Sun Tzu’s Stock Investment Philosophies


Sun Tzu once said: Though the emphasis is to KNOW YOURSELF, but for this article, I would like to zoom into the other keyword; Knowing your enemy. In our context, the “Enemy” could mean other retail investors but I want to define the enemy as the investment itself, or the stock that we are investing in. So, when you invest into a company/stock, how well do you know the company (your enemy)? … [Read more...]

With STI dipping below 2800, is it the time to be GREEDY?


In my previous article a month ago, I shared my analysis regarding the STI and how investors can position themselves to profit from the volatile market. You may read the article HERE Has the Bull Run resumed? Last month, I was invited to speak at SGX to offer my views if investors should be buying stocks considering the STI have rebounded 17% from 2550 to near the 3000 mark. Many of the … [Read more...]

Stock & ETF Investing Opportunity in BRICS – Emerging Countries


Due to global economy slowdown in the last few years, stock markets in the emerging countries have suffered significant corrections, resulting in Level-3 (country/region) crisis.  The leaders of emerging countries are BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa), stock prices are now at very attractive prices.  When the global economy starts to recover and accelerate, these emerging … [Read more...]

Oil and Gas Stocks – Time to Buy or Sell?


Global oil & gas related stocks have experienced significant corrections over the past 1 year, many stocks including blue chips are at attractive low prices.  Although investors know that crisis is an opportunity, the share price could become lower with time, therefore few people dare to grab the opportunity. Is it time to buy or sell Oil & Gas stocks? The answer is to align the strategy … [Read more...]

The case of a rotten Apple that wasn’t enough to spoil the market….


  Apple announced its results on 26th April and the outcome was unexpected as everyone was expecting it to beat analyst’s expectation. Well, it goes to show that even gargantuan companies like Apple cannot over-perform all the time, like how we expect superheroes to always save the day in the movies. We all experience setbacks once in a while and I am sure Apple would learn from this … [Read more...]

Has the Bull Run resumed?


At the time of writing this article, Dow Jones Index have once again surpassed 18,000 points since hitting the low last February (Refer Chart 1). If you follow the market closely, you should know that this rebound is attributed to the policy changes of US interest rate hike, which caused the weakening of the US dollar. On the same note, gold and oil spot prices were also back to its previous … [Read more...]

Opportunity to Buy Stocks during Level 1 – 4 Crisis


“Be Greedy when Others are Fearful”, Warren Buffett.  Many people buy stocks when they feel safe and comfortable, after seeing other people making money, only then they chase after the opportunities, sometimes caught again when market sentiments start to change.  A safe way of buying stock is to wait for crisis, when people worries about the stock market, only then they will sell their best … [Read more...]

The darker side of Options Trading


In my previous article, I shared why options were the weapon of choice for some of the astute investors like Warren Buffet and Jim Rogers. You may read the article HERE. As with all things in life, there are 2 sides to a coin, the yin and the yang. To make a good judgement or decision, one needs to have a complete picture, to see a subject matter from different perspectives. In the world of … [Read more...]

10k Portfolio Scorecard (March 2016)


If you have been following my posts, you would come across this China ETF which I have been trading since 2013. The article can be found HERE. I managed to maintain a 100% profitability on this ETF and I explained my strategy trading this ETF in the same article. Please refer to the article if you are keen to learn about this ETF. Alternatively, you may attend my free workshop as I will disclose … [Read more...]

How to Choose Stocks which Could Grow 30 Times in Price?


Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMH) / Jardine Strategic Holdings (JSH) has over 180 years of history, the group includes famous brands such as Dairy Farm, Jardine Cycle and Carriage, Hong Kong Land, Mandarin Oriental, etc.  Although JMH and JSH were removed from 30 STI components in 2015, it is still considered a blue chip, suitable for investing. The chart below shows the stock price history of … [Read more...]

You will continue to lose money in stocks if ……


That explains the reason why investors will continue to lose money in stock market if one is not truly prepared. In this context, the preparation I am referring to is to be prepared to get into the stock market! It’s not really rocket science that in order to make money in stocks, one needs to buy low and sell high. The art is however, determining how high is considered high and how low is low. … [Read more...]

Fundamentals of Options Trading


  What comes to mind when you think about Options trading? A)    High Risk B)    Big Losses C)    Complicated D)    All of the above Often, one feels that something is of high risk and complicated is because the person has yet to achieve mastery on that subject matter. Risks is in everything we do and everywhere we go. However, to the untrained eye, everything appears risky. … [Read more...]

Personal Investment Plans vs Singapore Budget 2016

Lao Zi: “Govern a Great Nation as You would Cook a Small Fish.” 老子: “治大国若烹小鲜” There are many similarities among personal finance, stock investment and national budget. The same skill of cooking a small fish may be applied to manage a country, each requiring full consideration and perfect balance of ingredients in the recipe of success: freshness of fish (income), soy sauce (expense), sugar … [Read more...]

Found: Holy Grail of Stock Trading


My name is Jimmy Lim and here is my story of how I found the Holy Grail of Stock Trading. Making money was easy 20 years ago in the early 1990s, was when I first began my investing journey. Witnessing aunties being at the stock market rather than wet markets were enough to convince me that I should also get part of the action! It was called “The Super Bull Run” for a reason. Losing money in … [Read more...]

Strategies for High Dividend Stock Investing

For investors, there are 2 main investing strategies: (A) Investing for Income – Aiming for consistent dividend payout as passive income, 5 – 20% yearly return (B) Investing for Capital Growth – Aiming for appreciation of share price, could be 2 – 10 times, depending on holding power. For Investing for Income strategy, we should not focus on just dividend declared. Instead, we … [Read more...]

How to profit from stocks using just $10,000 investment capital?

“I don’t have as much capital as you, so I cannot keep buying stocks till it rebounds” “How come you always seem to be able to profit from a trade but I can’t?” “HELP!!! I lost and am lost” These are the more frequent statements by my graduates; in fact, in majority of the retail investor’s mind out there. I often ponder how else I can help my graduates make money? They have learnt how to … [Read more...]

How To Trade ETF In This Volatile Market?


STI VS SSE, Which Is Better? If you have been in the stock market over the last 12 months, it must have been an emotional rollercoaster for you; with most indexes experiencing a correction. The STI corrected more than 20%, sending many blue chip stocks into bear territory, including the 3 banks stocks. Chart 1 compares STI with the Shanghai index. Chart 1: Movement of STI vs SSE over the … [Read more...]

High Dividend Investing with Bank Stocks

Time to study the fundamentals of bank stocks. An investor could prepare to buy global bank stocks safely for long term investing in future global financial crisis. A mid-term trader could ride the uptrend after the recent global stock market correction. A short-term trader could wait for the next shorting opportunity when market is reacting to negative news again. An investor could invest … [Read more...]

Another ETF That Every Investor Should Not Miss!

In my last article, we discussed some strategies that can be used to profit from the downtrend market. And I used an ETF as an example to illustrate my point. You may read more about my last article HERE. Just to recap, the main reason I invested in that ETF is because I feel the US market have a high chance to move in a ranging market (sideways) or downtrend. In this article, I will be discussing … [Read more...]

Buy a Stock is a Business Partnership

Throughout our lives, we have to make several critical decisions, eg. choosing our own profession and life partner.  We may not understand that buying a stock is actually same as finding a business partner, an important decision in life, especially if we want to grow our wealth. Why some people people become richer over the years?  This is because they get to know good business partners.  When … [Read more...]