Healthcare Stocks – Choice between Life or Money


Healthcare sector is one of the strongest sector in most countries of the world, business has been growing steadily. Between “Life” and “Money”, most people would choose life over money. Regardless rich or poor people, they are willing to pay to cure their sickness, prolong their lives, staying alive as long as possible. As a result, doctor / medical specialist is also one of the most … [Read more...]

Blessing in Disguise: US Interest Rate Hike


US has just increased the interest rate to 0.75-1%.  The global stock markets respond positively.  When the interest rate hike has become a predictable pattern, eg. 0.25% quarterly or 1% yearly, global investors would have priced in the impact, fear will be overcome by greed until the arrival of next global financial crisis. We could observe the emotions of market, how it affects the stocks in … [Read more...]

10 Strategies of Buy Low Sell High in Stocks


There are many strategies of entry & exit for stocks, all are possible to make money but must be aligned with our unique personalities. Here are some methods which Ein55 Graduates have mastered: (Swing Trading / Market Cycle Investing) 1) Buy Low Sell High (short term: weeks) 2) Buy Low Sell High (medium term: months) 3) Buy Low Sell High (long term: years) (Position Trading / … [Read more...]

Make Friend with Billionaires in Investment


A multi-billionaire could become super rich mostly because they they have a profitable business or they invest in other people’s profitable business.  Their wealth is growing over the years, some could be as rich as the wealth of a small country. We may not be able to establish the same business as them but we could make friends with these multi-billionaires by becoming a shareholder of their … [Read more...]

Stock pick- It is time to be greedy (part 2)


Part 2 of my stock pick story If you have missed the first one, you can read it by clicking the link “stock pick- it is time to be greedy (part 1)”. Question: Will you do well with just 10-20 stocks? There are 2  schools of thoughts when it comes to holding the number of stocks in your portfolio. One school like to hold maximum 10-20 stocks. They will spend time to research really good one and … [Read more...]

Stock Pick- It is time to be greedy


Quote by Warren Buffett “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy”.  Many people knew it but very few people can do it. Why we do understand but no able to do it?  Because this is human nature. When the stock has stumbled over the past few years, when everyone has lost hope on it, would a normal person like many of us have confidence to invest in it? When every investor is afraid of it and go away from … [Read more...]

Summary of Seminar with Hu Liyang 胡立阳 in Singapore (14 Jan 2017)


I was invited as a co-speaker in this seminar (14 Jan 2017, Singapore) with Hu Liyang (胡立阳), a famous stock investing guru in Asia. As requested by a reader, I am giving a summary here to show the similarities and differences of my views with Hu Liyang (HLY) on Market Outlook for the next few years. The last time I met HLY was probably 4-5 years ago. The first impression of him again is that … [Read more...]

New Ein55 Investment Style 2017: Frog Cooking Theory


Although both were/are at historical peak stock prices with high optimism, there is a key difference between bullish stock markets of China SSEC (Year 2015) and US S&P and DJI (Jan 2017).  The chart below shows that the rate of index growth is much faster for China SSEC, therefore the high optimism was not sustainable, going up and coming down within months. US stock market is a gradual … [Read more...]

New Year 2017 – Bull or Bear Market? Learn 2 Winning Strategies for Stocks


New Year 2017 will be an exciting year for global stock market with Donald Trump as the new US president, recovery of emerging markets and crude oil market, rising interest rate and a bullish US economy. Let’s learn how to position in stock market with 2 winning strategies: 1) Buy Low Sell High, 2) Buy High Sell Higher. US contributes to 40% of global stock value, therefore it should be a key … [Read more...]

How to Profit 70% from Acquisition of ARA Asset Management Stock by Li Ka-Shing?


ARA Asset Management (SGX: D1R) is one of the Top-20 giant stocks in Singapore, based on Optimism Strategies with consideration of FA (Fundamental Analysis), TA (Technical Analysis) and PA (Personal Analysis).  Let’s learn how to grab the next opportunities following similar approach, taking action ahead of the potential big bunds. ARA is a REIT manager with consistent earning, major … [Read more...]

Dr Tee: Bonus eBook on Global Stock Market Outlook 2017


Are you worried about the global stock market in year 2017, especially with the controversial new US President, Donald Trump?  Political analysts thought Trump has slim chance of winning, will this surprise outcome become the next black swan event to correct the global stock market? Fresh from oven: Dr Tee has just written an eBook on “Global Market Outlook 2017” (bonus for Dr Tee investment … [Read more...]

Winners from Profit Mastery Seminar 2


  Thank you to all the participants for making this event a success!  We also want to thank so many of you for taking time to fill up the survey form. Your feedback is important to us as it will help us better plan for our next event. So, for your effort, I am happy to announce that we have picked our 3 winners from the feedback lucky draw. The winners are: Patrick Tan, HP: … [Read more...]

Gain 50% in 1 month on Cash Cow – Super Group with Optimism Strategies


Most people may think Singapore stock market is stagnant but actually it is a good time for big funds to acquire good business at low price.  Previously Ein55 Graduates have gained from acquisitions of SMRT (by Temasek) and Sim Lian (by Chairman, Mr Kuik).  The target this time is on Super Group which Ein55 Graduates have prepared, following Dr Tee Optimism Strategy. Super Group (SGX: S10) is … [Read more...]

Investment Portfolio Strategies with Football Team Formations


There are many similarities between football team formation & investing portfolio strategies. Here are 8 sample strategies of football team formation. Common one is 4-4-2, some apply 4-3-3. Certain coach could work better with some selected players, so we must also find our key players of stocks. We adopt a trading/investing strategy aligning to our unique personalities. We are the coach of … [Read more...]

4 Seasons of Investing with Optimism Strategies


There are three schools of thought to achieve the best of both worlds in stock trading and investing. To bridge these three schools of thought, i.e. Fundamental Analysis (FA: business and economic performance), Technical Analysis (TA: price movement) and Personal Analysis (PA: emotional management), I have formulated the Optimism Strategies. The essence of the optimism strategies is to identify … [Read more...]

A few new investing trends that you should check out


Here are the new trends I am talking about Social investing, Thematic Investing and Factor based investing. These are the 3 types of investing ideas or method that is getting a lot buzz lately. Never heard of them? Fred not, we have lined up a few investment experts to talk about those latest investing trends and what they mean to you. Of the 3, we think Factor based investing has the … [Read more...]

Economic outlook: Too low for too long- So how?

We invite you to join  renown economist, Mr Song Seng Wun, and our other expert speakers  in our upcoming  Profit Mastery Seminar 2 to gain insights about the Market trends and investment opportunities. Early bird readers get 50% off! Synopsis of what  Mr Song is going to talk about 2016 is set to be the 5th consecutive year of below trend global trade volume growth. Brexit has fuel worries … [Read more...]

Discounted Asset Stocks for Capital Growth & Charity


Dr Tee, Ein55 Mentor & Graduates have together organised 3 charity investment courses (REITs/Business Trusts, High Dividend stocks, and Discounted NAV stocks) in the past 1 year, donating net income of more than $50,000 to Tzu Chi 慈济 (Singapore). We hope to inspire more Ein55 Graduates to reach out the society, helping others who are in need.  More importantly, they have also learned the … [Read more...]

Profit Mastery Seminar is back!


Wealth Directions favorite seminar is back! We were contemplating a lot if we should organise this event and if we do what kind of topics will benefit the participants. At the end, we took the plunge because we felt there were a lot of investors asking for help trading during these muted environment. A lot were not profiting a lot from current sideways environment.  So, based those feedback and … [Read more...]

Wealth Directions 2016-09-23 01:19:28


Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is getting popular among the investors, total global asset value has exceeded US$3 trillion.  ETF has the best DNA of both stocks and investment funds.  ETF is an investment fund which can be traded like stocks, having the stability of investment funds (risk diversification over a large portfolio) and flexibility of stocks (buy / sell in stock market) with minimal fund … [Read more...]