with new technological advancements in the...

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How Does Interest Rates Actually Affect Consumers Like Us?

You have probably come across too many articles on “Fed cuts interest rates” on your daily commute to school or work. You know what interests are – you borrow a sum of money at first, and at the end, you must return the same sum of money plus a fee, this fee is known as “interest”. The lender can make money by collecting the fee you paid for the privilege of borrowing money. However, have you wondered how interest rates work? Does an increase or decrease in interest rates be beneficial or disadvantageous to you? In this article, we...

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When will Singapore get commission-free trading platforms?

Nowadays, it is common to find companies such as Robinhood, Revolut, M1 Finance and others which offers unlimited commission-free trades on US exchange-listed stocks and Exchange Traded Funds. These companies are able to offer such services due to their unique business models and large scale of current users. The titans of the hedge fund industry such as Vanguard and iShares by BlackRock also offers extremely low expense ratios on their ETFs, and Funds. These Expense ratios can go as low as 0.03%. InteractiveBrokers recently announced a new product “IBKR lite” on their website, which offers a simplified trading experience...

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